"For kids who want to be grown-ups and experience life as an adult."
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life

The Age-o-matic is a gift/good that the player can give to a child Mii to change them into a grown-up without changing their actual birth date. It is the opposite of the Kid-o-matic.

After giving a Mii the Age-o-matic, they will say, "Please turn me into a grown-up," and then a cutscene will follow. The Mii will say, "Let's give it a try!", and the player will spray the Mii. As suspenseful music plays, the Mii magically grows a few inches and they will happily salute and say, "Look at me! I'm all grown up! I'm going to start acting like a real grown-up now!"

This is then followed by a montage of scenes of the Mii experiencing life as a grown-up. The first scene is at the train station. The Mii, wearing a snazzy suit if male or a leopard print scarf if female and a pair of sunglasses, struts through the station and strikes two poses, before looking at their watch. They turn to see the train pull in to pick them up.

The second scene is in an office. The Mii sits at a computer, now wearing either a business suit if male or office outfit if female. The Mii types really hard, then slams on the keyboard one final time to finish their work.

The last scene is at a fancy restaurant. The Mii sits alone at a table now wearing the same outfit as the train station but without the sunglasses. They take a bite of a meal and wear a happy expression, with flowers appearing above their head. The Mii then looks out the window at the city lights, very happy.

After the montage the camera will cut back to their apartment, where the now grown-up Mii says, "Thanks! I feel so responsible, and tall!"

If a proposal was successful and the dating Miis are children, the gift they present the player will always be an Age-o-matic, and they request the player use it on them so they can get married. Once accepted, any child Miis will be sprayed with the Age-o-matic and the regular growing up cutscene will be skipped. After growing up the proposing Mii will say "Look at me! I'm all grown up!" The Mii will then either say "I'm so tall! Woo-hoo!", "I'm not a kid anymore," or "It's weird being so tall!" However, if they manage to breakup, then the Age-o-matic will wear off with the message, "The Age-o-matic wore off."



  • In the Japanese version, Age-o-matic is only temporary. Unless the child Mii is planning to get married. Also, both male and female miis wear the Leopard print scarf during the beginning and end of the cut-scene.
  • If the player deletes a Mii from a married child couple, then the other Mii will automatically revert back to a kid without the message.