Baby clothes are special types of clothing in Tomodachi Life that are only worn by babies. The baby goes through six different clothing changes for each day as it grows up. The personality of the baby determines the clothing's main color.

Personality Male color Female color
Easygoing Green Orange
Outgoing/Energetic Yellow Red
Independent/Reserved Cyan Purple
Confident Blue Pink

Newborn clothes

The special outfit a baby wears only during the scene it was born. It wears a white bonnet and is wrapped in a light yellow blanket.

Cuddling clothes (Nursing Clothes in EU version)

The clothes the baby wears after its birth on the day it was born, which in real life is about a few days of weeks old. It wears a light colored onsie with polka dots and a diaper.

Crawling clothes

The clothes worn on day 2, where the baby learns to crawl, which is about 6 months in real life. It wears a solid colored onsie a little darker than its last one, with a matching bib with a duck.

Bouncing clothes

The clothes worn on day 3, where the toddler learns to stand up, which is about 1 year old in real life. It wears a white shirt and light colored training pants, with a matching bib.

First-steps clothes

The clothes worn on day 4, where the toddler/child learns to walk, which is about 2 years old in real life. It wears a darker colored shirt and red pants.

Boys'/Girls' toddling clothes

The clothes worn on day 5, where the baby is now a small child, about 3-5 years old in real life. These clothes are unique and are the only ones that differ depending on the gender: as a boy, it wears a white t-shirt with a colored stripe, and orange shorts. As a girl, it wears a colored gingham dress. A larger version of these clothes are worn on the day where the child has grown up.

When grown up

On the day the baby has grown up, it will wear a larger version of the boys'/girls' toddling clothes during the announcement. But upon choosing whether to move it into an apartment or travel the world, its clothes will change. The child looks about 8-12 years old, depending on what it looks like. But you can change the child's age, too.

If you choose to have the Mii be a permanent resident, it changes into either a hoodie and shorts if it's a boy, or a tunic and leggings if it's a girl. Like the baby clothes, the color of the grown up clothes depends on their personality:

Personality Male color Female color
Easygoing Green Red
Outgoing/Energetic Yellow Yellow
Independent/Reserved Teal Purple
Confident Blue Pink

If you choose to send the child off, it will change into a travler's uniform. It wears a long-sleeved buttoned shirt, boots, a green neckerchief, a pair of goggles, and has a backpack. The bottom of their uniform depends on their gender; if it's male, it wears blue shorts, if it's female, it wears a red skirt. The shirt, goggles, and backpack trim get gradually darker when their ranking goes up.


  • Once a child grows up, you will get a chance to change their personality. If it ends up in a different category than before, the child's clothes color will change accordingly, including in the baby album. However, if you let the child stay, the clothes it starts on the island with, nor the color of its original baby clothes, won't change if you edit its personality after this.
  • If a child is grown up and you let it stay, and you change its appearance, its appearance in the baby album will not reflect the new change.

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