• Clara Alexandra Djalim

    1. If a married couple has full-grown child and they divorce, I know their house will be demolished... but will the couple's Child Info disappear too? And what will happen to their child? I DON'T UNDERSTAND! (especially if the player wants them to stay in apartment)

    2. How a Mii leaves his/her sweetheart for another Mii, which their flashback is longer from regular breakup?

    3. How to win the proposal game? I know the player must tap "NOW!", but sometimes when the proposer's face appears in his/her sweetheart thought bubble, it won't work in my game and the hearts are broken.

    4. What are Super All time, All time, Worst, and Worst Ever food? I try to give one Mii a food but always he/she really likes, like a little, or didn't like it.

    5. I don't…

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  • Nemolee.exe

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  • TheSims2Player

    I created a few mii’s. Ten minutes later two of them wanted to be sweethearts. Three days later, they got engaged. During that time period we got more sweethearts. After they got married, two more sweethearts married the next day. Four or five days after my first couple married, they wanna have a baby, which just happened this morning.

    My current couples (Don’t be surprised by the names as I am a fan of Danny Phantom and The Loud House. Also these were all randomly. I do not ship any of these couples. The only one that makes sence is the first one)

    Danny Phantom and Sam Manson (Again randomly)

    Jazz Fenton and Tucker Foley (Weird couple)

    Valerie and Clyde McBride (Yep, even weirder)

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  • Leskspen

    No StreetPass Users

    June 14, 2018 by Leskspen

    What do you do if no one is walking around with their 3ds using StreetPass? 

    Is there a place where I can share my frendcode and exchange online? 

    I feel like I'm the only person still playing this game. I am upset because today is the 3rd time I had to restart the game lossing all my saved data.  After 2 years I exchanged with 5 people, got married twice, had 2 kids, and received a traveler.  I love this game.

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  • SFishle2

    No Updates till 22/05/18 Last night on my tomodachi life I had breakup between my Uncle and Sam. I didn't want it to happen.

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Today is my mii players birthday, she turn 20 that year could someone please do something special on my 20th mii birthday! here a story for all fo you!

    Kaleb mii reporter on mii news: Today is April 10th 2018. It is Kelly's Birthday is today, we go live from restraunt where she is!

    • goes to Kelly the 20 year old mii is with Jennifer, amy, Owen and jorge special guess from me are here and they are happy*

    owen: *sing* La la la la la la

    Jennifer: *sing* La la la la la la

    Owen: La la la la, Dear Kelly

    Jennifer, Amy, Owen and Jorge: *sing together* La la la la la.

    Jennifer and Owen got the popers and bast them

    Amy: Congrates!

    Jorge: Congrates!

    Kelly: Thanks! *blows candles* woo-hoo!

    Here the from the matter

    Coby: Happy 20th birthday Kelly!

    Stephanie cross: C…

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Meet my team!

    April 2, 2018 by MasterCheifKelly

    here's my teammembers including me in Miitopia and what levels they are...

    (my charater) Kelly is a Warrior lv. 18

    KwingLP a theif at lv. 17 he almost level up!

    KelwingLP a Imp at lv.11 trying to catch up.

    Tommy a lv 16 nearly level up flower.

    Ramsay lv. 12 cheif

    Maxwell lv. 16 cat

    Sapphy lv. 16 popstar same level as maxwell!

    Timebuster lv. 15 cleric 

    Abdallah lv. 16 Mage

    last one is Inferna lv. 15 princess

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  • MasterCheifKelly

    Quirky special!

    February 28, 2018 by MasterCheifKelly

      My Mii was that charater! who loves play!

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  • Chipper the Crow

    A blog post about the adventures of the inhabitants of Barricade Island! Based off my Tomodachi Life game. Updates often.

    NOTE: Robo and Bath are married. And yes, they are random miis.

    Chipper: *gets phone call* ... ... ... Okay?

    [One trip to the Houses later]

    Robo: We g-


    Robo: What would you like to name her? We thought of 'Imogen'!

    Chipper: name.

    Robo: What new na-


    Chipper: Cyborg!

    Robo and Bath: '_'

    Cyborg: *beep boop robotic sounds*

    [Later, in the apartments]

    Averat (my look-alike): My souffle!

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  • Chikkane

    Should we really have pages for Miitopia and Miitomo? Maybe there should be one page that mentions these games (say a Miitopia page and Miitomo page), but we shouldn't have pages for the ailments, for the monsters, for anything too specific. The Miitopia wikia is much better fit for finding information, and I believe this wikia should focus more around the main Tomodachi series and try and fix up the articles we already have here.

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  • Marysue124

    Maybe it would keep special snowflakes (aks Trolls) from vandalizing the place.

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  • GrandTheftAutoHero (SFPR)

    I expected more things in Tomodachi Life, but it didn't happen, so I created this so what I want to see in Tomodachi Life 2

    • Train Station, School, Fancy Restaurant and Mount [island] (Formerly named Firework Display) no longer hidden locations and can be used to see what the islanders are doing there and what events are happening there right now, the Fancy Restaurant, Mount [island] and the Train Station are now places where the Mii can confess his love to the other Mii.
    • You can now have a option to make your Mii a Teenager and a Toddler, along with making your Mii a adult and kid at the Mii Maker.
    • New Locations Added: Swimming Pool, Caves, Stadium, Forest, Playground, Lake, Daycare, Mii News HQ and Harbor added, Mii's can hang out at these …

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  • PetStarPlanet

    If you think about it, the personality categories in Tomodachi Life seem to somewhat match the Hogwarts houses.

    • Energetic/outgoing: Gryffindor
    • Confident: Slytherin
    • Reserved/independent: Ravenclaw
    • Easygoing: Hufflepuff
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  • Alezzandrav0324


    May 6, 2017 by Alezzandrav0324
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  • Harvey Beaks Number 1 Fan

    I've been thinking about this for a long time... Ok, so we know there are many food reactions miss have. Some like, some dislike, and there are even some extreme reactions to All-Time Favorite, Super All-Time Favoeite, Worst, and Worst Ever. But I was thinking, what if there was something bigger than a Super All-Time Favorite and Worst Ever, like... I dunno maybe Super Duper All-Time Favorite, or Ultimate Super All-Time Favorite and Ultimate Worst Ever? What do you think those would look like?

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  • SwagMikeFour

    So I've been trying to get this game to work for a few days now, and it seems that whenever I try to play I get an error that causes the "The system will now restart" message. Why would this be, and how would I fix it? (N3DS JP)

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  • Kah-Dah

    Is this rumour true?

    March 13, 2017 by Kah-Dah

    I've heard a rumor that when some Miis are sleeping, other miis can stalk them sleeping. I've also heard that people can see an eye in the window. Is this true, or is it just jim jam junk?

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  • DerpyDragoYY

    1•Rowlet had feelings for Squirtle,but Squirtle rejected him.

    2•I kept one Mii in the bath for 3 minutes.

    3•I made Lightbulb sing lolololololol for one whole song.

    4•I gave Foxy a pirate outfit,and conveniently, he started digging.

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  • THE GREAT something

    A question

    January 14, 2017 by THE GREAT something

    How do you get miis to love each other, such as doing stuff or certain items?

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  • Hannah.Nicole.Marie

    I know some people are new to getting Miis into relationships or even out of relationships. That's why I'm so happy that Wikia powered this awesome website Fandom! Some people on here have decided to create an account so they can help you or other Tomodachi Life players. This website has been very useful towards my friends and myself even though I have my own methods, when it comes to Mii's relationships. And I'm happy to share them with you guys! 

    First things first though, for those of you who are new to this game let me tell you what exaclty it is and what Tomodachi Life means. Tomodachi Life is a simulation like game where you can create family members, friends, celebrites, anime characters, anything you want really. Once you have creat…

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  • Amandap99

    My QR Codes

    June 15, 2016 by Amandap99

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  • Amandap99

    Celebrity Food

    June 12, 2016 by Amandap99

    Does anyone know the All Time Favorite, Super All Time Favorite, Worst, and Worst Ever foods for the celebrities?

    UPDATE: Debby's super all time favorite food is a smoothie

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  • Wagdoodle24

    Oooh...somebody's in love-WHAT THE HECK?! DORA THE EXPLORER is going after my BOYFRIEND?! Whew, she got rejected. That was close.

    Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of Tomodachi Life! Yes, there are love scenarios like that one, but it is also a life simulating game, only better, because it has Miis! Yup, good old miis. And you are the boss of all of them. You even have a mii of your own. You are supposed to help them solve everyday problems like giving them food, and not so everyday ones too, like speeding up their puberty with some magical spray just so they can grow up, or another magical spray that does the opposite: turn them back to kids so they can expirence the good old days once again.

    The point is, Tomodachi Life is the best …

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  • Jennifer Fitzgerald

    Why don't nintendo can't make a new update on tomodachi life. It will be even more awesome ^^

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  • Iso33

    My Island

    March 6, 2016 by Iso33

    My Island in this game is called;

    Jay Island. ^_^

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  • Rgis

    This blog is mostly for historical purposes rather than for properly explaining my playthrough of Tomodachi Collection. Basically, it is not meant to entertain.

    Himari Kita and Era Ise are now married! I was keeping the camera on them while they were hanging out together and after a while they had a happy conversation. When I went into the room Himari and Era announced their marriage. After that they got a little credits sequence, which was very cute.

    After that I added Maria Cabbage and Hinoka Hoshido to the island. Hinoka later confessed her/his love to Midori, but Midori rejected Hinoka. Hinoka soon went to sleep after that.

    Hinoka is technically both a boy and a girl. Hinoka from Fire Emblem: Fates is a girl, but in my Tomodachi Collection fi…

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  • Rgis

    This blog is mostly for historical purposes rather than for properly explaining my playthrough of Tomodachi Collection. Basically, it is not meant to entertain.

    Waffle Island is only a few days old, but all of my islanders have already found a sweetheart to call their own! Brooke Dema the girlfriend of Charlotte Ewe, Himari Kita with Era Ise, and Midori Gurin with Rizi Nov. Rizi confessed to Midori today, after failing multiple times. All of them must feel happy with their first love, for the most part. Some islanders have expressed a desire to confess to Era Ise multiple times over the last few days, but Era only has eyes for Himari. Himari has gotten one or two admirers, but Himari stays loyal nonetheless.

    Brooke's favorite food became know…

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  • CupcakeZigs

    Hello! This is my first post. I am probably going to get Tomodachi Life very soon. This post is quite short.

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  • Rgis

    Happy New Years

    January 1, 2016 by Rgis

    It must be around or pass New Years for you guys. How was your day? How was your day in your games? I need to remember to play my game more often. I want to spend the holidays with my islanders!

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  • Rgis

    Gameplay Style

    December 22, 2015 by Rgis

    I have noticed slight differences in the way some people play Tomodachi Life. I love to sort of micro-manage my Miis, but recently I've tried to be more lenient and not take the game so seriously. I remember sort of sculpting out this vague personality for my Miis and having my own little ships. I remember finding out about the gold and silver coins and then at one point I leveled up my Miis a lot and maxed one of the two coins out. I was so sad when that happened because that meant that I wasted some amount of money.

    I also hated seeing my Miis fall out of relationships except for Sam Puckett, who was Red's girlfriend when I wanted Red's best friend Foxface to be with him. Red and Foxface have been best friends for a while and Red once even…

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  • Rgis

    Mii Themes

    December 20, 2015 by Rgis

    Here's a little bit of activity to the wikia!

    For my two Tomodachi Life files I had a theme for both of my islands. It wasn't something I planned to do at the start for all my islands, it just happened for both. 

    The first island I had, my main one, was all about really tough characters. Most were from fictional works that I liked and usually knew a lot about, but I put in a lot of my own original characters that were just used for this game. I didn't use elaborate OCs or anything. However, when they had kids they weren't designed to be as tough.

    My second island was about really attractive characters. Well, it wasn't like I would crush on them but more like I just tried to not have unattractive Miis. I'm fine with unattractive people usually…

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  • Baby three
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  • CucumberHorse

    QR Code exchange

    February 6, 2015 by CucumberHorse

    Lets post some qr codes!


    Male Adult: 

    Female Child: None

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  • Zoë Z. Snazzy


    January 27, 2015 by Zoë Z. Snazzy


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  • The Real Acephalous

    Do you want me to become a Admin? yes or no

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  • Coolharry64

    Just dance mii 4 Is a following game on all consoles released out in October 20

    Here is what is returning


    On stage modes

    Battle modes


    Just sweat


    Hold my hand modes

    6 player modes

    It's strange because sing along isn't returning

    Here are the songs

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  • CucumberHorse

    Favourite event?

    January 9, 2015 by CucumberHorse
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  • MMB The Coolest

    My sister gave me Tomodachi Life, her copy that she never plays with. I started over, too. I originally gave her this game for her birthday. Want to know how my island is so far? Here are my Miis that I created. Billy is my Look-Alike, in apartment 101.

    • Jenny
    • BillSenior
    • Juanita
    • Ally (My cousin named Alyssa)
    • Grandpa

    • Heinz
    • Nate
    • Harry
    • Rudy
    • Steak Man
    • Izzy
    • Tom
    • Syd
    • Matt
    • Ki Ki

    • Mr. C
    • Mall
    • Silvery
    • Ms. K (Her worst ever is Meatballs, while Juanita's Super All Time Favorite is the same food. They are both Independent Artist types)
    • J
    • K Oxx
    • Ms. H (The cutest out of all my Miis)
    • Coach C
    • Gibs
    • Mr. Ae (I tried to make it just say A, but the letter wasn't pronounced correctly. In my sister's game, I made him a QR code before I knew how to chance pronunciation. I scanned it, and you…

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  • Lilyhana

    Fashion show?

    December 1, 2014 by Lilyhana

    How do I unlock the Fashion Show in Tomodachi Life?

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  • JGC12345

    200 edits!

    November 30, 2014 by JGC12345

    I made 200 edits! Yay!

    From a scale from 1-10, how would you rate my productivity and help?

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  • HOAFanguying

    Wiki Fauna

    November 23, 2014 by HOAFanguying

    This page is intended to be humorous and should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.

    Many kinds of WikiFauna inhabit the Tomodachi Life Wiki. Some types can be found on other wikis, like Wikipedia.


    Rarity Fairly Common
    Aims To revert all vandalism!

    WikiSoldiers are a kind of WikiFauna who roam the wiki and are skilled at removing vandalism and spam. They are often admins or rollback users.

    If you are a WikiSoldier, express it by using the userbox:


    Rarity Quite Rare
    Aims To make loads of templates!

    WikiAnts like to make lots of navigational templates for the benefit of other users. They are called WikiAnts because ants make big nests with lots of rooms, and a wiki could be seen as a big nest and the templates as the rooms. Wi…

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  • Kingofepicness

    Check out my wikia!

    November 15, 2014 by Kingofepicness

    I have a wiki called Jelly Beans Wiki! Can people contribute to it because it's hard to write lots of articles on your own! Visit it at

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  • DestinyTheFailure

    Look how cute she is.... i miss her

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  • Oxygen720

    Getting married

    October 5, 2014 by Oxygen720

    Can YOUR own player get married?

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  • Deku link1

    New source

    October 1, 2014 by Deku link1

    Right now this page doesn't have much, but this website is a good source for a lot of wikis since the provide regional differences, beta elements, and high quality images.

    Once someone hacks the game and enters debug mode, then that page will hold a lot more data for us to use.

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  • Saint Sayaka

    My island has about 91 inhabitants at this point, most of whom are married. As such, it is almost a daily event to have a baby is born or move out. Because of the limited space, the majority become travelers. I've noticed something odd, however. I have a few friends who also play the game, and we Streetpass constantly. Excitedly, we'll all whip out our 3Dses like a bunch of school children and start asking "Ooh, who got Misty?" "Did anybody get Johnathon?", referring to our travelers. Sometimes, however, no such traveler will be sent. They'll just...vanish. For example, a friend who streetpassed me saw her traveler "Baritone" get onto a boat, presumably to my island. But when I check my system, he isn't there. I've streetpassed her, and I …

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  • Artishe

    So you're wondering: How can [person] put a photo so clearly? This blog post has the answer (If you have a Macbook computer)

    What you need: A copy of Tomodachi Life, a 3DS or 2DS, and an SD Card. Make sure the SD Card is inserted.

    Step One: Take a photo in Tomodachi Life with X (for the top screen) or Y (for the bottom screen.)

    Step Two: Take out the SD Card. Insert it in one of the holes on the side of the computer where it would fit.

    Step Three: iPhoto will pop up a few seconds later. Go to the folder of the SD Card, and it will have your Tomodachi Life screenshots.

    Step Four: Import either everything or the photo you want to upload. It will appear in "Last Import."

    Step Five: Minimize this page so you can see your desktop. Drag your photo in "L…

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  • Fluffy Eevee323

    Fun QR codes!

    September 14, 2014 by Fluffy Eevee323

    I made them

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  • SodaDog

    Tomodachi is ruined for EU

    September 2, 2014 by SodaDog

    The Nintendo EU idiots decided to be SEXIST yet again and market Tomodachi life as a GIRL GAME. 

    I am so sorry if this offends any girls of people who are fans of the Vamps.

    Let's be grateful that one direction ISN'T PROMOTING Pokemon any more!

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  • Clovergirl


    August 23, 2014 by Clovergirl

    well 2 things are a problem. 1. THE BOAT WONT COME FOR MY TRAVELERS :(( 2. it says im inactive, this is my first time on the wiki, how am i inactive??

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