"Things aren’t going so great with me and [Sweetheart/Spouse]..."
— Mii, Tomodachi Life (US)

A Breakup taking place in Tomodachi Life

A breakup is when two Miis decide to end their romantic relationship with each other. It occurs when one Mii says that his/her relationship with another Mii isn't working out, or if another mii asks the special someone of a mii in a relationship, and they say yes, they will break up automatically and you won't see the cutscene. It will pose the mii's special someone as its "Ex"


Tomodachi Collection

"I want to break up with [Mii]."
— Mii, Tomodachi Collection

Breakups first occur in Tomodachi Collection, when a Mii's relationship with a sweetheart is low. states that his/her relationship with another Mii isn't working out, the player can then decide whether the Mii should move on or try to work things out.

If the player decides that the Mii should move on, it triggers a cutscene in the cafe where the Mii breaks up with his/her sweetheart by saying they are tired and want to be friends again, before leaving the sweetheart behind in a depressed state. Both Miis will be sad following this.

If the player decides that the Mii should try to work things out, it will trigger a cut scene in the other Mii's apartment where they stand facing each other with the lights off. If the Mii succeeds, then they will hold their hand out as the lights turn on and suggest trying again as the other Mii responds in agreement. If it fails, the couple will crouch down, look at the floor, clutch the sides of their heads with both hands and rapidly shake their heads as a clock tolls in the distance. This results in the couple having to break up.

Tomodachi Life

Breakups are used once again in Tomodachi Life, functioning exactly the same as its predecessor. In this game, however, the Mii breaking up will say their feelings have changed, instead of they are tired. In addition, if the player goes to the apartment of the Mii that was broken up with and tap the icon, he/she will say, "Will I ever recapture those happy times again?" Displaying a cutscene showing moments when the two Miis were together.There are two versions of the flashback, a long version and a short version. The long version occurs if a Mii's sweetheart leaves for another Mii. The short version is if the two Miis that were sweethearts broke up after failing to work things out.

The first scene is on the beach. It starts with the Mii running away from its sweetheart as they chase each other along the water, then they splash each other. The male Mii wears swim trunks and the female Mii wears a bikini. This is followed by the "tropical beach" photo of them.

The next scene is the sweethearts playing tennis. After a few hits, the Mii hits the ball out into the distance, leaving its sweetheart to giggle as it looks on confused. This is followed by the "Bokeh" photo of them.

The next few scenes take place in the Mii's apartment. The first is the two in a back-and-forth conversation saying they love each other. This is followed by the "holiday" photo of them; then the Mii tells a joke to the sweetheart using a random item, but the sweetheart wasn't listening.

The last scenes take place shortly after the breakup, first the Mii playing tennis alone before giving up. This is then followed by the "cherry blossoms" photo of the Miis. The final scene of the flashback is the Mii sitting on the beach, staring into the sunset alone.

Another version of the flashback can occur after the main flashback is played. Upon tapping the Mii's thought bubble, it will say, "I can't stop thinking about all those happy times we had..." and the "I love you" scene of the flashback will play, but with the Miis repeatedly adding "really" to their conversation. If a married couple breaks up, then upon visiting them, they will be in a depression. The one who broke up says, "Maybe we aren't meant to be together. At least not right now. Breaking up with your sweetheart is really painful." The other says, "My heart has hurt since we broke up. It's not heartburn either. What am I supposed to do now? I feel so lost." Sad, regal music plays in the background.

If the two Miis were married, their house at Mii Homes will be completely demolished, leaving a vacant spot in its place until a new married couple fills it.

Another way for two Miis to break up is by going to either the park, cafe, tower, beach or amusement park when a couple is currently there. Upon entering either of these places, there's a chance a cutscene will automatically begin; the couple will be sitting together. The first Mii will say "We had a good run. Thanks for everything." Then, the other Mii will say "No, thank you." Then, a text box will read "[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] are back to being just friends.", then the view fades to white and the player is taken back to the island. If this positive breakup occurs, neither of the two Mii's will be depressed. This type of breakup can be avoided altogether if the player does not enter any of the hangout areas or only enter the areas when a couple is not there at all. If one or both of the Miis were children and made into adults with an Age-o-Matic, it will automatically wear off after the married couple breaks up.

It is possible for Miis to get back together, depending on their relationship status. The proceedure is similar to the way a Mii would confess their love, with a few differences. As melancholic music plays, one of the ex-lovers will admit they cannot stop thinking about the past with their lover, and requests that they get back together. Should the player agree, the player will relay their message to said love interest. The love interest will then ask in surprise of they really said that, before deciding they will think about it.

The scene that follows will always take place on the beach, and has a procedure similar to a confession. The Mii will ask if they want to give the relationship another try, and if it all goes well, the two Miis will return to being sweethearts, and, if they were married, their house will be rebuilt. Any Age-o-Matics that were used on either Mii will also return. If not, the Mii will sink to the ground sadly as it becomes sad and heartbroken, but it will not gain sadness and their relationship will not decrease. Sometimes the ex-love interest would immediately refuse and ask the player to tell the Mii if things are going okay, putting the Mii in sadness. It is possible for an ex-boy/girlfriend to express this feeling even after their former love interest became involved with a different sweetheart.



  • Since breakup requests are random and in some cases unpredictable, with no way to back out once the player taps the Mii's thought bubble, players should check the Mii's Relationships with either the L or R buttons if they want to prevent a breakup. In most cases, if the relationship level is very low (such as the relationship level being displayed as "Not getting along") by a Mii that isn't in a fight, the player should return to the Island and save immediately, then re-enter and select "Work it out". If the couple fails to resolve things, the player should close the game entirely without saving, then re-enter and try again.
    • Oddly, breakup/divorce requests are the only time a "?" will be displayed next to the relationship level outside of fights. However, the "?" may not always appear, especially with couples with low relationship levels.
  • It is entirely possible that a couple with low relationship levels will divorce off-screen while the game isn't powered on, without any orange problems indicating their desire for a divorce beforehand. The following day following the divorce, neither Mii will be depressed about the divorce.
  • Sometimes if a Mii breaks up with its partner when they are sweethearts, the other Mii will not gain sadness and you won't be able to see their flashback.
  • If the Mii's ex-sweetheart disappears from their relationship list, they will completely forget them and they'll have to be reintroduced.
  • Miis will not break up/divorce or fight if they have a baby in their house, making babies the only method of preventing breakups. Unfortunately, if the baby leaves, there is a chance that the couple will break up.
  • The music over the cafe's radio during the breakup cutscene is a somber, lower-key remix of the theme from the Compatibility Tester if you get an 80-89% rating.
  • If a Mii wants to reconcile, the background music played is a slower violin/harp remix of the gentle bell theme played when they have feelings for someone.
  • Sometimes, when a Mii breaks up with his sweetheart, he/she does not get depressed mostly because he/she got into a fight, or if he/she gets sick.
  • Sometimes, when a Mii takes a photo, he/she might capture a person going out with his/her sweetheart in the Café, and you can see the ex-sweetheart of one of the dating Miis sad and jealous.
  • Sometimes, Mii's want to break up with their Sweetheart/Spouse while the Sweetheart/Spouse is in their apartment. This doesn't always happen though it's just random.
  • A breakup is sometimes considered the saddest event in any video game due to the fact that it could be the parents of the player or the player themselves breaking up, these are also really sad themselves in real life.

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