Europe Name Café
Japanese Name 喫茶店 Kissaten
Events Boy's Night Out
Scheduled Randomly
Girl's Night Out
Scheduled Randomly
Pity Party
Scheduled Randomly (if one Mii is sad)
How to Unlock
Have a Mii confess his/her love to a Mii of the opposite gender
"What better place to relax with a cup of coffee?"
~Building description, Tomodachi Life

The Café is one of the many buildings in Tomodachi Life, where Miis can casually hang out in a quiet environment. The only events that take place here, Boy's/Girl's Night Out and Pity Party start at random times, the latter requiring a Mii to be sad. It appears as a hidden location in Tomodachi Collection.


The Café resembles a typical American highway restaurant. The seats are orange and seem to be soft and comfy. Salt, pepper and menus are also on the tables. It has vertical double windows with "Redfurt" (A word that is seen on many other items in the game. Most likely a last name or a brand, though the "School Photo" option in the Photo Studio shows it may indeed be a last name) The ground is tiled with a colour scheme of white and orange. The bar has a potted plant nearby. The metal cupboards and shelves are located behind the counter. The café also has posters around with drinks on, most likely a drinks menu, and shaded lights above the tables. Modern stools are lined up by the counter. Clinking drink containers and the air conditioning along with music from Tomodachi Collection can be heard in the background occasionally. The outside of the windows are shaded by white and yellow striped awnings. The exterior of the café is surrounded by a neat hedge.

Mii interactions

Miis will occasionally come here for a cup of coffee, and sometimes talk with each other about other Miis or other things. Miis will sometimes have dates here. It is also a place that the player can choose for the confession.

Miis with a book may go here to read.

Sometimes an explorer Mii will appear here during the day the Mii visits.

When one Mii decides to break up, they will invite the other Mii and break up over a cup of coffee.

Mii families with babies may visit here with their baby.

A pity party may be held for a Mii when they are sad. A group of Miis will gather and try to cheer the sad Mii up by talking about crazy things that happened. The sad Mii will sit in the corner not saying anything. If the player does not cheer up the Mii this has a small chance of happening.

When one views the café, a view will randomly be selected. Either from the outside window, the inside looking at the tables and bar, or the side looking down and out the door. If the player wants a different view, they must exit and re-enter the cafe to change it.


  • While in the café, music previously used in Tomodachi Collection can be heard from the café's radio. In the Japanese release of the game, Tomodachi Collection: New Life, lyrics (taken directly from Tomodachi Collection) can be heard being sung during each song. This was changed in Tomodachi Life by removing the lyrics of each song, while keeping the instrumentals.
  • On the window, the word "Redfurt" can be seen. Redfurt is a word (Possibly a person's last name) that can also be seen on Posters and some Hats.
  • When viewing from outside, the Miis' talking and laughing sounds are inaudible.
  • Despite the café being right next to the amusement park, it's music cannot be heard.
  • If a depressed mii joins a boy's or girl's meeting, the depressed will look at the table with a sad expression.

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