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Export clothes.

Export clothes are special outfits and accessories received from StreetPass in Tomodachi Life. Import Wear will sell imported clothes from travelers of other player's islands. Export clothes are available after unlocking the Hats Shop.

The player now is given a little quiz to see what item the player will export. Once the quiz is finished the player can choose out of three different clothing pieces but every time the player does the quiz (which can only be done twice) the clothes seem to change.

Female Exports

Girls > Cool > Gorgeous

  • Straw ten-gallon hat
  • Punk outfit
  • Picture T-shirt (red lips or cobalt lips)

Girls > Cool > Casual

  • Jacket & skirt combo
  • Shorts & cardy combo
  • Spider web T-shirt

Girls > Pretty > Gorgeous

  • Ethnic skirt
  • Sequinned hat
  • Faux-fur coat

Girls > Pretty > Casual

  • Embroided blouse
  • Leopard scarf
  • Knee high boots

Girls > Pretty > Boring

  • Thigh-high boots
  • Round-collar blouse
  • 1920s dress

Girls > Cute > Gorgeous

  • Flared Miniskirt
  • Skirt & scarf
  • Logo dress

Male Exports

Boys > Funny

  • Fried-prawn hat
  • Starry top hat
  • Caveman outfit
  • Monkey hat (brown, white, black, cyan, pink, orange, or yellow)
  • Paper crown (pink, cardboard color, or black)

Boys > Stylish > Casual

  • Camo hat (pink)
  • Sunglasses
  • Surfer T-shirt