Two miis confessing their love to a female mii.

"I have feelings for [Mii]. I've got to tell [him/her]!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life
"I'm in love with [Mii]. I want to confess my feelings..."
— Mii, Tomodachi Collection

Confession is a love feature in Tomodachi Collection, and Tomodachi Life. If a Mii develops feelings for another Mii of the opposite gender, he/she can confess their love to them and if it goes well, they could establish a special relationship.


Tomodachi Collection

Confession Mii

Artwork of a mii wanting to confess in Tomodachi Collection.

Confessions first occur in Tomodachi Collection, being shown when a Mii is displayed in a nervous fashion, while gray clouds showing Japanese symbols surround them. Upon touching their thought bubble, the Mii will say they are in love with another Mii, and want to confess their feelings. If the player tells the Mii not to confess, the Mii will look shocked, and ask why not. The Mii will acknowledge what the player said and will result in instant Sadness. Once cheered up, there is a chance that the Mii may want to confess again in the future, even if they were told that their target is "already taken".

However, if the player agrees, the Mii will ask where it should propose, how it should propose, and if it should change its clothes. Once preparations are out of the way, the Mii will wait at its chosen location, as a slow heartbeat plays in the background. The Mii's crush will show up, and the Mii will perform asked action. After the Mii confesses to the other Mii, the other Mii can either nod and say "Sure!", and establish a relationship, or reject the confessor by saying in an echoing voice "I'm sorry...". Should the Mii get rejected, he or she will gain an immense amount of sadness and a decrease in the friendship level with the confessed Mii.

If the Mii being confessed to is not friendly enough to the confessor, that Mii may never show up, which counts as a rejection.

Tomodachi Life

HNI 0040 10

A mii thinking about confessing in Tomodachi Life

Confessions return in Tomodachi Life, functioning exactly the same as its predecessor. However, a Mii can also say it has feelings for more than one Mii or ask if another Mii likes them. Additionally, if the Mii was rejected, the Mii sometimes will feel determined and try again. The location will always be the beach and they will always give a present. Like a normal confession, the confessed Mii will accept or reject the confessor. However, when rejecting the confessor, the confessed Mii says in an echoing voice "Sorry, but I'm just not interested..." instead or a friend of the other Mii will tell the confessor that the other Mii isn't interested or that the sweetheart of the other Mii tells them they are going out.


A Mii wanting to confess again

If the Mii's crush still refuses to accept their love, the onscreen text will say "That turned out horribly.", and the Mii will say "I'm finally able to let go.", and they turn back to normal. But if the crush didn't show up, one of its friends says they're not interested in going out, or its current date explains they're going out now, the captions say "Things couldn't have gone worse." and the Mii gains even more sadness. Upon tapping their thought bubble, they will say "I guess it's time to move on with my life...". If the Mii is already in a relationship, their significant other might appear to tell the confessing Mii that the two of them are together.


An Interruption taking place in Tomodachi Life.

If the Mii being confessed to has strong bonds with multiple friends of opposite gender, there is a chance that one, or even two, other Mii(s) will interrupt the confession and try to steal him or her away. The rivaling Miis will pop up in hilarious ways (such as from the ocean, the locker, and the table near the confession), and confess their love to the same Mii. The confessed Mii will then have to choose between the two or three friends. When it makes its decision, it turns toward one of them and says how glad they are they feel the same, while the rejected Mii(s) hang their heads, sometimes fainting. If the confessed Mii chooses the first confessor, they automatically go into a relationship just like normal. There is, however, also a chance that the Mii can reject them all, leaving all the Miis to either hang their heads or faint. No matter the outcome, only the first confessor can get depressed if he or she was rejected. Rivaling Miis do not gain sadness when rejected.

If the confessed Mii chooses one of the other Miis that interrupted the confession, the player has to decide if the two should establish a relationship, while the other one or two will walk away from the place (for example, on the stairs and shown in the window). If the player agrees, they will look over at each other lovingly and begin a relationship; if the player disagrees, their faces will change from happy expressions to shocked ones and will sometimes faint, and the relationship is off.

Set Ups

Needing a Sweetheart

In Tomodachi Life, a friend of two Miis who have the opposite gender together might try to set up a relationship between the two. Unlike the love confession, they will have the orange friendship icon on their apartment window for set up requests. The player can say yes, no, or have the Mii choose a different partner to set up with. But, you can only choose one of the Miis who are available, mostly those whom both the asking Mii and the Mii's friend is friends with, and is not dating anyone.

Once the player has said yes or selected a different partner, a strip of scenes will ensue. The first scene is at the train station where the two Miis happily chat together or look around while waiting for a train. The other friend watches the two Miis through a newspaper with a hole in it.

The second scene is at the amusement park. The two Miis will be together riding the merry-go-round, sometimes talking, with the other friend watching them in a bear suit and trying to give out balloons to cover up their spying. They will turn to look at them when the other two Miis are across the merry-go-round from them and continue to wave at others when they can see him/her.

Set Up Cafe

The friend watching the Two Miis get along.

The third scene is at the Café. The two Miis will talk to each other or stare out the window and drink coffee while the other friend peeks through the window.
Set Up Success

A successful setup.

The final scene is the outcome at the fountain. The Miis will be walking together on the way home, the friend Mii watching them from the fountain. They stop at the fountain and say their final words before parting. If the setup worked, the male Mii will say how much fun they had, prompting the other to suggest hanging out again. The friend Mii will give a sign of achievement and the two Miis will immediately become sweethearts afterward, without a love confession. If the setup failed, however, the two will just think of the experience as a normal day out, as the two Miis will walk away while the friend Mii will look on sadly. The two Miis remain friends or acquaintances with each other if they have not done so.

Should the setup fail, one of the Miis may question why would the friend set him or her up with the other Mii. Depending on the answer given, the Mii may boost their friendship level with that other Mii.

The player can know if the setup will work or fail by a few signs, such as the Miis talking to each other often instead of staring out into the distance or if the Miis look very happy at the fountain.

List of Usable Methods

Method Outcome Pose
Be traditional The Mii will confess traditionally, by saying something like "I love you". Nods its head
Be romantic The Mii will act romantic in their confession. Gets down on one knee and spreads arm outward
Be showy The Mii will boast in their confession. Has a thinking pose while looking aside, then faces forward while folding arms
Be cute* The Mii will act cute in their confession. Spreads arms with a happy face, then folds hands behind back while tilting head and winking
Act desperate The Mii will beg their confession. Gets down on all fours
Use a line* The player gives them a line to use. Nods its head
Sing a song* The Mii sings a short romantic tune. Nods its head/Spreads out arm (only at the Café)
Give a present* The player gives them a food/treasure from their inventory. Nods its head, then presents food/treasure

* = Exclusive to Tomodachi Life, not available in Tomodachi Collection

Go to Types of Confessions for dialogue of each method. (Except for Use a Line & Give a Present)


  • The "likeness" problem is the only love problem where the music doesn't change upon entering the Mii's apartment.
  • There is an error in the girl-to-boy confession at the tower. The girl says, "Oh, won't you be my boo?" when really, a boyfriend is a beau. A girlfriend is a boo.
  • There is a rare moment in the date cutscenes; the Miis talk to each other in all three scenes as if the setup will work, but at the fountain, they walk normally as it failed.
  • There is a much higher chance of rejection if the Mii isn't being traditional.
  • The confession is almost guaranteed to fail if the confessed Mii is currently dating another Mii. If the confessed Mii's relationship with his/her's sweetheart is low then they might say yes to the Mii who is confessing, ditching their sweetheart.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


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