Tomodachi Collection Controls

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  • The A button can be used to skip the happy cutscene when a Mii is fed their favorite food.

Tomodachi Life Controls


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  • Pressing A or down on the directional pad can skip texts and certain cutscenes.
  • Pressing X takes a screen shot of the top screen of the 3DS. Pressing Y takes a picture of the touch screen.
  • Pressing L or R when inside of a Mii's apartment changes the top screen from the [Mii's] information to [Mii's] list of friends.
  • Using the Circle Pad before going into a Mii's apartment will turn the camera angle around the room, allowing the Player to see more of the room.
  • Pressing down on the + Pad or the B button while a cutscene is showing or when a Mii is talking will skip the speech or the cutscene.
  • When pressing down or up on + Pad while the touch screen shows a list of (food, clothes etc.) the orange rectangle will change the position.

Touch Screen

  • If the U-turn at the left down corner is pressed the action will take you back from the shop or a Mii apartment etc.
  • When a Mii is sleeping in a bed in their apartment and their head is touched, a drawing minigame shows up.
  • When touching a bubble over a Mii's head they will say something or they will show their problem.
  • When in Photo Studio or a holiday or the AR Camera world, when the camera's button is touched it takes a picture.
  • When a Mii is going to propose, the minigame has a heart on the bottom screen saying NOW!. The player has to touch it to signal the Mii that their sweetheart is thinking of him/her, as shown by his/her face appearing in the sweetheart's thought bubble.
  • When in the Mii Apartments, tapping a window will show apartment of the touched window.
  • When in minigames, everything is done with the touch screen.
  • When in a Mii's dream, if the player has to do something it's usually done with touch screen.
  • When selecting something from a list, the touch screen can be used to search from the list.
  • The touch screen is used to write sentences like in quirky questions and songs.
  • When it's the flying disc session, the flying disc is used to fling with touch screen.
  • The touch screen is used to edit Miis.
  • When a Mii successfully proposes to its sweetheart, the touch screen can be repeatedly tapped to applaud for the couple.
  • When touching the thought bubble above a sleeping Mii, the player can see into its dream.
  • When at Mii apartments, you can use the stylus to interact with the Mii. You can pat its head, spin it around, view their face/belly/back in close-up, make them sit down/lie down/roll over/jump, make them blush, have them "work on their funny faces", x-ray their head or belly, or pluck things off them.

Gyro Sensor

  • Gyro Sensor is used to show your face to scare the Mii in the dream Giant.
  • The Gyro Sensor is used to take photos of yourseelf in the park during the event this happens in.


  • During the news that a Mii has its birthday you can blow off the fire from the candles during a scene.
  • When the mobile is used it moves if the player blows to the Microphone.

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