Dark Lord

Artwork of the Dark Lord, from Miitopia.

"And those who've been spared... Take one last look at your poor little friends... In despair!"
— Dark Lord, Miitopia

The Dark Lord is a character appearing in Miitopia, as the main antagonist of the game. As a custom character, the Dark Lord does not have a determined facial appearance, but, like other pre-established characters, has his own appearance and personality.

The Dark Lord appears as an arrogant troublemaker, responsible for stealing the faces of various Miis accross Miitopia and giving these faces to monsters. It is not until a hero steps up that his plans go noticed.



Prior to the events of Miitopia, the Dark Lord was an ordinary man that lived in Miitopia, blending in with the rest of his people. This later took a toll on the man, as he began to feel lonely and left out. Coping with this rejection, he secluded himself in a cave for many years, but not until he grew insane from the lonliness. Without any friends, the man decided to take his revenge on Miitopia, selling his own soul to the dark magic.

Attack on Greenhorne Village


The Dark Lord takes Greenhorne's faces.

With his plans in motion, the Dark Lord began his face-stealing campaign, beginning with the Town of Greenhorne. A total of five were captured in this attack: a Sassy Child, a female member of the Lovey-Dovey Couple, a Sarcastic Guy, a Carefree Guide, and a Cheery Granny. After giving one last warning to the remainder of Greenhorne, he dissapeared, taking the faces with him.

A Big Hero

After making off with the faces of Greenhorne, the Dark Lord met an unexpected adversary outside of the village: A traveler, wishing to rescue the face of the Sassy Child. He tells the hero that he might give it back, but soon decides against it, attatching the face to a Mini Slime, mockingly asking the hero how good they are in a fight. He then leaves, having the slime finish off the hero.

However, this proved to be suitable enough for the hero, and they defeated the slime with ease. To his surprise, he encounters the hero once more, saying he keeps turning up like a bad penny. His surprise turns to laughter, however, as the hero attempts to challenge the Dark Lord. Having the upper hand, he accepts, and prepares to blast the Hero with a bolt of dark energy. Before he can attack, however, he is stopped by the Great Sage, who tells him he won't have his way much longer with him in charge. Bitter and annoyed, the Dark Lord retreats again.

The Great Mage

The Dark Lord meets the Great Sage.

Some time later, the Dark Lord realizes the hero has rescued 4 of the five faces he took from Greenhorne, and is now headed to take back the face of the Cheery Granny. He greets the hero upon their arrival, but soon decides its not worth his time attacking the hero at this moment. Instead, he takes the face of the granny and attatches it to an Imp, hoping it will be enough to finish him. As he leaves the hero behind, he threatens that he has a special thing planned for the King within Greenhorne Castle, vainishing to enact his plan.

Attacking Greenhorne Castle

The Dark Lord keeps to his word on what he plans to happen for the King, appearing and taking the face of the King's own daughter, The Princess, and attatching the face to a General, much to the dismay of the King. After leaving a short taunt, the Dark Lord vanishes with the Princess's face.

General Description


The Dark Lord is a Mii that is dressed in a dark magician's robe, with golden wristbands around his hands. Around his neck is a medalian displaying an open eye that is used when stealing faces, as well as being where his soul is kept later in the game. He also noticably has dark, pale skin with a dracula-esque hairstyle. The face of the dark lord varies, as the player can customize the character at any time.


The personality of the Dark Lord varies between versions of the game. In the Japanese version, he is much more foreboding and down to earth, purly stealing people's faces out of hatred and the neglect he was shown. The American version adds a more humorus side to his personality, frequently taunting and teasing the player and their party when they corner him.

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