Dark Lord

Artwork of the Dark Lord, from Miitopia.

"And those who've been spared... Take one last look at your poor little friends... In despair!"
— Dark Lord, Miitopia

The Dark Lord, also known as the Dark Curse, the Darker Lord, or the Darkest Lord, is a character appearing in Miitopia, as the main antagonist of the game. As a custom character, the Dark Lord does not have a determined facial appearance, but, like other pre-established characters, has his own appearance and personality.

The Dark Lord was originally a normal Mii living amongst the people of Miitopia. After years of neglect, however, he cast away his face, causing him to become the evil Dark Curse. After possessing a factory worker, he appears as an arrogant troublemaker, responsible for stealing the faces of various Miis accross Miitopia and giving these faces to monsters. It is not until a hero steps up that his plans go noticed.



"Now I see. It's this face of mine. This no good, plain, boring face!"
— Dark Lord, Miitopia
Just Notice Me

The Dark Lord, struggling to make any friends.

Prior to the events of Miitopia, the Dark Lord was an ordinary man that lived in Miitopia, blending in with the rest of his people. This later took a toll on the man, as he began to feel lonely and left out. After seeing his face in a mirror, he finally realized that it was his face that made him so average-looking, and decided to be rid of his face. Without a face however, he could not live, and before long faded out of existance, leaving behind his hateful, envious soul. This soul later became known as the Dark Curse, with the ability to possess any Mii he chose.

A Factory Worker

Although it is unknown how many people the Dark Curse possessed, at some point it ended up in a factory that produces HP Bananas, knowing it could exploit the weak-minded people working there. Sure enough, the Dark Curse managed to speak to one of the factory's employees, promising great power and wealth. Tempted by this offer, the employee agreed, and was promptly possessed by the Dark Curse, allowing for the Dark Lord to be born.

Attack on Greenhorne Village

"Listen up you faceless freaks! Get used to a life of wordless terror, because that's what you're stuck with!"
— Dark Lord, Miitopia

The Dark Lord takes Greenhorne's faces.

With his plans in motion, the Dark Lord began his face-stealing campaign, beginning with the Town of Greenhorne. A total of five were captured in this attack: a Sassy Child, a female member of the Lovey-Dovey Couple, a Sarcastic Guy, a Carefree Guide, and a Cheery Granny. After giving one last warning to the remainder of Greenhorne, he dissapeared, taking the faces with him.

A Big Hero

After making off with the faces of Greenhorne, the Dark Lord met an unexpected adversary outside of the village: A traveler, wishing to rescue the face of the Sassy Child. He tells the hero that he might give it back, but soon decides against it, attatching the face to a Mini Slime, mockingly asking the hero how good they are in a fight. He then leaves, having the slime finish off the hero.

However, this proved to be suitable enough for the hero, and they defeated the slime with ease. To his surprise, he encounters the hero once more, saying he keeps turning up like a bad penny. His surprise turns to laughter, however, as the hero attempts to challenge the Dark Lord. Having the upper hand, he accepts, and prepares to blast the Hero with a bolt of dark energy. Before he can attack, however, he is stopped by the Great Sage, who tells him he won't have his way much longer with him in charge. Bitter and annoyed, the Dark Lord retreats again.

The Great Mage

The Dark Lord meets the Great Sage.

Some time later, the Dark Lord realizes the hero has rescued 4 of the five faces he took from Greenhorne, and is now headed to take back the face of the Cheery Granny. He greets the hero upon their arrival, but soon decides its not worth his time attacking the hero at this moment. Instead, he takes the face of the granny and attatches it to an Imp, hoping it will be enough to finish him. As he leaves the hero behind, he threatens that he has a special thing planned for the King within Greenhorne Castle, vainishing to enact his plan.

Attacking Greenhorne Castle

The Dark Lord keeps to his word on what he plans to happen for the King,
Dark Lord at Nightmare Tower

The Dark Lord after the General's defeat.

appearing and taking the face of the King, and, much to the dismay of the King, attatches it to a Golem. This only lasts a short time, however, and the hero he encountered earilier manages to defeat the Golem and restore the King's face. Now even angrier, the Dark Lord retaliates by stealing the face of the King's own daughter, the Princess, and attatching it to a General within Nightmare Tower. After seeing the hero arive at the tower, the Dark Lord decides to watch the General destroy the hero, only to see them defeat it as well. This defeat causes him to loose his good mood, and vows to the protagonist that they will avenge this defeat.

Attack on the Protagonist and Neksdoor

Kidnapping Friends

The Dark Lord kidnapping the hero's friends.

After the general's defeat, the Dark Lord decides the best way to avenge his fallen minion is by kidnapping the hero's friends and sealing away the protagonist's powers. Thus, he follows through, and keeps the hero's friends in a dark space until he can do something with them. Later on, however, he returns to Neksdoor, and steals the faces of the townspeople, including the Dancer, the Shady Merchant Family, the male member of the Prickly Couple, and the Desert Celebraty, along with the Genie of the Lamp, who happened to be in the town as the attack began. As he makes off with these new faces, the protagonist quickly rescues the faces he had stolen, leaving only the Genie's face in the Great Pyramid. And so, the Dark Lord waits, witholding the Genie's stolen face. Finally, the hero arives, and the Dark Lord chuckles at seeing them again.
Summon the Pharaoh

The Dark Lord with the Genie's face, threatening to attach it to a Pharaoh he created.

After a brief memoriam that the Dark Lord was thought to seal away the hero's powers, the Dark Lord decides to punish the hero by summoning the Genie's face, as well as a Pharaoh to attatch it too. The Dark Lord, mentioning that this Pharaoh is one of his best minions, sends the pharaoh to attack the protagonist, then leaves, headed for a new location.

Second Kidnapping and the Relm of the Fey

HNI 0080 (1)

A brief retelling of the Dark Lord's first attack on the Retreat, according to the youngest Fab Fairy.

After seeing that the Pharaoh has been defeated, the Dark Lord retaliates by kidnapping the hero's friends and sealing away the hero's powers a second time, sending them to the same place he sent the Greenhorne friends. Immediately afterwards, the Dark Lord moved on to the Relm of the Fey, wishing to attack the Elven Retreat that existed there. However, he greatly underestimated the elves powers, and was swiftly defeated by the retreat's guardians, the Fab Fairies. However, just when their guard was down, the Dark Lord kidnapped the eldest and the middle sister, sending the youngest sister into a panic. There, he steals the faces of the kidnapped fairies, and ataches them to an Owl and an Arachno, respectively. However, the hero arrives and yet again reclaims the stolen faces. This, however, was something the Dark Lord had been anticipating, and once
Dark Lord in the Elven Retreat

The Dark Lord, mocking the Fab Fairies for opening the gate for him.

the gate into the retreat is opened, the Dark Lord appears, mockingly thanking them for opening the gate for him. With the seal broken, the Dark Lord promptly steals the face of the youngest fab fairy, and swiftly enters the retreat, stealing the faces of the Scaredy Cat, the Fab Fairies Fans, and the Witch. This lasts until after the face of the youngest fab fairy is rescued, which was attatched to a Frog. Angry that he has been defeated once again, the Dark Lord retreats to his castle in Karkaton.

Karkaton and the Birth of The Darker Lord

"Are you joking? I get great sage powers too?! This is even better than being a Dark Lord! I am now... An even darker Lord!"
— Dark Lord, Miitopia

After kidnapping the hero's friends one last time, he tries yet again to seal away the hero's powers, but finds he cannot do so this time. Instead, however, he decides to take advantage of the friends he kidnapped, and steals their own faces. There, he uses the faces of the third-recruited friends of Greenhorne, Neksdoor, and Relm of the Fey and attatches them to a Burning Golem, a Magma Slime, and a Paincloud, respectively. With the help of the great sage, the hero rescues these three faces, before making their way to the Dark Lord's castle. However, he had also utilized the faces of the second-recruited friends from each world, and attatches all three to a Cerberus. Once again, however, the Cerberus is defeated, and the Dark Lord makes preparations for the hero's inevitable arrival.

Confronting the Dark Lord

The Dark Lord being confronted by the protagonist and their friends.

Finally, the hero reaches the Dark Lord's castle, and the Dark Lord resorts to the faces of the first-recruited friends of each world, attatching each to a Flaming Armor, a Demon, and a Study of, respectively. Although the Hero once again defeats these monsters, the Dark Lord has one final surprise for them: a large, powerful Dragon. Again, the Dragon is defeated, and now only the Dark Lord stands in their way. At the throne room, the Dark Lord waits for the protagonist to arrive, and taunts them as they say that the Dark Lord will be defeated. A long, fierce battle soon begins.

In battle, the Dark Lord is the toughest enemy encountered so far in the game, and will attack by slaming his hands on a party member, or create a rock slide that attacks all of the party members. When the Dark Lord looses roughly half of his HP, he will call in Imps to assist him, and steal the face of a random party member to create them.

After a long, tough battle, the Dark Lord is defeated, and his soul escapes the now-broken medalian. The factory worker he possessed leaves
The Darker Lord

The Dark Lord possessing the great Sage, becoming the more powerful Darker Lord.

the castle, bewildered by what happened. However, this proves to not be the end of the Dark Curse, and so attempts to possess the hero in pure hatred and anger. However, he is blocked out by the Great Sage, causing him to unintentionally possess her instead. This, however, makes the Dark Lord even more powerful, as his original powers are now combined with the Great Sage's powers. Dubbing himself the Darker Lord, he leaves the castle, and creates a new castle with his new powers.

The Darker Lord's Wrath

Now even more powerful, The Darker Lord resides in his Sky Scraper, awaiting the protagonist to face them again. Eventually, the Hero does make it to the Sky Scraper, and the Darker Lord steals the faces of the Princess, the King, the Genie, the Fab Fairies, and the Factory Worker once again, attatching them to a Gold General, a Strong Golem, a Red Frog with Poles, and a Phantom of Evil, respectively. All of these monsters are simply harder versions of end-bosses faced at the end of each world. After yet another defeat to these monsters, the Darker Lord retreats to his pocket dimention of Otherworld, made up of all the faces he had stolen before.

Otherworld and the Final Battle

"Oh, you want your great sage back? Well than, come and try your luck!"
— Dark Lord, Miitopia
The Darker Lord's True Power

The Darker Lord absorbing all of the faces in Miitopia, creating the powerful Darkest Lord.

And so, with nowhere left to run, the Darkest Lord confronts the protagonist for the last time, saying he was going to die of boredom if they never showed up. The hero, demanding that the great sage be released from his possession. The Darker Lord, seeing this as one final challenge, absorbs all of the faces in Miitopia, except for the hero and their friends. This overwhelming ammount of faces makes the Darker Lord even more powerful, becoming the all-powerful Darkest Lord. Due to the extent of the Darkest Lord's power, the hero cannot face him alone, and must choose members of their party to face the Darkest Lord's hands, before facing the Darkest Lord himself. After choosing who fights each hand, the battle begins.

The battle first starts against the Darkest Lord's right hand, which can slap members of a party, or slash at them with its claws. This hand is exteremely brutal, and has some of the highest attack power in the game. After a short battle, the Left Hand is battled, which is completely different from the Right Hand. Rather than using brute strength, the Left Hand uses magic from the Darkest Lord's Cane, and can cast spells such as lightning or fire. The Left hand can also target two random party members, which are used as victims to the Left Hand's devastating Tower of Flame. Eventually, however, the Left Hand is also defeated, leaving only the Darkest Lord himself.

The Darkest Lord's Power

The Darkest Lord appearing before the party, just before absorbing all of their faces.

However, the party ends up becoming overconfident with their victory, and the Darkest Lord appears before them, stealing and absorbing the faces of the party members that faced both of their hands. These six new faces further extend the Darkest Lord's power, and it falls to the Hero and their three remaining friends to finish him off.

In battle, the Darkest Lord is by far the hardest boss in the main game, having huge ammounts of attack power and defense, and attacks by throwing coins with faces on them. He can also summon Coins to assist him in battle, using the faces of the other six party members each time, simmilar to the battle against the Dark Lord. Additionally, like the Dark Lord battle, his pattern will change after half of his HP is depleeted, such as a move that redeuces the HP of every party member to 1, or summoning a wave of meteorites to damage all of the party. After a long battle, the Darkest Lord is defeated, and explodes in a wild fury, releasing the Great Sage.

The Fate of the Dark Curse


The soul, trapped in the confined bubble by the Great Sage

However, even this isn't enough to destroy the Dark Curse, and it appears as the hero celebrates their victory. Now angrier than ever before, he attempts to possess the Great Sage again, only for the Sage to trap him inside a confined sphere. Struggling to get free, the Great Sage tells the Hero of the Dark Lord's origins, and how he came to be known as this Dark Curse. She then asks the protagonist what can be done with this shadow of a soul, allowing the player to choose the Dark Curse's fate:

Ending A: Break the Curse

"Thank... You..."
— Dark Lord, Miitopia
Death of the Curse

The Dark Curse is purified.

The hero, deciding that the curse should be broken, uses the divine power with the help of the great sage to obliterate the Dark Lord's soul. As the soul is purified, it vanishes into thin air, causing the Dark Lord to finally feel at peace, thanking the hero for all they have done. With the Dark Lord gone once and for all, all of the faces he had stolen return to their rightful owners, while the monsters the Dark Lord created dissapear. With this, peace is returned to Miitopia.

Ending B: Save him

The Reborn

The Dark Lord, with his original self restored.

The hero decides that the person that became the Dark Lord should be revived as their human self, to which the Great Sage agrees. Using the divine power, the hero resurects the Dark Lord's human form, causing him to appear in place of the Dark Curse. The dark lord, realizing that he is back to normal, thanks the hero for all they have done. The Great Sage then takes in the reborn Dark Lord as her apprentice, in order to attone for all the evil they commited as the Dark Curse. With this, both of them say their farewells, as the faces of Miitopia return to their rightful owners.

A Second Encounter

If the player chooses the second ending, the reborn Dark Lord will be seen in New Luminos, although oddly seperated from the Great Sage. He appears at the edge of the city after the player completes the Fourth District in the city, and will summon the Tower of Fear if the player talks to them. He is not seen again for the rest of the game.

Other Appearances

Miitopia: Casting Call

Dark Lord Eyecatch

The eyecatch of the Dark Lord, from Miitopia: Casting Call.

The Dark Lord appears as a castable character in Miitopia: Casting Call, appearing in two of the three casting scenes.

Enemy Statistics

The Dark Lord is battled a total of two times in the game, once as the Dark Lord, and once as the Darkest Lord. Despite this, both bosses have entirely different patterns and movesets.

Miitopia Enemy [Mii], the Dark Lord
Image HP Attack Defense Movesets Gold Obtained Grub Dropped EXP Locations Encountered
Mii, the Dark Lord
Unknown Unknown Unknown Hand Slam (Moderate Damage), One more Time! (Attacks again), Nightmare (Causes a party member to enter a Nightmare), Rockslide (Heavy damage to entire party) 0G Ultimate Delicacy⭐⭐ Unknown Dark Lord's Castle
Miitopia Enemy [Mii]'s Left Hand
Image HP Attack Defense Movesets Gold Obtained Grub Dropped EXP Locations Encountered
Mii's Right Hand Unknown Unknown Unknown Coin Toss (Moderate Damage), One more Time! (Attacks again), Double Scratch (Deals heavy damage to entire party) 0G N/A N/A Otherworld
Miitopia Enemy [Mii]'s Right Hand
Image HP Attack Defense Movesets Gold Obtained Grub Dropped EXP Locations Encountered
Mii's Left Hand Unknown Unknown Unknown Lightning (Moderate Damage to 1-3 Miis), One more Time! (Attacks again), Target (Targets two random Miis), Tower of Flame (Deals devastating damage to targeted Miis) 0G N/A N/A Otherworld
Miitopia Enemy [Mii], the Darkest Lord
Image HP Attack Defense Movesets Gold Obtained Grub Dropped EXP Locations Encountered
Mii, The Darkest Lord
Unknown Unknown Unknown Coin Toss (Moderate Damage), One more Time! (Attacks again), Black Hole (Heavy Damage to entire party), Call for Help (Summons a Coin [Mii]), Asteroid Belt (Deals random amounts of damage to the entire party), Nightmare Lure (Causes a Mii to enter a Nightmare), Big Bang (Reduces HP of entire party to 1) 0G N/A N/A Otherworld

General Description


While possessing the Factory Worker, the Dark Lord is a Mii that is dressed in a dark magician's robe, with golden wristbands around his hands. Around his neck is a medalian displaying an open eye that is used when stealing faces, as well as being where his soul, the Dark Curse, is kept. He also noticably has dark, pale skin with a dracula-esque hairstyle. In his soul form, the Dark Lord takes on the appearance of a small, whispy creature with a single eye in its center, greatly resembling the one worn by the Dark Lord. As the Darker Lord, while possessing the Great Sage, he takes on a much more foreboding appearance, and greatly resembles a demonic version of the Sage herself, wearing white, flowing robes, and also wielding a cane in place of his medalian. His hairstyle also changes to one resembling a twirling hairstyle. Finally, as the Darkest Lord, the Dark Lord takes on an entirely new appearance, this time appearing like a giant, golden sun with two demonic hands. At the center, there is a large, flat circle that contains the Dark Lord's face, with a luminous lining surrounding its exterior. Attatched to this lining is a group of artificial "rays". The face of the dark lord varies, as the player can customize the character at any time.


The personality of the Dark Lord varies between versions of the game. In the Japanese version, he is much more foreboding and down to earth, purly stealing people's faces out of hatred and the neglect he was shown. The American version adds a more humorus side to his personality, frequently mocking the protagonist when they do something seemingly pathetic.

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