"You won't know what you shot until you develop the film. Mysterious!"
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life
Disposable Camera

A Sprite of the Disposable Camera in Tomodachi Life.

The Disposable Camera (or just Camera in Tomodachi Collection) is a gift/good that the player can give a Mii, whether or not he/she asks for it. The player can let the Mii take a picture of either "Someone We Know" or "Something Artsy" ("Someone We Know" not available in Tomodachi Collection).

Tomodachi Collection

"I'm going to take a photo."
— Mii, Tomodachi Collection
Disposable Camera TC

A sprite of the Disposable Camera in Tomodachi Collection.

Disposable Cameras, referred to in this game as simply Cameras, first appear in Tomodachi Collection. Upon being given a disposable camera, they will immediately go out and snap a photo offscreen.

Upon returning, the Mii will show the player what they managed to capture. After viewing the picture, the Mii will give the picture a random title. The player can then rate the Mii's photo based on points, from 100 points to "No idea". Depending on what the player decides, the Mii will remark on the player's rating.

Tomodachi Life

"You got it. Time to get snapping!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

Disposable Cameras, this time referred to as such, returns in Tomodachi Life. In this game, the Mii will now ask about what kind of photo they should take, either of other Islanders or something artsy, like in the predecessor. After the player makes a decision, the Mii will go out and snap a photo.

If the player chooses "someone we know", some photos will contain either a certain Mii or a group of Miis. If the Mii whose photo was taken has a best friend, then those two will be seen in a photo (One in the distant, another pretending to stomp on them) if they have an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend and one has another lover, you can see the Mii with their new sweetheart/spouse in the cafe enjoying their day while the other Mii is seen outside the window, looking heartbroken. After this, no other major additions are made.

Artistic Photos

Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

Islander Photos

Tomodachi Life

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