"[Mii] and I got in a fight. I'm so mad now."
— Mii, Tomodachi Collection
"I had a fight with [Mii]. I'm so mad!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life (EU)

Artwork of Two Miis fighting over a bear.

Fights are a feature in Tomodachi Collection, and Tomodachi Life. Two Miis can be angry at each other and depending on how it goes, it may or may not break a friendship or a relationship.

A fight can be spotted when a pair of Miis have the orange friendship icon on their apartment windows. The system that determines fights is entirely random-based. Nothing the player does beforehand nor the Mii's Relationship levels will determine when the two Miis will fight, and if they do, whenever the fight is either a normal, standard fight or a huge, hostile fight. Two Miis that have married have a higher chance of fighting against each other than with other Miis (unless they're looking after a baby).

If the fight fails to be resolved, both Miis can be removed from their respective relationship charts, setting their relationships back to anonymous. If this occurs to two married Miis, this could lead to an immediate breakup request, unless either wants to make up.

Each time the player starts up the game after several hours of not playing, up to three fights will break out at random, depending on the island population. Fights cannot be prevented nor can the causes of the fight be tracked down under any circumstances. Outside of this, if the player sees two Miis arguing in Mii Apartments, they are more likely to start a fight if both Miis show angry reactions. It is at the point that either shifting to another apartment or entering the arguing Mii's apartment will instantly kick off the fight.

Regular Fight

A regular fight can be spotted when a Mii has small puffs of smoke coming out of their head. Upon visiting them, the Mii will be angry and upset, and the player has to calm the Mii down first. The easiest way to do this is to use certain gifts/goods such as the bath set, the swing, or the music box, though giving them food, clothing or hats that generates at least a "(s)he really likes/liked it!" works just as well.

Once the Mii is calm, the Mii will go to the apartment of the friend they are fighting with to attempt to make up. The Mii will wave and say, "I'm sorry about what happened."; after a pause, if the friend establishes an apology by waving and saying "I'm sorry too." (in Tomodachi Collection, saying, "I'm also sorry."), the fight is resolved; the Mii will dance happily as the captions say "That went really well!", then it will say, "We made up! Thanks for your help.". If the friend rejects the apology by saying "I'm still not over it." (in the European/Australian version, saying "I can't forgive you." or in Tomodachi Collection, saying, "I won't forgive you."), the Mii will drop to its knees as a sad violin fanfare plays, followed by the caption "Things didn't go so well..."; it says, "It didn't work..." and will gain 50% sadness to show a broken heart. And if it was a sweetheart/spouse, he/she could say that he/she wants to break up/divorce, in which working out will always fail.

When the the Mii who was apologizing fails and is sad, a thought bubble containing the other Mii's face will appear over their head. Clicking on it for the first time makes them say "Life is unexpectedly tough right now." or "Life sure is hard..." in Tomodachi Collection.

When the thought bubble is clicked a second time, they say "We didn't patch things up. AT ALL." or "We couldn't reconcile" in Tomodachi Collection. The player then gets thrown into a cutscene showing the Mii's fight with the other Mii, which can range from throwing various treasures at each other while insulting each other, to tugging over a teddy bear (the most common) or a random treasure item or food. The tugging cutscenes are only seen in Tomodachi Life.

Only in Tomodachi Life, after a fight where things didn't end well, the Mii's friend will sometimes have a problem afterwards, depending on its relationship level. They will say that they are sick of fighting and want to make up with the Mii. If accepted, this will play a cutscene where the Mii visits their still sad friend. It says, "I'm sorry too... Can we make up?"; the other Mii's raincloud disappears, then it turns its head happily and says, "Sure.", followed by him/her jumping up and the two dancing together. Once they apologize back, the fight will become solved and the Miis will return to being friends, the Mii dancing and saying, "We made up! I'm so relieved." afterwards.

There is a way to determine if the Mii's friend will apologize after a fight that didn't end well. If the friend's name is still on the Mii's relationship chart under "Friend (Fight)" after the Mii fails to apologize, it foreshadows that the friend will return to apologize back. This might not happen however, and if the Mii does not wish to apologize back, they stop being friends immediately.

Regular Fight Quotes

When a Mii fights with another Mii and his/her apology is rejected, a bubble can be tapped (similarly to that of inquiring on their problems) to see what they were fighting over; these are some sequences they will say during the cutscene that plays:

Throwing Things at Each Other [North American]

Tomodachi Collection:

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you cold blood!
Mii 2: The one saying cold blood is cold blood!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], [Something that they said right before]!
Mii 2: You've just said that!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you liar!
Mii 2: The one saying liar is liar!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you flirty!
Mii 2: The one saying flirty is flirty!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you good looking!
Mii 2: The one saying good looking is good looking! Huh?

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you crybaby!
Mii 2: The one saying crybaby is crybaby!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you meany!
Mii 2: The one saying meanie is meany!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you potato head!
Mii 2: The one saying potato head is potato head!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you useless!
Mii 2: The one saying useless is useless!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you wicked!
Mii 2: The one saying wicked is wicked!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you big-headed!
Mii 2: The one saying big-headed is big-headed!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you short-legged!
Mii 2: The one saying short-legged is short legged!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you idiot!
Mii 2: The one saying idiot is idiot!

Tomodachi Life:

Mii 1: You're so cold blooded, [Mii 2]! It's like talking to a dinosaur!
Mii 2: Why don't you bask in the sun or something, lizard breath!

Mii 1: You're a potato, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: What does that even mean?!

Mii 1: Stop throwing expensive things!
Mii 2: I would never! You're the one who isn't being careful!

Mii 1: I hope you enjoy cleaning this mess later!
Mii 2: I will! I mean...I won't!

Mii 1: I got you! You lose!
Mii 2: You weren't even close, so that means YOU lose!

Mii 1: This is getting dangerous!
Mii 2: Don't try this at home, kiddos!

Mii 2: Whut? [sic]

Mii 1: Just give up already! For serious!
Mii 2: Why should I give up when I'm winning?

Mii 1: Your pants are dumb, and I hate your hair!
Mii 2: Well, your breath smells bad, and you're a terrible dancer!

Mii 1: You're really attractive, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: No way. YOU'RE the attractive one! I mean... Oops.

Mii 1: You're such a dumb bunny, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: I know you are, but what am I?

Mii 1: Why you little...
Mii 2: You monster, you!

Mii 1: You're a big meanie, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: Well, you're a GIANT meanie! That's even bigger than big!

Mii 1: If you say you're sorry RIGHT NOW, I might forgive you!
Mii 2: I'd never say I'm sorry unless you said it first!

Mii 1: This is stupid. You're wasting my time, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: Ha! Like you have anything better to do!

Mii 1: You throw like a weirdo!
Mii 2: You throw like a bad thrower!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you smell like a chimpanzee!
Mii 2: Well, you LOOK like a chimpanzee!

Mii 1: You're so pretentious, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: Ha! That's laughable coming from YOU!

Mii 1: You're just so goody-two-shoes, [Mii 2]. It's unbearable!
Mii 2: Your shoes are the ones that are goody! Or..something mean about YOU!

Mii 1: You're a liar, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: Says the person who just lied!

Mii 1: Your head is made of stubborn!
Mii 2: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but YOU'RE THE STUBBORN ONE!

Mii 1: Aaaaargh!
Mii 2: Grrrrr!

Mii 1: You've got a big head, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: Your head's so big, it has its own gravitational pull!

Mii 1: You never listen when other people are talking! Rudy Ruderson!
Mii 2: You're the one who never pays attention! Rudy McRudepants!

Mii 1: You're so funny looking, clowns pay to look at you when they want a laugh!
Mii 2: YOU'RE so funny looking, zookeepers keep thinking you're an escaped flamingo!

Mii 1: ROAR!
Mii 2: What are you, a lion? GROW UP!

Mii 1: You're obnoxious, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: At least I'm not horrible like you are!

Mii 1: Actually, this is an effective stress reliever...
Mii 2: It is, isn't it?

Mii 1: You're not going to get away with this!
Mii 2: You're the one who's trying to get away with stuff!

Mii 1: I won't stop throwing things! Not ever!
Mii 2: I'm gonna catch whatever you throw! Then you'll be left with NOTHING!

Mii 1: I'm smarter than you. There's no way you can win this!
Mii 2: You couldn't win this if you had all the time and money in the world.

Mii 1: You're hopeless, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: You're the definition of hopeless!

Mii 1: Take that! And THAT!
Mii 2: Take THIS with a side of THIS!

Mii 1: All you do is miss!
Mii 2: You've missed way more than I have!

Arguing over a teddy bear [North American]


Mii 1: Get your own bear, [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: This IS my bear!

Mii 1: I had this Mr. Bear before I even met you!
Mii 2: I had this Teddy before you were even BORN!

Mii 1: Actually, I don't even like this bear.
Mii 2: I don't like it either. Wait...what?

Mii 1: Let go! You're making him cry sad, sad tears!
Mii 2: You know nothing! Teddy is happy because I'm saving him from you!

Mii 1: I don't even want this ugly ol' bear.
Mii 2: Oh yeah? I don't want it either. Wait... I mean... Oops.

Mii 1: For crying out loud, you HATE bears!
Mii 2: No, I HEART bears! It's different!

Mii 1: I love Mr. Bear the most in the whole world!
Mii 2: I love Teddy the mostest in the whole universe!

Mii 1: Mr. Bear would like you to stop touching him now. Please and thank you.
Mii 2: NEVER! Now get your paws off him already!

Mii 1: Mr. Bear wouldn't be with you if you were the last person on this island.
Mii 2: Teddy wouldn't be with YOU if you were the last person on the PLANET!

Mii 1: You don't even like bears! Selfish!
Mii 2: You're full of lies! I can't BEAR talking to you!

Mii 1: I'll buy you a way cuter bear, OK? So give up, and let me have this one!
Mii 2: NEVER! This is the only bear I could ever love!

Mii 1: My bear wants us to play together now. WITHOUT YOU.
Mii 2: No, he wants to play with ME right now! He wishes YOU would disappear!

Mii 1: I'm the only one who can make Mr. Bear happy.
Mii 2: You couldn't make a bear happy if you owned your own honey factory!

Mii 1: My bear hates you, so let him go right now!
Mii 2: Your pants are on fire! FIRE PANTS!

Mii 1: [Mii 2], you're gonna hurt him!
Mii 2: You're the one who's pulling! Poor Teddy!

Mii 1: Stop pulling on his arm! He's in pain!
Mii 2: He IS in pain! So stop pulling already!

Mii 1: What's that Mr. Bear? You say you think [Mii 2] is super annoying?
Mii 2: That's NOT what Teddy said! He said you are SUPER ANNOYING!

Mii 1: This bear is my childhood!
Mii 2: This bear is my WHOLE LIFE!

Mii 1: This is MY bear! MINE!
Mii 2: Nuh-uh! Teddy belongs to ME!


Mii 1: It's not funny anymore. HANDS OFF MY BEAR!
Mii 2: Teddy's had enough of this cruel game! LET GO!

Mii 1: I can't sleep without my beloved bear!
Mii 2: NO WAY! Teddy always sleeps with ME!

Mii 1: You're scaring my poor, defenseless bear!
Mii 2: Don't worry, Teddy. I'll save you from this maniac.

Mii 1: Mr. Bear loves me! Don't come between us!
Mii 2: You wish! Teddy loves ME!

Mii 1: Hands off my bear!
Mii 2: I've had ENOUGH of you messing with my bear!

Arguing over a random food/treasure [North American]

Mii 1: This is my favorite thing in the whole world!
Mii 2: This is my favorite thing in the whole universe!

Mii 1: You don't even like [food/treasure]!
Mii 2: Whatever, I like [food/treasure] more than anything in the history of ever!

Mii 1: Hands off my [food/treasure]!
Mii 2: Get your grubby fingers away from my [food/treasure]!

Mii 1: I don't even want this!
Mii 2: Oh yeah? I don't want this...either.

Mii 1: What's that, [food/treasure]? You say you like me better?
Mii 2: If you knew anything about it, you would know it CAN'T TALK!

Mii 1: I'd never let you have it in a million years!
Mii 2: Oh yeah? Well I'd never let YOU have it in a BILLION years!

Mii 1: I'm an expert on [food/treasure]s!
Mii 2: As if! Everyone knows I'M the expert on [food/treasure]s!

Mii 1: You already have one!
Mii 2: Whatever! You're the one with a whole closet full of them!

Mii 1: Let go of my [food/treasure]!
Mii 2: No way! It's MINE!

Mii 1: I called dibs!
Mii 2: I'm the one who wanted it in the first place!

Mii 1: It's breaking! Let go NOW!
Mii 2: You let go FIRST!

Mii 1: I'm the only one who understands its true value!
Mii 2: You have NO IDEA what its true value even is!

Mii 1: I'll give you something way better--just let me have this!
Mii 2: No way! This is all I want or need in life!

Mii 1: You never appreciated my [food/treasure], [Mii 2]!
Mii 2: You're the one who never appreciated MY [food/treasure], [Mii 1]!

Mii 1: Let go! JUST LET GO!
Mii 2: Never! NEVER EVER!

Mii 1: This has been mine since before we met!
Mii 2: It's been MINE since forever ago!

Mii 1: I'm actually starting to enjoy this!
Mii 2: Ha ha! Me too!

Mii 1: I found it first!
Mii 2: Not true! I'm marveling at how untrue that is!

Mii 1: You are SO ANNOYING! Just give it up!
Mii 2: YOU'RE the annoying one! Just stop it!

Mii 1: Don't be rough with my [food/treasure]!
Mii 2: You're the one who's being rough! And SELFISH!

Mii 1: You're gonna make me cry!
Mii 2: I'm crying right now! Boo hoo hoo!

Mii 1: This isn't just some silly [food/treasure]--it's my best friend!
Mii 2: That's ridiculous! You know it's MY soul mate!

Mii 1: What are you even doing? You LOATHE [food/treasure]s!
Mii 2: How could you say that? You know I LOVE [food/treasure]s!

Mii 1: It's gonna break if you don't let go!
Mii 2: It's stretchier that I thought it would be, so it's probably OK...

Mii 1: I've wanted this since I was a kid!
Mii 2: Ha! I've wanted this since I was BORN!

Mii 1: Stop tugging! You're stretching it!
Mii 2: YOU stop! You're gonna break it!

Mii 1: You're gonna break it! Knock it off!
Mii 2: You better stop this RIGHT NOW!

Huge/Hostile Fight

"I had a huge fight with [Mii] and now I'm really, really mad!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life (British version)
"[Mii] and I had a huge fight that wasn't my fault at all! I'm so mad!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life (American version)


A Hostile Fight (or Huge Fight) is when a Mii is enraged with another, they will appear to have a fiery aura and heavy metal music will play in their apartment. Unlike a regular fight, the Mii is so mad that they refuse to apologize and any attempt to calm them down will always fail. The text box that even proceeds display a message stating that "Nothing can be done right now" and to just "leave them alone for a while" after they exclaim they refuse to apologize. This type of fight only occurs in Tomodachi Life.

The only way to stop a hostile fight is if a random friend of both of the Miis is willing to help them make up. If one does, the request usually generates instantaneously with the actual problem. If they do want to help and the player accepts, a cutscene will begin. In this cutscene, the Mii tries to intervene with the fight between his/her two friends. If they succeed, the two Miis will make up by smiling and waving at each other, then dance while the friend Mii applauds happily as a happy tune plays. If they fail, the two Miis will continue to fight and instantly end their friendship and the friend Mii frowns and ducks for cover, while shaking his/her head in sadness.

To end their relationship, the Mii will say "Things aren't going so great with me and [Mii]." (In the European version, the Mii will say "I want to break up with [Mii].") The player can tell the Mii to move on or work things out. Note: Working things out will usually fail. The Miis who are in a relationship/married who had a Hostile Fight will breakup/divorce.

If the apology goes well, the Mii then dances and the captions will then say, "It worked! They made up!". The Mii will then feel proud of themselves and say "I did something good today! I should be proud... and I am!". When failing, however, the friend who attempted to help will sink to the ground sadly, the captions say, "They didn't make up..." and the Mii says, "It didn't, at all." The friend who tried to make them up will have a 2% chance of gaining sadness after failing to patch things up.

Oddly, Miis that have been in a standard fight long enough cannot enter a hostile fight if the fight goes on long enough, and vice versa.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


  • Oddly, when a third Mii attempts to resolve a hostile fight, the two Miis that would normally be represented with the flaming aura are instead shown with puffs of smoke, as if the Miis had a normal fight. This is possibly to make the Miis more noticeable, as the fiery auras obstruct their sides and back.
  • You can tell if the apology is going to be accepted or rejected by the two Miis' relationship; if one of them has a low enough status ("Getting Along OK" or lower), there's a chance they'll be rejected, even if the other Mii has a high level. In the case of a huge fight, if either Mii has said low status, there's a chance the fight will fail to be resolved.
  • If the Mii is the child of a couple, or has a sibling, they will not fight. Mii couples will also not fight if they were originally best friends before they started dating.
  • Usually there's a pause after the Mii apologizes to its friend; at other times, the other Mii will immediately answer.
  • It's possible for a fight to occur when a Mii is asleep.
  • A married couple will not get in fights against each other if they have a baby, making babies the only method of preventing spouses from fighting.
  • If you witness a fight from outside an apartment and you choose to enter, the Miis won't stop what they're doing, turn at, and walk to the player when the doorbell rings, and it will take a longer time before you enter the apartment.
  • A fight can resolve itself, but the two Miis will stop being friends.


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