Flying Disc
Flying Disc top
Europe Name Flying Disc
Japanese Name フライングディスク
Location Park
Event Time 8:00-9:00 a.m.
How to Unlock
Have a Mii confess his/her love to a Mii of the opposite gender
"Flying-disk session in progress! Come play catch!"
— Event description, Tomodachi Life

Flying Disc (Japanese: フライングディスク, Flying Disc) is an event in Tomodachi Life held at the Park between 8:00 - 9:00 a.m.. In the flying disc event, two Miis are randomly selected, and the player is put into a minigame where the two Miis and the player are playing with a frisbee. The object of the minigame is to throw the frisbee to another Mii. The Miis will also throw the disc to each other.

Before throwing, a Mii will say a sentence, such as, "Here it comes!" When they do throw, then that Mii will say something like, "Don't drop it!" Occasionally, a Mii will perform a "special throw" - They will make a stance and say a line monotonously, spin around, and make the special throw while calling out the throw's name in an echoing, high-pitched voice.

If the frisbee hasn't been thrown to them in a while, a Mii will start pointing at him/herself with an angry expression until someone (Mii or player) throws the frisbee to him/her. If the Mii didn't have to move when catching the player's throw, he or she will comment on how good the throw was. If the player takes too long before throwing the frisbee, a Mii might become impatient and tell the player to hurry up.


  • The player can never drop the frisbee when it is thrown to him/her.

Mii Lines

About to throw

Coming at ya, [Mii]!

Get ready, [Player]'s look-alike!

Go deep!

Here it comes!



Three... Two... One!



Don't drop it!




I could do this all day!


This never gets old!





[Happy phrase]



Sweet throw!

You're better than I expected, [Player]'s look-alike!

You're really good, [Player]'s look-alike!

You've got skills!

Looking good!

About to throw (special throw)

Check out these skills!

I'm done messing around!

I'm gonna blow your mind!

It's time to get serious!

Style points!

Style time!

Super skills!

Trick style!

Try to catch this!

Throwing (special throw)

[Mii] Attack!

[Mii] Bomb is go!

[Mii] Cyclone!

[Mii] Extreme!

[Mii] Laser 5000!

[Mii] Power Blast!

[Mii] Thunder Throw!

Go go, [Mii] Tornado!

Super [Mii] Extreme!

Throwy throw throw!

Impatient (single Mii)

Gimmie a chance!

Hey! I'm playing too, ya know!

Over here! Over here!

Quit leaving me out!

Quit throwing it to [Mii] so much!

Throw it over here once in a while!

Stop ignoring me!

You always throw to [Mii]!

Don't forget about me!

Impatient (no activity for a while)

Come on!

Did you forget how to throw?

Hey, [Player]'s look-alike?

Hurry up!

Hurry up and throw!

I'm falling asleep over here...

I'm ready...

Wake up!


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