"It's time to play some Football!
Win by knocking down your opponent or pushing the opponent out of the ring.
— Instructions, Tomodachi Life

Football is a minigame that can be played with a Mii. The player must tap the screen rapidly to knock down the opponent or push them out of the ring. Beware, the opponent can do the same to you too.

Regional Differences

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In Japan, the mini-game was originally a Sumo Wrestling minigame. In Europe, the minigame was changed to Amateur Wrestling. However, these changes are only aesthetic as the gameplay is completely the same.


  • It is usually the first game that the player plays with their look-alike in the tutorial.
  • You will always play as your look alike, regardless of whether you play against them or not.
  • Another islander will act as the referee, starting off the minigame by saying, "Keep at it!" Sometimes the referee may fall over, and will remain that way for the duration of the minigame.