"Cook up something tasty with this heavy, nonstick frying pan."
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life
Frying pan

A frying pan is one of the Gifts/Goods you can give your Mii in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. It can be used to make a random food.

Upon receiving the frying pan, the Mii says, "I'm gonna cook up something tasty!", then a cutscene of the Mii cooking plays. The Mii, wearing a chef's outfit and in a kitchen, uses the frying pan and says two different things that might hint at what they're cooking. When finished, the Mii tastes the food and looks off to the side, and the camera zooms in on a table as their food is revealed. Afterward, the Mii finishes by saying, "Ah, the joy of cooking!".

Things the Mii might say

When cooking

"A little sweetness goes a long way. You're gonna love this!"

"Always taste your food as you're preparing it. Too much sweetness can be hard to fix!"

"Amazingly, this dish can be made with just a frying pan!"

"Fried food can be hard to resist! Just try not to eat it every day."

"Fried food gets a bad rap. Done right, it can be something really special!"

"I gave this some organic <Island name> flavor!"

"I got this fruit at the farmers' market today!"

"I hope you're ready for some spice!"

"I love cooking!"

"I love cooking with rice!"

"I only cook wild, line-caught, sustainable fish."

"I use only organic, hormone-free, grass-fed, humanely raised, sustainable meat when I cook."

"I use only the freshest veggies in my cooking."

"Is your mouth watering yet?"

"It takes years to master the art of bread making."

"I'm really getting tangy with this dish!"

"One bite of this, and you're never gonna wanna eat anything else!"

"Proper seasoning is the key to any dish."

"Salt just might be the most important ingredient in my cooking!"

"Sometimes you just need to heat up some oil and get your deep-fry on!"

"Sour is an underrated flavor. A little zing can really elevate a dish!"

"Sweet but not too sweet. That's the key!"

"The right balance of salty and sweet can take a dish from delicious to divine!"

"This dish really brings the heat!"

"This has been a great year for fruit!"

"This is going to be super hearty!"

"This won't take long."

"Too much salt can ruin a dish, so use a light touch and don't forget to taste as you cook."

After cooking

"Time to eat!"

"Bon appétit!"

"Chow time!"

"Come and get it!"

Possible food titles

<Island name>'s Famous <food>

<Mii>'s Medal-Winning <food>

Authentic <Mii> Style <food>

Artisan <food>

Balsamic <food>

Cafeteria <food>

Cheese Blast <food>

Chef's Secret <food>

Chef's Signature <food>

Choco-Lava <food>

Crazy Awesome <food>

Crumbly <food>

Crunchtastic <food>

Everyone's Favorite <food>

Existential <food>

Exotic <food>

Fanciful <food>

Fisherman's <food

Flavortastic <food>

Food Court <food>

Hearty Hearty <food>

Highbrow <food>

Home-Cooked <food>

Honey-Drizzled <food>

Japanese <food>

Light & Fluffy <food>

<Mii name>'s Famous <food>

<Mii name>'s Secret Family <food>

Masterpiece <food>

Mayonnaise-Covered <food>

Melt-in-Your-Mouth <food>

Middle of the Mall <food>

Milky <food>

Non-GMO <food>

Ooey Gooey <food>

Once-in-a-Lifetime <food>

Peppery <food>

Perfectly Ripe <food>

<Mii name>-style <food>

Rice-Centric <food>

Romantic <food>

Seafood-Stuffed <food>

Seasonal <food>

Sour Tang <food>

Soy Sauce Party <food>

Sticky <food>

Super Saucy <food>

Supersweet <food>

Szechuan <food>

Takeout Style <food>

This is a masterpiece <food>


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


  • The Frying Pan will sometimes cook up Drinks, something impossible to do in real life

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