"Would you like to see a funny face I've been working on?"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

Funny faces are a type of problem seen in Tomodachi Life, where a Mii will ask the player to see their funny face.

Practicing Funny Faces

When the player is zooms onto a Mii's face, occasionally they will be blinking and opening their mouth instead of blushing. The Mii will then state they are working on their funny faces. A Problem Icon will not occur.

Actual Funny Faces

Sometimes, the Mii will show off one of their funny faces. Their apartment window will have the normal Problems Icon with black swirls. The Mii will then ask the player if they want to see their face. If the player agrees, it will show a completely absurd face that couldn't be done in real life. The Mii will then ask how they did, and the player will tell how well in three specific ratings, "Hilarious!", "Not bad", and "I'm speechless".

On other versions, the player can tell the Mii that the funny face is an improvement from their normal face, in which the Mii will be offended.


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