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Gifts/goods can be given and used by Miis, and can be obtained by interacting with Miis. The only way to get these is to solve problems. In Tomodachi Collection, there are 10 total items. In Tomodachi Life, there are 18 total items. The player will unlock new events and locations based on how many problems they have solved.


  • The travel ticket is the rarest gift obtainable.

Tomodachi Collection

Item # Description Usage Image
Stomach medicine 01 Helps relieve stomach ache. Use when needed. Give to a Mii who is complaining about their stomach.
Job ticket 02 Have fun experiencing various kind of jobs. Give to a Mii, and the player will see what kind of job the Mii would do.
Bath set* 03 A set of washbowl, towel, and soap for an evening hot bath. Plays a cut-scene where a Mii takes a bath.
  • A mii Taking a bath.
Music box* 04 Wind the key and you can listen to a beautiful melody. Plays a cut scene of a Mii listening to the music box.
  • A music box in use.
  • The music box after it has finished.
  • The player's hand picking up the music box to be rewound.
Cold pills 05 When there are symptoms like sore throat, take one pill. Give to Miis who are feeling ill.
Hypnotizer 06 You can put anyone under hypnosis with this. Sends a Mii to sleep and allows the player to play a cut scene of a dream the player has seen before.
Fan 07 You will be troubled if you don't have this in summer! Allows the Mii to speak through a fan.
  • A fan in use.
Camera 08 Take some snapshots for good memento. The Mii takes a random photo.
Frying pan 09 Everyone can enjoy home cooking with this fry pan. Unlocks a food item, cooked by a Mii.
Travel ticket 10 You can travel anywhere you want with this ticket. Allows the player to send a Mii (and possibly their sweetheart/friend) on vacation to a random location. They give a souvenir after they return. A depressed Mii will travel alone and lose all sadness.

*Calms down the Mii if he/she just had a fight with another Mii.

Tomodachi Life

*Item # Description Usage Image
Age-o-matic 001 US: "For kids who want to be grown-ups and experience life as an adult."

EU: "For kids who want to be grown-ups and do things like getting married."

Turns a kid Mii into an adult Mii.

Note: Cannot be used on a kid Mii that has a sweetheart except during a successful proposal.

AR camera 002 US: "Use the "?" AR Card to bring this world to life right before your eyes."

EU: "Use the ? AR Card and see a whole new world."

Allows the player to take a picture of the Mii this item is given to in one of many backgrounds (snow, tree, sushi, etc.) with the AR Card.
Bath set* 003 US: "Recharge those used-up mental batteries with a long, steamy bath."

EU: "Refresh your mind and body by taking a nice, long dip."

Plays a cut-scene where a Mii takes a bath. It restores a Mii's hair back to his/her natural hair color if hair-color spray was used.
  • American Bath Set
  • A Mii sings in a bathtub.
  • The bathouse interior.
  • An upclose of a Mii in a bathtub.
  • A Mii bathing in the Japanese Version.
  • A Traveler using a bath set.
Cold medicine 004 US:"This won't cure you, but it will lessen your symptoms. Now get some rest!"

EU:"Don't let a cold get you down. This will take care of the worst symptoms."

Give to Miis with a cold.
Disposable camera 005 US: "You won't know what you shot until you develop the film. Mysterious!"

EU: "The fun is not knowing what you've got until you develop the film."

Takes a random photo of Miis (Islanders photo) or a random subject (Artistic photo).
  • The Mii asks what type of photo they should take.
  • The two options for what type of picture.
  • The Mii starts taking pictures.
  • The Mii will show the picture.
  • The Fateful Encounter.
  • The rating scale for the picture that the Mii took.
  • An example of Mii photography, starring a couple on the island.
  • An example of Mii photography, at the fountain.
  • An example of Mii photography and its ebullience.
Fan 006 US: "This will help you survive the summer heat. Includes three speed settings."

EU: "Essential in hot summers or when you need a breeze. Has 3 speed settings."

Allows the player to choose three speeds settings while a Mii speaks through the fan.
  • While using the fan, Miis tend to say random things.
  • Buttons to control the fan.
Frying pan 007 US: "Cook up something tasty with this heavy, nonstick frying pan."

EU: "What kind of foods could you possibly make with this non-stick pan?"

Unlocks a food item, cooked by a Mii.
Hair-color spray 008 US:"Reinvent your image with just a few sprays from this can of hair dye."

EU:"Tired, lifeless hair? Just give it a spray and reinvent yourself in a new colour."

Allows the player to change a Mii's hair color using the various hair dyes.
US: Hypnotizer

EU: Hypnotism set

009 US: "Someone's feeling sleepy. VERY sleepy indeed. But what to make them do..."

EU: "You can hypnotise anyone with this kit. What will you make them do? 3, 2, 1..."

Sends a Mii to sleep and allows the player to play a cut scene of a dream the player has seen before. After the cut scene you won't receive an item.
Kaleidoscope 010 US: "Use your stylus to tilt your Nintendo 3DS to see something breathtaking."

EU: "Who knows what you might see when you move your Nintendo 3DS around?"

Allows the player to see kaleidoscope patterns by moving the 3DS system which includes foods and images of Mii's heads.
  • Something you might see
  • Something else the player might see
  • The directions on the bottom screen.
Kid-o-matic 011 "For grown-ups who want to be kids again and relive the joys of youth." Turns an adult Mii into a kid Mii.

Note: Cannot be used on a Mii that is married or has a relationship with someone.

Mobile 012 US: "Let the wind get this thing moving, or blow on it yourself if you're impatient."

EU: "Blows in the breeze. Or just blow on it yourself if you are impatient."

Plays a cutscene of a mobile spinning around, which will spin faster if one blows into the mic.
  • A Mii staring at a mobile.
Music box * 013 US: "The soothing melody from this lovely music box is sure to put you at ease."

EU: "The melody is guaranteed to relax and it makes a good ornament, too."

Plays a cut scene of a Mii listening to the music box.
  • Photo Studio Version
  • Hat Shop Version
  • Compatibility Version
  • Mii Version (the Mii that is listening to it)
  • Island Version
  • Food Mart Version
Sewing machine 014 US: "You'll definitely make something really stylish with this. Or 'sew' it 'seams'."

EU: "What kind of clothes could you sew with this machine? Can't wait!"

Unlocks a clothing item, made by a Mii.
  • thumb|The Mii talking while using the sewing machine.
  • A finished Pilot's Outfit created by using the sewing machine.
Slide puzzle 015 US: "Slide the pieces around to complete the picture. It's easier than it sounds."

EU: "Move the pieces and complete the picture. Sounds easier than it is..."

Allows the player to play a mini-game in which the player has to complete a slide puzzle.
Stomach medicine 016 US: "All-natural medicine to soothe your turbulent tummy. It tastes like herbs."

EU: "Made with natural ingredients and effective for any stomach complaints."

Give to a Mii with a stomach virus.
Swing* 017 US:"Set this up in your room, and work on your timing for the perfect swing."

EU:"Just set this up in your room. Timing is essential for a good swing."

Allows the player to push a Mii on a swing
Travel ticket* 018 US: "Lucky you! An all-expenses-paid ticket to somewhere exciting. Use it wisely."

EU: "This is a ticket to anywhere. Use it wisely when you need to get away."

Allows the player to send a Mii (and possibly their significant other or family if they have one, and it will boost their relationships) on vacation to a random location. They give a souvenir after they return. A depressed Mii will travel alone and lose all sadness.

*Calms down the Mii if he/she just had a normal fight with another Mii.

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