Though Tomodachi Life is a rather simple game, there are always some glitches to be had, with any game.

Please note: things like distorted Mii faces and inhuman sounding voices aren't glitches, because they were "intended".

These are the following glitches that have been found so far.


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A dancing Outgoing Mii giving a gift/good to the player. Notice that the Mii's head is off-centered.

  • When skipping text by pressing the A button, or down on the directional pad, if the player times it right as the Mii is about to say it, the player will hear them say it, but their mouth will not move.
  • When a very happy Outgoing Mii (one that is jiggling back and forth) gives a Treasure or Good to the player, their face will look off to the side slightly.
  • When leveling up a Mii, sometimes the number will not change but the player can still get the prizes that come with leveling up. (Leveling up stops normally at Level 99)
  • When the player taps a Mii's speech bubble, the player's own look-alike Mii will sometimes say "Sometimes I wonder if I have a look-alike, too... weird thought!" If they are the player look-alike, then they obviously have a look alike.
  • When in a Mii's daydream after failing to make up during a fight, sometimes a Mii will begin talking, but the opposite Mii will move his/her mouth instead.
  • If the player touches or drags a Mii when they are saying one of their mood phrases upon entering their apartment, their face will retain the matching expression until they eat something, rub their face, or the player leaves.
  • Just recently discovered, if a Mii is given it's super all-time favorite and the cutscene of them blasting into space is interrupted just before the earth is shown, the Mii's feet will still emit flames.
  • When the player deletes a Mii who made another Mii cry, the Mii may still be seen crying even though they aren't sad anymore.
  • It's possible that if you go look into a Mii's apartment window at just the right time when they are napping and dreaming, but they turn around quickly, two "dream bubbles" will appear. One where the Mii's dream bubble originally was, and one above where the Mii moved to. Things will be reset the next time a dream bubble appears.
  • It's possible that if a Mii enters an apartment after they say their catchphrase, they will pose but will not say their catchphrase.
  • If there are two Miis, if one if the Miis says something, and if they're leaving because they want to play a game, the enter button will be gray but will not leave at all and be idle. The only way to fix this is to change apartments.
  • Just recently discovered, It's possible that if you rub on a Miis face while saying their phrase, they will be normal instead of doing their given gesture.

Town Hall

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  • After connecting with an exchange partner when the player selects the "Send & Receive" option, the partner waiting to be selected for exchange can still leave, causing the selector to have no partners to exchange with.

Concert Hall

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  • If a solo musical song is played and the player presses the "Make it stop!" button just after a Mii does the first spin, one or more Mii dancers will slide into their next position.
  • In the Techno song, when the line "I never get sleepy" is finished and the camera moves to "Candy" it is possible to see the Miis in the middle of teleporting.

Mii Apartments

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  • In some rare occasions, a Mii will ask for an Age-o-matic or a Kid-o-matic, even though they're currently dating another Mii. If the player gives the Mii the Age-o-matic or Kid-o-matic, they will say that they're happy the way they are.
  • When a Mii requests the player to use an Age-o-matic or Kid-o-matic, and the player changes their age to the requested age in their profile, they will still request the item. Attempting to use the item makes the Mii give it right back.
  • If a Mii's cat is walking and the player taps enter, the cat will be in the idle pose but will move forward and turn without the walking animation.

Mii Homes

Mii Homes - Outside boundaries below Miis

The error


The text box has no text.

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  • A baby mini-game for a one day or two day-old baby is about to start. When one Mii of a couple tells the player that the baby "just won't stop crying" or the player enters themselves, the player can see the outside boundaries of the home below the Miis. This isn't a problem for when a baby mini-game for the top screen is about to start, because the top screen is wider than the bottom screen, and the outside boundaries below the Miis are not seen.
  • During the cut-scene after a baby grows up and travels the world or moves in, tapping the screen as the father says, "Take this as a memento." will cause the father to give the baby album early.
  • When the player is babysitting a Mii's child, there is a glitch where if they tap on the screen right as one of the parents begins to talk, the game will become stuck upon the babysitting screen, with no way for the player to exit, except for exiting the game itself.
  • If the player presses the Peekaboo button, then presses it quickly again while saying boo, there will be a blank text box.
  • Sometimes a four-day old baby will cry. The only way to fix this to leave them alone for a while until it stops. This is because when the player presses babysit, the child will not be seen crying.
  • Occasionally, the outside of the Mii houses will change from a cream color to stone.


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  • If a player has a traveler from his/her island running to it with StreetPass ready to receive, and another one that hasn't arrived yet but will, if the player talks to the one on the port before the message asking if he/she wants to check the StreetPass appears, the player will (for a brief moment), after talking to the Mii, see the next Mii's face there already as if it were ready to be talked to. The message asking to check the StreetPasses will pop up afterwards, and after the boat sequence, the second Mii will arrive.
  • Occasionally when the boats arrive, there's a chance the game will lag before or after an explorer is sent away, causing any or all boats left to ignore the remaining explorers.

Photo Studio

  • Zooming in on a stage 5 baby's head can cause strange, graphical effects.

Mii News

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  • During a news announcement if the player presses the back button when the screen is transitioning from the news image to the first islander's reaction, the button noise will play, but the news will continue.


  • After turning off the game, travelers from the player's previous save file will still be send through StreetPass. The player won't be able to see where they are but will still receive notifications that a traveler has sent a message when they haven't.


  • When the parents of a traveler have finished reading their child's letter sent from an island's campground, the sound of the ocean can sometimes still be heard as they finish reading.