Hair Color Samples

Hair colors samples.

Hair Dye, also known as hair colour spray is an item exclusive to Tomodachi Life that enables the player to change a Mii's hair color. It offers 32 colors not normally found in Mii Maker. Once chosen, the Mii will spray his/her hair, eyebrows, and mustache, and beard the chosen color. Sometimes, a Mii will request to have their hair's color changed through the hair dye.


There are a total of 32 colors to choose from.

Color Number Color Name
1 Pastel Blue (Very Light Blue)
2 Soft Blue (Light Blue)
3 Azure
4 Pure Blue
5 Dark Medium Blue
6 Medium Blue
7 Dark Cyan
8 Strong Cyan
9 Pure Cyan
10 Soft Green (Light Green)
11 Pure Green
12 Office Green
13 Hunter Green
14 Light Yellow
15 Pure Yellow
16 Beige Tone
17 Pure Orange
18 Strong Orange
19 Vivid Red
20 Pure Red
21 Dark Red
22 Hot Pink
23 Soft Pink
24 Pale Pink
25 Dark Purple
26 Strong Purple
27 Soft Purple
28 Dark Moderate Magenta
29 Charcoal (Dark Gray)
30 Platinum (also the color of granny's wig)
31 Light Gray (Silver)
32 Pure White (White)

Dye Removal

Hair Dye Colors

Methods to remove hair dye:

  • When a Mii takes a bath, the color washes off and the Mii's natural hair color returns.
  • To remove the hair from selected parts of the Mii's head (hair, eyebrows, mustache, and beard), they may be changed individually in Mii Maker. However, if the colour of the facial hair is changed in Mii Maker, the eyebrows will revert to their pre-dyed colour, and vice versa).