"I'm hungry!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

Artwork of a mii eating a burger in Tomodachi Life.

In Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life, Miis will often request food as one of their everyday problems. This indicates that they are hungry. Feeding food will cheer up the Mii, or calm them down when they feel frustrated or sad. They do not need to be fed and can go without food.

In their apartment, a Mii's hunger status will be displayed on the top screen. Each food item has a hunger value, and a Mii will not accept food that would fill their stomach above maximum capacity.

The Mii's stomach will drop over time as the game is played in Collection. Starting in Life, it can also drop when the game is shut off.

One could easily tell if a Mii is hungry without clicking on their problem bubble due to a slight change in the background music. However, in some cases, Miis may ask for a drink, specific food, food from a specific country/region, (Italian/Asian/etc. food) or salty/meaty/sweet food. However, no matter what kind of food the Mii asks for, it won't determine how the Mii feels about the food you give them.

A Mii's favorites are determined randomly. When a Mii eats food they like, their happiness value will increase based on the food's price and their preference for it. This makes high-price low-fullness food like Caviar very useful for increasing levels quickly.

Different Dialog:

"I'm hungry!"

"I'm super hungry!"

"I'm starving!"

"I'm thirsty!"

"I need to eat something! ANYTHING!" (When they say this, they will enjoy trash food if you give it to them.)

Preferences and Favorites

A Mii's food preferences are displayed on the top screen when in their apartment. Each Mii in Tomodachi Life has one super all-time favorite, one all-time favorite, one worst, and one worst ever. Tomodachi Collection has only all-time favorite and worst. In addition to those extremes, a list of three "Favorite Foods" is displayed, consisting of the top three foods that Mii likes most out of everything else they've tried. All food preferences are fixed, even among different players sharing a Mii through QR Codes, but the favorite foods list will change as the Mii tries new things and discovers better favorites.

When a Mii is given a food item that is not one of the favorites/worst foods, the Mii will either:

  • Jump up into the air fist-first, showing a very high amount of satisfaction. Happiness increases significantly. (She/He loved it!)
  • Happily pat his/her belly with one hand, showing they really liked the food. Happiness increases. (She/He really liked it.)
  • Pat his/her belly slowly with both hands while leaning back, showing they liked the food. Happiness increases slightly. (She/He liked it.)
  • Frown and tilt their head, showing that they did not like the food. Happiness stays the same. This food may not appear in "Favorite Foods". (She/He didn't really like it.)
  • Hold their stomachs in disgust (trying not to throw it up), showing they disliked the food. Happiness decreases. This food will not appear in "Favorite Foods". (She/He didn't like it at all.)

If you give a Traveler a food, their actions are different:

When a Mii is given a food item that is one of their favorite foods, the Mii will either:

  • Dance around in place with dramatic camera angles, showing that it's their all time favorite.
  • Makes a surprised face and blasts off into space, showing that it's their super all-time favorite. This is not present in Tomodachi Collection.

When a Mii is given a food item that is one of their worst foods, the Mii will either:

  • Shakes rapidly, then bends over as if in pain and start acting like they're throwing up, showing that it's their worst.
  • Turn gray and melt to the floor with a very shocked face while suspenseful music plays, showing that it's their absolute worst ever. This is not present in Tomodachi Collection.

Special food will always result in a very positive gesture from the Mii, which shows it much happier than the jumping gesture. It also says something related to the food they consumed.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

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