"Someone's feeling sleepy. VERY sleepy indeed. But what to make them do...?"
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life (US)
""You can hypnotise anyone with this kit. What will you make them do? 3 ,2, 1... ""
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life (EU)

The Hypnotism set (or Hypnotizer in America ) is a gift/good you can use with a Mii in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. It can be used to review any dreams the Miis had.

Upon being given the Hypnotism set, the Mii tips its head before saying "Cool, let's give it a try!"; this then transitions to a scene of them sitting in a chair with the Hypnotism set in front of them. As sneaky music plays, the player swings the Hypnotism set back and fourth by either dragging with the stylus or moving the system to hypnotize the Mii, causing its head to follow until it becomes sleepy. When the player has swung the Hypnotism set enough times, the Mii will be fully hypnotized as it yawns, closes its eyes and falls asleep. If swinging the Hypnotism set in circles enough times, the Mii will get dizzy, which counts as being hypnotized.

The hypnotized Mii will then appear on the top screen, and the player chooses the dream they want. The Mii will repeat the dream's name slowly as if controlled, and the player sees them act out their dream/command.

When the dream is over, the hypnotized Mii will appear on the bottom screen. It snaps out of hypnosis with a "Wah!" and after a pause, says "Nothing happened! Or...wait... What was I just doing?". The Mii will then gain a small bit of happiness and money.


  • The player cannot get gifts from dreams through hypnosis.
  • In real life, when being hypnotized through the pendulum swing, the person cannot move their head as what the Miis do, only their eyes. Since the Miis' don't have eye movement (except in some promotional shots), their heads serve as the movement.

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