This article is about shop from the Tomodachi series. For the purchasable room, see Interior.
  • Tomodachi Collection.
  • Tomodachi Life.
Europe Name Interiors
Japanese Name インテリア屋さん
Interior yasan
Events N/A
How to Unlock
Have at least $200/£200/€200/¥20,000
"This interior-design shop is the perfect place for brightening up a boring apartment."
— Building description, Tomodachi Life

Interiors is a shop found in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. It specializes in offering different interiors for Mii Apartments. Every day there are new interiors available in Today's Items. If the player buys new interiors they can be bought every day in In Stock. Special interiors can be unlocked by increasing islander's happiness levels. Time travelling will stop new interiors from appearing temporarily.

Monthly Interiors

Every month, the interior shop sells one interior that is specifically sold during that month. This interior is exclusive to the month it is sold in, so it must be bought for it to be added to In Stock.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life