"C'mon. Let's play a game!"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

An islander game, known as a Quiz in Miitopia, is a minigame featured in Tomodachi Collection, Tomodachi Life, and Miitopia. Islander games are marked by green problem icons on their window. When the player selects their window, they will be jumping up and down repeatedly; upon entering their apartment, the Mii will ask the player to play a game with them, and the player replies with whatever option. Sometimes, when currently interacting with a Mii after a Mii is given something, they might say to the player, "Since you're already here, let's play a game!", and the player will be prompted to play a game similar to the green problem icon. In Miitopia, the player must search out the Quizmaster before playing one of the minigames.

Success or a draw will grant the player one of three random treasures, while failure will result in receiving either a box of tissues or toilet paper. In Miitopia, this is changed to HP Bananas, MP Candies, or random foods.

Introduced in Collection

Name Description Image
Butt-writing quiz The Mii will use their bottom to write letters of a word, and the player will pick one of the four objects that has that wrote word. If the player picks the wrong image, the player will lose the game. If the player picks the right image, the player will proceed to the next 2 quizzes.
  • Info card
  • The Mii writing a letter
  • The Mii asking what word they wrote.
  • The Mii saying something else to distract the player.
  • A correct Answer.
  • An incorrect answer
  • Winning the game
  • Butt Writing loose.png losing the game.
The Daruma Doll fell down! When the Mii says "The daruma doll...", the player will walk to him/her and touch him/her, resulting in winning the game. When he/she says "Fell down!", if the player does not stop walking to him/her, The Mii will say "[Mii's] splitting image is moving!", resulting in losing the game. The game noticeably plays similar to "Red Light Green Light", a popular children's game.
  • Info Card
  • The Mii with their back turned.
  • The Mii looking back.
  • The Player about to reach the Mii.
  • The Daruma Doll loose.png losing the game.
  • Winning the game.
Cards A simple mini-game where the goal is to get both two red cards, two of diamonds and two of hearts (kings in Europe) cards. There is also a joker card (a two of hearts in Europe) that can be exchanged if the player does not pick the other two of diamonds/hearts/king card. If the player has picked the joker, it can be swiped up to try and trick the Mii into picking it again. The Mii that the player is up against will sometimes give hints or will try to trick the player by closing his or her's eye, that will sometimes tell the player that the card that it's hand is hovering over is the red card. If the Mii picks your red card, the game is over.
  • Info pannel
  • The game in Tomodachi Collection
  • The player holding both cards
  • The mii swapping the cards.
  • The player holding the correct card.
  • The Screen after winning the game.
  • The Game in Tomodachi Life (US & JP)
  • The Game in Tomodachi Life (EU)
  • Info panel (Life)
  • Both cards in the player's hand (Life)
  • The Mii with a shocked expression when you select the correct card. (Life)
  • Mii losing cards Congratulations.JPG You Win! title after you win against a Mii. (Life)

Introduced in Life

Name Description Image
Catch The Mii drops a treasure and the player has to try and catch it. If the player manages to catch it, the prize is whatever the player caught. Sometimes, the Mii will tell the player something to distract him/her and then drop the item so the player will hardly notice. Other times, the Mii will drop the item, but then pull it back up with a string saying, "Oh, it was attached to the string. Weird." The player has only two chances to catch the item.
  • Info panel
  • The Mii trying to distract the player by telling them something.
  • The first unsuccessful catch, with the option to try again.
  • Catch loose.png A second unsucessful catch, causing the player to lose the game.
  • A sucessful catch.
Zoom Quiz The player will be presented with 3 consecutive images (zooming in more after each correct answer) and must identify what they are out of the 3 choices given to them. The image zoomed in can be either a food or a treasure.
  • Info panel
  • An item being shown.
  • A successful answer.
  • An unsucessful answer.
  • Winning the game.
  • Zoom Quiz loose.png losing the game.
Football (US)
Wrestling (EU)
Sumo (JP)
The player faces off against a miniature Mii dressed as a football player/wrestler/sumo fighter and have to tap the bottom screen repeatedly to push the Mii down or out of the ring.
  • Info Card
  • The game being played
  • A Mii in Shock as the player is close to winning.
  • Winning the game.
  • Football loose.png losing the game.
  • European Version
  • Japanese Version
Mii Facts The player is given 3 questions about the similarities (or differences) between two of their islanders, ranging from whether or not they own the same gift to what day of the month they were born.
  • Info panel
  • The Mii presenting a fact
  • The event of answering correctly.
  • The event of answering incorrectly.
  • Mii Facts win.

Introduced in Miitopia

Name Description Image
Who Is It? The player will be shown a group of four NPCS that are seen throughout the game, and must choose which one is correct. This can range from the NPCS being together, or an NPC with a different faces.
  • Info Pannel
  • A group of NPCs being shown.
  • An instance of the NPC having different faces.
Curtain Conundrum A random Mii will quickly run through an open curtain, briefly showing their face as they do so. As such, the player must decide which Mii fled through the curtains.
  • Info Pannel
  • A Mii running through the curtain.

Games with multiple variants

Look that Way: The player has five chances to point in a certain direction that the mii is facing. If the Mii faces the direction the player is pointing, they win. This game only appears in Tomodachi Collection.

Variant Difference Image
Look that way The Original.
  • The rules for the game.
  • The interference for the game.
  • The player pointing in a direction.
  • The screen after winning the game.
Rock-Paper-Scissors Look that Way The player must play rock paper scissors before challenging the mii. If they lose, the mii will decide where to look.
  • The game interference.
  • The rock paper scissors aspect.
  • The mii deciding where to look.
  • The player choosing a direction.

Silouette Quiz (Tomodachi Collection)
Shadow Quiz (Tomodachi Life)
Silouette Shenanagins (Miitopia): The player is presented with 3 (5 in Tomodachi Collection) consecutive shadows of images and must answer what's hidden in the shadows. Sometimes, the item will be spinning, being able to give a precise shape.

Variant Difference Image
Food & Treasure Shadow Quiz (US)

Object Shadow Quiz (EU)

The shadow can be any food or treasure.
  • Info pannel
  • The game in Tomodachi Collection
  • The event of guessing correctly.
  • The screen after you win.
  • Info panel (Life)
  • The game in Tomodachi Life
  • A sucessful answer
  • Winning the game.
  • An unsucessful answer.
  • Food Shadow Quiz loose.png losing the Game.
Double Food & Treasure Shadow Quiz (US)

Double Object Shadow Quiz (EU)

The shadow can be any combination of two foods, two treasures, or a food and a treasure.
Headwear Shadow Quiz The shadow can be any piece of headwear.
Mii Shadow Quiz (Tomodachi Life)
Silouette Shenanagins (Miitopia)
The shadow is a random islander (on the player's island) wearing their current clothing.
  • Info panel
  • A Mii being presented.
  • A successful answer
  • Winning the game.
  • The Game in Miitopia
  • A Mii's Shadow Being Presented
  • A Correct answer.

Pixel Quiz: The player is presented three consecutive images (with reducing resolution as he/she answers correctly) and must identify what they are. These also might be the same sprites the game uses for Tomodachi Quest.

Variant Difference Image
Food & Treasure Pixel Quiz (US)

Object Pixel Quiz (EU)

The pixelated image could be any food or any treasure.
  • Info Pannel
  • An item being presented.
  • A successful answer.
  • An unsuccessful answer.
  • Winning the game.
  • Pixel Food loose.png losing the game.
Mii Pixel Quiz The pixelated image could be the face of any islander from the island. The first one is a 3D model that spins around, while the second is still, and the third is only part of the image.
  • Info panel
  • A Mii being presented
  • A successful answer
  • An unsuccessful answer.
  • Winning the game.
  • Pixel Mii loose.png losing the game.

Match: A memory-based mini-game where the player has to match panels on a 3x4 board. The items displayed on the panels could be a Mii's face, any food, or any treasure.

Variant Difference Image
Match This variation simply features matching 6 pairs of panels, allowing up to 5 mistakes to be made if the player matches incorrect panels.
  • The game in Tomodachi Collection.
  • A sucessfull match
  • A failed match
  • The screen after winning the game.
  • Info panel (Life)
  • The Game in Tomodachi Life
  • The Player revealing a pannel.
  • A Sucessfull match.
  • An unsucessful match.
  • Screen shown after Winning the game.
Vs. Match The player plays against the Mii who wanted to play with him/her, with alternating turns. At the beginning, the player gets to choose if he/she want to go first or second. This is also the only mini-game where it is possible to end in a draw.
  • Info panel
  • The Player getting a sucessful Match.
  • The Player getting an unsucessful match.
  • The Mii getting a sucessful Match
  • A Draw occuring at the end of the game.
  • Vs. Match in the Japanese Version


Introduced in Collection

Name Description Image
Backscratch The Player has five chances to scratch the correct spot on the mii's back. If they miss, the mii will give directions on where their back is itchy. This game does not return in Tomodachi Life.
  • The Player scratching the mii's back
  • The mii giving directions.
Mosquito The goal is to splat the mosquito with the player's hand. With only five chances, and misses landing on the Mii's face instead, the player has to wait for the mosquito to reduce it's spastic movements or "land" as it says. If the mini-game is completed successfully the Mii will gain some gratitude. In Tomodachi Life, this minigame was moved to the campgrounds.
  • The Game in Tomodachi Collection
  • The Mii after missing the mosquito.
  • The Screen after winning the game.
  • Info panel (Life)
  • The game in Tomodachi Life
  • The player missing the mosquito, making the Traveler feel contempt.
  • The Player sucessfuly hitting the Mosquito.
  • Winning the Game.
  • losing the Game.

Introduced in Life

Name Description Image
Sneeze Swipe the feather across their nose until they sneeze. When the Mii opens his/her eyes and says "Ah...!", move the feather away from the nose. This one is similar to a playful mini-game because it will have a game card and the mini-game music will play. However, the player does not get the choice to pick a prize after completion. If the Mii does not sneeze within the time allowed (about 20 seconds), then they will say "No... It's gone." (EU) "Darn, I lost it" (US) and the Mii will not gain happiness.
  • Info panel
  • The game Interference.
  • A Mii sneezing.
  • A Mii saying they lost the sneeze, resulting in failiure.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


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