Judgement Bay
  • Tomodachi Collection (Question Hall)
  • Tomodachi Life (Judgement Bay)
Europe Name Judgement Bay
Japanese Name 判定ベイ

Hantei bei

Location Question Hall (Collection)
Beach (Life)
Event Time 24/7
How to Unlock
At least 16 residents, solved at least 25 problems
"Write something in each field with your stylus. The islanders will vote for the one they like best!"
~Event Description, Tomodachi Life

Judgement Bay, known as "Vote" in Tomodachi Collection, is a 24/7 event on the beach that can be played an unlimited number of times per day. Judgement Bay will be available to play after the player has 16 islanders.

How to Play

Write 2 to 4 choices on either side of the sand line. Once done, the player watch the Miis pick a choice by standing over it. Afterwards, the player has the choice to either leave or they can tap on the stick figures and a random Mii will pop up and say their catchphrase or something about their choice ("This is the best choice").

Mii Lines

Tomodachi Collection

  • "[Catchprase]"
  • "Someone dropped a coin here."
  • "We got Miis with nice sense here."
  • "Just believe my hunch."
  • "With my innocent heart, I chose this."
  • "With this circumstance, I chose this one."
  • "I like this one better."
  • "Once and for all! This one!"
  • "Well, generally, its this one."
  • "I don't like the other one, so this one."
  • "I just followed other people."
  • "Isn't this one good?"
  • "I'm in the mood for this one!"
  • "It should be this one."
  • "I can't take my eyes off this one!"
  • "From my experience, I chose this one."
  • "For now, it's definitely this one."
  • "Well, both are the same for me."
  • "Ah~ It was dificult."
  • "This one. No mistake, right?"
  • "This one. I don't know why, though."
  • "I recommend this one."
  • "It's this one, I think..."
  • "Um~ This!! No, maybe that...?"
  • "I felt like choosing this one."
  • "Yeah. It has to be this one."
  • "If you can't decide, choose this."
  • "It smelled nicer on this side."
  • "Better try this one."
  • "This one won by a narrow margin!"
  • "Don't hesitate. Choose this one."
  • "The other one seemed too tough."
  • "I prefer this one."
  • "I chose appropriately."
  • "This is best for teenagers!"
  • "Only novices would choose the other one."
  • "I just thought it should be this one."
  • "Just one look and I chose this!"
  • "I feel like you're fated with this one.
  • "It's not indecisiveness, right?"
  • "This one is better for now."
  • "It's this one, I guess."
  • "If I have to choose, it's this one."
  • "This one is the standard one."

Tomodachi Life

  • "[Catchphrase]"
  • "I made up my mind pretty quickly."
  • "This is the right decision for you."
  • "You've gotta go with this one."
  • "This one is amazing!"
  • "This one is fine."
  • "I just went to pick up some money lying here."
  • "My cat would've chosen the same."
  • "I was under a lot of pressure to pick this one."
  • "I just followed the crowd."
  • "It's a good choice. Trust me."
  • "I thought this one smelled better."
  • "This is the unexpected choice."
  • "This is the mature choice."
  • "It's just how I feel right now!"
  • "I knew right away this was the best choice."
  • "This choice just feels right."
  • "This is probably right."
  • "I heard there was a weird fossil over here."
  • "This is what the cool kids would pick."
  • "Honestly, I just picked one at random."
  • "I couldn't decide, so I just picked this one."
  • "It was a process of elimination."
  • "I rolled the dice on this one."
  • "Everything else is unthinkable."


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

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