Level-Up gifts are items found in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life. These gifts are different from the normal gifts that can be given to a Mii at any point. These are only obtained by a Mii leveling up.

These gifts are for the Mii's use in their apartments. In Collection, a Mii can own every gift in the game, as there are exactly eight gifts. In Life, only 8 items may be owned by one Mii. If the player tries to give another, they will have to exchange a gift they already own for the new gift. Multiple Miis can interact with a Mii's gift, and can also join in should they have it too.

Collection gifts

Gifts in Collection will be colored the same as the Mii's set favorite color.

Name What It Does Multiple Miis
Book The Mii will read the book. No
CD The Mii will listen to music on a set of headphones. Yes
Cell phone The Mii will talk on their cellphone, sometimes using given phrases. No
Duster The Mii will dust his/her room with a duster. No
Laptop The Mii will browse on their laptop. No
Nintendo DS Miis will play with their DS. Yes
Study kit Miis can be seen studying. No
Wii Miis can be seen playing on the Wii. The sounds and animations suggest that Wii Sports is being played. Yes

Life gifts

Unlike in Collection, the gifts are not colored with their Mii's favorite color.

Name Description What it does Multiple Miis
Ballet manual "Become a graceful ballet dancer in no time flat. Who needs years of training?"(US)

"Learning graceful ballet moves can help in your daily life too."(EU)

The Mii will practice ballet. Yes
Baseball bat "Swing, batter, swing! Practice for the majors, or just have fun with friends."(US)

"Batter up! You'll be a real slugger with this baseball bat."(EU)

The Mii will swing the bat at the observation tower. Yes
Beauty kit "You're already beautiful, but it's still fun to get dolled up sometimes." (US)

"Beauty is only skin-deep, but it's not a crime to give it a little boost." (EU)

The Mii will put on makeup. This can temporarily change how their eyes look, even if the player enters their apartment. Yes
Book "The knowledge in this book can be in your brain if you read it." (US)

"Don't be afraid of books. They're paper friends filled with knowledge!"(EU)

The Mii will read the book. It may be a sad story as Miis using it in the Café will display a sad face. Yes
Bubbles (EU)

Bubble blower (US)

"A big bottle of bubble-making juice. The pink bear makes it even more fun." (US)

"These bubbles are better outside than indoors. For kids (and grown-ups)."(EU)

The Mii will blow bubbles at the park or on the observation tower. Yes
CD "Not as cool as a record, but at least it's packed full of classic jams." (US)

"Packed with great music and much easier to carry around than a record."(EU)

The Mii will listen to music on a radio. The music that plays differs per Mii. Yes
Mobile Phone (EU)

Cell phone (US)

"A super smartphone that lets you call people and...make calls. And stuff." (US)

"These days, you can't get by without one! OK, so some people do."(EU)

The Mii will talk on their cellphone, sometimes using random sentences and given phrases. Yes
Fishing Rod (EU)

Fishing pole (US)

"Catch a big fish, or maybe even Nessie, with this top-quality fishing rod." (US)

"This fine rod is the very thing to make sure no whoppers get away!"(EU)

The Mii will go fishing on the beach in a rowing boat. They will not successfully catch anything as all the fish caught will let go of the line. Sometimes something will pull on the line and let go. Yes
Golf Clubs

Golf club (US)

"Fore! No, I mean four. That's how many vases you'll probably break." (US)

"Golf is classy and refined. Just don't go swinging the club wildly indoors!"(EU)

The Mii will practice golfing at the observation tower. Yes
Guitar "A gorgeous rosewood acoustic guitar with a bright, bold tone." (US)

"Everyone loves guitars! Practise in secret before wowing your friends."(EU)

The Mii will play in their apartments or at the fountain. Yes
Hula Dancing Manual (EU)

Hula-dancing manual (US)

"Feel like you're always on a tropical vacation by mastering the art of hula."(US)

"There's nothing cooler than mastering traditional Hawaiian hula dancing!"(EU)

The Mii will hula dance. Yes
Kite* "Kite flying is the ultimate leisure sport. Unless there's no wind, of course." (US)

"It doesn't matter how old you are, a kite is fun for everyone. Look at it fly!"(EU)

The Mii will fly their kite on the beach. Yes
Laptop "This laptop is the latest, trendiest model on the market. For now. Sigh." (US)

"This laptop is portable and the latest model...for at least the next 6 months."(EU)

The Mii will browse on their laptop. Yes
Maracas "What this party needs is more maracas. Take the initiative and start shaking!"(US)

"These make a great sound when shaken and suit any kind of music."(EU)

The Mii will play the maracas. Yes
Metal detector* "Keep your metal detector with you all of the time. Buried treasure awaits!"(US)

"Keep this with you at all times. Buried treasure could be anywhere!"(EU)

The Mii will look for treasure on the beach. Yes
Mirror "A full-length mirror so you can admire yourself. Aren't you the coolest?!"(US)

"Use this full-length mirror to see how you're looking. Great, of course!"(EU)

Miis will use the mirror, allowing him/her to change clothes on their own. No
Nintendo 3DS XL "A fun 3D-game system with big, juicy screens. Maybe you're playing on one?"(US)

"A portable 3D game console. In fact, you could be looking at one right now."(EU)

Miis will play with their 3DS. Yes
Punchbag (EU)

Punching bag (US)

"You sting like a tiger and have the eye of the bee. Or something like that."(US)

"If things are a real mess in your life and you want to blow of some steam, use this."(EU)

Miis will be seen punching and kicking the punching bag. Miis angry from a fight with another Mii will use it. No
Cat Voucher (EU)

Rent-a-cat coupon (US)

"Cute cats are good for your health. Use this to have an occasional kitty visitor."(US)

"How cool is this? A cat will visit your room...when it feels like it."(EU)

A cat will visit the apartment to play. Yes
Dog Voucher (EU)

Rent-a-dog coupon (US)

"Just TRY to be sad with a cute little puppy romping around your apartment."(US)

"Man's best friend can be everybody's if they visit your room."(EU)

A dog will visit the apartment to play. Yes
Scale "Numbers aren't everything, but use this to stay on track with your health goals."(US)

"Never use scales after a big meal! Use first thing daily for best results."(EU)

Miis will measure their weight. Yes
Skateboard* "Nothing's cooler than skateboarding. Seriously. How high can you ollie?"(US)

"Skateboarding never goes out of fashion. Radical!"(EU)

Miis will do tricks at the observation tower. Yes
Football (EU)

Soccer ball (US)

"Playing soccer inside isn't the best idea...but oh well. Go for the goal!"(US)

"Practice hard every day and soon you'll be at one with the ball."(EU)

Miis will play soccer on the beach or in the park. Yes
Study kit "Study like a pro with this handy kit. No more all-nighters!"(US)

"Use this notebook and pencil to study any time. It's all about dedication!"(EU)

Miis can be seen studying. Yes
Tennis racket "Sort of useless without a partner, but you can at least practice your swing."(US)

"It's great if you can get a rally long as you have a partner."(EU)

Miis will hit a ball against the wall at the observation tower. Yes
Treadmill "Run a marathon without leaving the comfort of home. Give it your all!"(US)

"Why leave your room for a workout. Run marathons in front of the TV!"(EU)

Miis can be seen on the treadmill. Yes
Wii U "That second screen offers endless possibilities for home-console fun."(US)

"There's even a screen on the gamepad! Fun for the whole family."(EU)

Miis can be seen playing the Wii U. The sounds and animations made by the Miis suggest that Nintendo Land and Game & Wario are being played. Yes
Yoga manual "Learn the ancient art of yoga for health, happiness, and stretchability."(US)

"Become a yoga master with this fun, easy-to-use manual."(EU)

Miis will do several yoga poses. Yes

*Not Present in Japanese Version


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


  • In Tomodachi Collection, Soccer Balls are Treasures instead of Level-Up Gifts.
  • In Tomodachi Life, Miis hands go through the guitar
  • In Tomodachi Life, it is possible for a Mii to use the beauty kit even if they have a mask such as the Unknown hero mask on.

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