This is a list of all beverage food items in Tomodachi Life. X means it doesn't appear in that region and an empty space means it in unknown if it appears or not.

Item Num. Order (US) Num. Order (EU) Num. Order (JP) Prices Description Image
Apple juice 001 001 002 US: $2.00
EU: €3.10
JP: ¥200
"The only ingredient is organic, local apples. You can't beat that fresh taste." (US)

"We squeeze every drop right here by hand. That's why it tastes so good." (EU)

Apple Juice
Bubble tea 002 X US: $5.50
EU: €
"A fruity drink full of chewy tapioca pearls. Gotta love that big straw." Bubble Tea
Cappuccino 003 002 006 US: $2.90
EU: €3.10
JP: ¥580
"Frothy milk floating atop bitter coffee. Drink it for your daily moment of zen." (US)

"Perfectly proportioned espresso, hot milk and steamed froth. Ahhhhh!" (EU)

Chamomile tea 004 003 X US: $2.70
EU: €
"Relax and collect your thoughts while this honey soaks in. Divine!" Camisole Tea
Coffee 005 004 010 US: $2.20
"Don't ruin this bold flavor with cream. Drink it right away while it's piping hot." (US)

"Rich, bitter and very dark. Is it time for a break yet?" (EU)

Eggnog 006 X US: $5.00
EU: €
"Cuddle up under the mistletoe with a chilled glass of fresh eggnog." Eggnog
Energy drink X X 003 US: X
JP: ¥300
"If you feel too tired, drink this and become revived! You can do your best with this drink! FIGHT!"
Energy drink jp
Espresso 007 006 X US: $1.90
EU: €2.10
"There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh espresso. Or the taste!" (US)

"Short in size but high in caffeine. This Italian drink pumps out all the flavour!" (EU)

Green juice 008 001 US: $3.50
EU: €
JP: ¥200
"It's not easy being green juice. Smells faintly of grass, but it's uberhealthy." Green Juice
Green tea X 007 004 US: $
EU: €1.50
JP: ¥100
"The natural colour and aroma shows just how good for you fresh tea is."
Hot chocolate 009 008 X US: $2.00
EU: €4.10
"The fastest way to ingest chocolate is to drink it. Bottoms up!" (US)

"Sweet, creamy and made with shaved chocolate. Perfect in a massive bowl!" (EU)

Hot Chocolate
Lemonade 010 009 X US: $2.50
EU: €
"Ideal for hot summer days. Looks a bit watery, but hey, it beats plain water!" Lemonade
Milk 011 010 007 US: $1.80
EU: €1.20
JP: ¥180
"Thick and frothy. Served in a glass bottle straight from Granny's youth." (US)

"So thick it is basically cream. Skimmed milk just can't compare to the taste!" (EU)

Milkshake 012 X US: $5.00
EU: €
"A creamy vanilla milkshake with a whipped-cream hat. Eat the cherry first!" Milkshake
Orange juice 013 011 005 US: $2.00
EU: €2.50
JP: ¥200
"100% juice from 100% oranges. 100% satisfaction guaranteed." (US)

"Freshly squeezed 100% juice from the finest oranges and no pips." (EU)

Orange Juice
Protein shake (INT)
Protein (JP)
014 012 Desserts 045 US: $3.50
EU: €3.00
JP: ¥1000
"Bodybuilders drink this like water. Get pumped and unleash your beast mode." (US)

"If you are pumping iron daily, you could drink this, or just eat three fried eggs!" (EU)

Protien Shake
Root-beer float 015 X US: $3.80
EU: €
"Whatever floats your ice cream. In this case, it's root beer." Root Beer Float
Mixed juice (JP)
016 013 014 US: $2.50
EU: €3.10
JP: ¥250
"A banana and mango had an almond swim. The result: this mellow drink." Smoothie
Soda (US)
Cola (JP/EU)
017 005 011 US: $2.50
EU: €2.90
JP: ¥180
"The best part of soda is popping the lid. Sorry we took that from you." (US)

"The bubbles tickle your nose, but it tastes so great on a hot day." (EU)

Sparkling water X 014 X US: X
EU: €2.30
JP: ¥
"As bubbly as a can of fizzy drink, but without the sugar. Enjoy!"
Spiced apple cider 018 X US: $2.00
EU: €
"Hot apple cider prepared with mulling spices. Drink on cold winter nights." Spiced Apple Cider
Spoiled milk (US)
Spoilt milk (EU)
(Trash Food)
019 015 008 US: $0.20
EU: €
JP: ¥20
"Milk so bad, it's basically cheese now. Please, please don't drink this." Spoiled Milk
Sports drink 020 X US: $2.00
EU: €
"It gets its power from electrolytes. It's definitely not just water. Definitely not." Sports Drink
Tap water 021 016 012 US: $0.90
EU: €0.10
JP: ¥90
"No ice?! This should be free. Just don't ask what's in there other than H2O." (US)

"We're sorry to have to charge for this but... Please return the glass!" (EU)

Tap Water
Tea 022 017 009 US: $2.30
EU: €2.10
JP: ¥550
AU: $1.90
"Brewed with fresh, delicate leaves. Drink to feel all fancy and stuff." (US)

"Brewed using the finest leaves and just the thing to start your day with." (EU)

Tomato Juice 023 018 013 US: $1.50
EU: €3.10
JP: ¥150
"So many vitamins, it's hard to keep track of them all. Drink and be healthy." (US)

"Like it or not, TJ is full of vitamins and good for you too. Add pepper!" (EU)

Tomato Juice
Yerba maté 024 X US: $5.40
EU: €
"A South American infusion of yerba leaves, traditionally enjoyed in a gourd." Yerba Mate