"As Mii relationships develop, some might become couples. And eventually, there could even be some weddings! One day... A married couple might even have a baby!"
— Tutorial, Tomodachi Life

Love is a mechanic used in the Tomodachi series. It's similar to friendship, but deals with the romantic side of such, where someone has deep affection for someone. After a Mii becomes friends with opposite-gender Miis, there is a chance it will get feelings for one or two of them. The Mii will want to confess their feelings to them and if it goes well, the Miis will become a couple.

Miis who have love-related problems will have the pink heart icon on their window, and they will be seen worried as a heart with a question mark appears around him/her. When the player enters their apartment, the music changes.


Tumblr n829j59Am01te7asyo4 400

A Mii confessing his love

When a Mii develops feelings for someone of the opposite gender, they will want to confess their love to them. When the player decides to help out, they pick how the Mii confesses, where they should tell, and if they should get changed first. After it confesses, if the Mii's love interest agrees to their confession, the Miis will begin to date. If the love interest rejects the confessor, the Mii will be upset and gain sadness. And you will have to cheer it up.

The Miis can also become sweethearts if a friend of two Miis will want to set them up with each other on a date. If it ends with them wanting to hang out again, they automatically become sweethearts without confessing their love. If not, they remain friends. If they "don't hit it off so great", one of them will wonder why would their friend want them to go out with the other Mii.

At some times, the Mii will wonder if a certain Mii likes them. The player can say either option, or ask the Mii to go see them instantly, similar to confessions. Unlike other love problems, they will not be seen worried and the music does not change.

When a Mii confesses, there is a chance one or two other Miis may interrupt the confession and want the love interest to date them instead. If the love interest picks the first confessor, they will automatically begin to date; if it chooses one of the interrupters, they will ask the player if they like the idea of them dating. If the player agrees, the Miis will smile lovingly and begin to date; if the player disagrees, the Miis will be shocked and sometimes faint, and the date is off. There is also a chance where the love interest rejects everyone. Only the first confessor gains sadness after either of the latter two occurs.

Proposal and Marriage

HNI 00991

A Mii proposes to his sweetheart, who happily accepts

When the sweethearts remain in a good relationship long enough, one of them will want to propose to the other and get married. If the player agrees to help out, they choose where the proposal takes place and decide whether they should change their outfit. Unlike the confession, the Mii is really nervous at proposing at the right moment and requests the player should help them out by letting them know if the sweetheart is thinking of them.

The proposal takes place as a minigame. While the proposer is planning what to say, the sweetheart is shown to be easily distracted and will have a variety of thoughts going through their mind, represented as cycling pictures in a thought bubble. When the thought bubble shows the face of the Mii who's proposing, the player has to use the stylus to quickly touch the heart that says "NOW!", to signal the Mii that the sweetheart is thinking of them and to continue the conversation. The player has to do this four times, and they get three chances (represented by three hearts floating between the couple).

HNI 00011

When the proposal ends in success, the Mii will give the player a gift, and the player gets to see their wedding, and then their honeymoon. After such, the "sweetheart" bar on their profile chart will change to "husband/wife", and they will settle in a new house at Mii Homes.

If the Miis are children, the gift the player receives will always be an Age-o-matic, and the player should use it on the couple before they can get married. If the player agrees, the Miis will become adults and carry on with the wedding; if the player refuses, the wedding will be postponed, but the player has to help the Mii propose again.

HNI 00711

A married couple taking care of a baby

After a while of marriage, the married couple will think of having a baby (if the option is enabled). If the player agrees, they will give birth within 36 hours to two days. When their baby has been born, the player chooses their gender, appearance, names them, and gives them a personality. The baby grows over the course of six days; during such, the player can babysit them. When the baby is fully grown, the player can choose to move it into the apartments or send it off as a traveler.


HNI 00251

A couple fails to work things out, resulting in a breakup

A couple is not guaranteed to have their love last forever. If their relationship drops to a low enough level and their love isn't working out, the player has to decide if they should move on, or try to work it out. If the player decides the couple should move on, this triggers a cutscene of them ending their relationship at the cafe. If the player wants them to work it out, they will get a cutscene of the Miis in the opposite's apartment with the lights out and a clock ticking. If they cannot work things out, the clock bongs and they will have to break up; but if they manage to do such, they will continue their relationship. After a breakup, both Miis will gain sadness; but there is a rare time where only the first Mii will gain sadness.

If two sweethearts break up, one can tap the opposite Mii's thought bubble and get a flashback of the wonderful times they had with their ex-lover.

If the Miis were married, their house in Mii Homes will vanish, and if either of them were kids and made into adults with the Age-o-matic, it will automatically wear off.

Rarely, after a breakup, one of the ex-lovers will miss their partner and want to get back together. If the player agrees, they will talk to the partner, and the scene plays out like a regular confession. If the ex-lover agrees to get back together, they will return to being sweethearts; if not, the first Mii will gain sadness. Sometimes, the ex-lover will immediately refuse, which puts the Mii in sadness.

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