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Artwork of the two default Miis.

A Mii is a personal digital avatar that a player can create for themselves for use in Nintendo games. Miis were introduced for the Wii alongside the system's launch late in 2006, and have since continuously appeared for use on certain Nintendo DS games, the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, and their respective game libraries.

Miis are the inhabitants of the island in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life, and the main protagonists of Miitopia. The islanders can be edited as many times as desired. This can be done at the Town Hall or from within each individual Mii's apartment. If the Mii was created by another player, they can only be edited if the creator of that Mii allowed editing. If not, only the Mii's voice, personality, and parts of their profile can be edited.


A Mii's personality is set during the creation process. There are 5 main attributes; movement, speech, expressiveness, attitude and overall.

Miis can have part-time jobs, where they can be seen working at one of the island's shops. They are not locked into one part-time job as they will work at a randomly selected job every time they decide to work. Their jobs do not affect gameplay at all.

Miis will visit any friends, family, sweetheart/spouse they have whenever they want. In Tomodachi Life the Miis can be called back into their room if the player wants to interact with them.

Additionally, they may occasionally use any level-up gifts the player has given to them. Certain level-up gifts can be shared with anyone visiting their room. Besides toying with their gifts, they can exercise or occasionally nap (with a chance of getting a dream).

For more details, see the behavior page.



Main article: Confession

When a female Mii and a male Mii are friends, sometimes they will start to like each other and confess their love for one another. When a Mii develops feelings for a certain Mii of the opposite gender, they will want to confess their love to them and establish a sweetheart relationship. If the player accepts, they can choose how they should confess, where to confess, and what they wear. If the crush agrees to the Mii's love confession, they will become sweethearts; if the crush refuses by saying "I'm sorry...", the Mii will be really sad. There is also a chance that the crush will never show up, which counts as rejection. Either way, this will unlock the cafe, park and amusement park.

If the player tells the Mii to not confess their love, they will be surprised and ask why they can't do it. The player can reply with either option, but the Mii will become sad instantly.

Another way for Miis to become sweethearts is when a friend of two opposite gender Miis will want to set them up on a date with each other. This is similar to a regular confession, but the Miis do not confess their love; they enjoy the date as the friend watches. If it ends with them really happy and agreeing to hang out soon, they automatically become sweethearts without any love confession. If it ends with them thanking each other for hanging out, they remain friends. If the date ends with the result of "not hitting it off so great", one of the Miis will wonder why their friend would want them to go out with the Mii they went on a date with. If the player says "Perfect match!", the Mii will be curious, and the Miis will boost their friendship with each other.

Rarely, when a Mii confesses to another Mii, one or two more Miis will also confess to the same Mii. When the Mii being confessed to chooses a Mii who was not the one confessing they will ask the player if they like the idea of them becoming sweethearts while the other one or two Miis leave sadly. If the player says "Bad idea", the Miis will have shocked looks on their faces and will not become sweethearts, and the Mii who confessed first will enter a period of sadness. When the player says "Love it!", the Miis will smile lovingly at each other and will become sweethearts, but the Mii who confessed first will still enter a period of sadness. There is a chance where the confessed Mii rejects everyone, but only the first Mii who confessed will gain sadness.

At rare times, if the Mii confessed their love but it isn't accepted, they will feel determined and want to try again. They will always give a present to the other Mii at the beach; if the crush accepts, the Miis become sweethearts and the confessor will stop being sad. If the crush still refuses to be their sweetheart, the Mii will say they're "finally able to let go" and stop being sad. Other times, the crush will never show up, or one of its friends will appear and tell the Mii they're not interested in going out with them, or if they're currently dating another Mii, their sweetheart will show up and say they're going out now and hopes if they're cool with it. If either of the latter three occurs, the Mii will gain even more sadness.

Proposal and Marriage

Further in the game, depending on their relationship, the sweethearts will either break up, or want to get married. If a Mii wishes to propose to his or her sweetheart, the player chooses where to propose, and what to wear. But the Mii is scared at proposing at the right time, so the player has to help them out by letting them know if the sweetheart is thinking of them. If the proposal succeeds, the sweethearts will get married.

Once they are married the Mii Homes will be unlocked where the family will live. If a couple has a baby, at least one parent is at the home at all times. Even if married, a Mii will keep its apartment. Sometimes, they want to have a baby. The Mii couple will not divorce or fight with each other as long as they have a child living in the house, but this does not stop their relationship from increasing or decreasing. Also, same-sex Miis cannot date, but the player is still able to put female features onto a male and vice versa.


If a Mii's relationship is not working out, the player can choose for them to move on (breakup/divorce) or try to work it out. If the player chooses the former, a cutscene of the Miis at the cafe will be shown as the first Mii tells their partner they should go back to being just friends. The other Mii will be heartbroken, and the sweethearts/spouses will end their relationsip. If the latter option is chosen, the Mii will go to their partner's apartment to try to work things out. If it goes well, they work things out and continue their relationship. If they just can't work things out, they will have to break up. If the Miis were spouses, their house will be demolished.

Rarely, one of the Miis will miss their ex-boy/girlfriend and want to get back together. If the player agrees, they will go talk to the ex-lover, and they will either say they'll think about it, or immediately refuse which puts the Mii in sadness. The cutscene that follows if the ex-lover agrees plays out like a regular confession. If the ex-lover agrees to get back together, they become sweethearts again; if the ex-lover refuses, the Mii will gain sadness.


Sometimes a symbol will appear on a Mii's apartment window in Mii Apartments, which indicates that the Mii has a various need, or request, often wanting to play, ask a question, or needing a problem solved.  The player can visit their apartments anytime to give them gifts or play with them.  

If the window has a black symbol, this means that they have a question they would like to ask, they are hungry, they want new clothes/hats, etc. An orange symbol indicates something for friendship, whether it's to travel with their best friend/sweetheart/spouse, become friends with another Mii, or ask you about a relationship with another Mii, or if the Miis had a fight. A pink symbol with a heart indicates love; this means a Mii wants to confess their love to another Mii, wants to get married, or wants to have a baby. A blue symbol with a rain cloud indicates sadness; the Mii is heartbroken if their friend refuses to apologize after a fight, they confess their love but the other Mii refuses to be their sweetheart, or if two dating or married Miis have ended their relationship. Finally, a green symbol means the Mii would like to play a game with the player, which you can accept or decline. All symbols are also accompanied with a thought bubble of an object related. The black object is a scribble, orange is a happy face, green doesn't have one, but has the person's hand sticking out with 3, thick lines sticking out a small amount in front of the stuck out hand, pink is a heart, and blue is a rain cloud. Different music from the regular apartment theme will also play when you go into an apartment with a symbol, apart from green which has the normal apartment theme, along with the minigame theme when playing a game with the Mii inside.  

Other times, they may be at the fountainbeach, observation tower, park, amusement park, or café. A symbol on the map will indicate if a Mii is currently there (Being a talk bubble with a person). However, the Mii cannot be interacted with unless it is a certain event or if they are at their apartment. There are two options however, that can locate (Take you to Mii's location) and call (Call a Mii to their apartment). If a Mii is at a house, there will also be an extra icon on the Mii's apartment along with the darken room (A talk bubble with a house inside it). Clicking a house with someone inside it will bring up the couples "rooms" despite being their apartment anyways.

Happiness score

Each Mii has an orange level bar at the top of the screen when the player enters an apartment.  The score can increase in several ways:

  • Food: A Mii's happiness may increase depending on their preferences to food. Food that they like will increase it by a large amount, while food they dislike will decrease it.
  • Favors - Miis will ask for various favors (For example, Mii ask for something spicy, give them a pepper or Mii ask something sweet, give them a cupcake). They may ask for something to wear, eat, take a bath, ask the player to look inside their mind/belly, change the interior, show off a funny face, do their impression of another Mii, or just random questions.
  • Solve problems - Miis need help with different things, including finding an item that they lost, or to give medicine when they are sick.
  • Gifts - Miis can be given an item through the menu and they may or may not like the item. A reward will be received depending on the current mood of the Mii.

Mii level

Main article: Levels

Along with the happiness, the Mii levels up from that happiness. Allowing the player to give their Miis song lyrics, personal items, a catchphrase, pocket money, and/or a new interior (not sold in the interior shop). Once the Mii gets to level 20, they give the player silver coins and gold coins for being good to them as well as letting the player gift them new clothing and hats that the player already owned/bought along with the other options to give the Miis. The Miis can be infinitely leveled up, but the level counter will stop at Level 99.

Sadness score

Main Article: Sadness/Depression

When a Mii is sad, the level bar changes from orange to blue and the score changes in length. The level remains the same when it goes back to orange. To return the score to normal, the following can be done:

  • Feed them food, especially their favourite food. Feeding a Mii's all-time favourite drains the sadness score.
  • Give them new clothing or hats.
  • Give goods. Giving a travel ticket diminishes all sadness.
  • Another Mii making friends with the sad Mii diminishes all sadness.
  • Having a Mii find the sad Mii a sweetheart and ending in success diminishes all sadness.
  • Ignoring the sad Mii for 2 days diminishes all sadness.
  • If they had a fight which the Miis are still listed as friends in the friendship tabs, if the Mii apologizes and doesn't get an apology back, they will become sad, but if the other Mii apologizes later on, the sadness bar with drain completely. (Ignoring the Mii that hasn't apologized yet will result in the two not being friends anymore.)
  • If they were rejected when making a confession, the Mii will sometimes try again. It will completely drain the sadness even if they are rejected a second time; otherwise, they'll gain more sadness.


There are several different interactions you can make with your Miis, including but not limited to, picking food and tags off the Mii, and making them do actions.

  • Tapping a Mii's head will either X-Ray their brain, make them blush and say "Don't stare! It makes me nervous!", have them "work on their funny faces" or pick food, bugs, tags, etc., off of the Mii.
  • Tapping a Mii's stomach will show you what they ate last.
  • Sliding the stylus across the width of the Mii will abruptly swivel them around. They will turn back to face the player after a couple of seconds. Doing this repeatedly will cause them to spin so fast that they will disorientate and almost fall over.
  • Sliding down from a Mii's stomach will make them sit down. Swivelling them while they are sitting and then waiting for a few seconds will cause them to shuffle back to face the player using their feet.
  • While a Mii is sitting down, sliding down on their shoulder will make them lay down on their back for a few seconds.
  • While a Mii is lying on their back, sliding horizontally on the Mii will force them to roll over.
  • Also while a Mii is lying, spinning the stylus slowly around them will turn them around.
  • There are a variety of places that you can rub the Mii to increase their happiness or for some dialogue.
    • You can rub on the Mii's head, making them jump happily with the caption "It looks like he/she really liked that!", while increasing their happiness and your money slightly.
    • You can tap on a Mii's back, where you are given a close-up. Rubbing the Mii's back very quickly gives them a shocked reaction, who sometimes may turn their head to stare at the player.
  • You can pick up the Mii by sliding upwards from their head
  • You can make the Mii look down by sliding downwards from his/her head.
  • You can slide up from a Mii's stomach to make it happily jump up.

Creating Miis

There are different ways to add Mii islanders:

  1. Create from scratch in-game using photos or the creation tool
  2. Import via local wireless
    • Connect via local wireless with friends who have Tomodachi Life, and exchange Mii characters created in-game.
    • Note: Mii characters create in-game and transferred via local wireless include additional info like voice and personality settings, clothing, items, apartment interiors, and any custom phrases and song lyrics.
  3. Import into the game from a QR Code
    • Scan a QR Code created in Tomodachi Life or in Mii Maker. QR codes can be found on sites such as
    • Note: QR Code patterns created in the game include additional info like voice and personality, clothing, and apartment interiors.
  4. Import from Mii Maker
    • Transfer Mii characters created in Mii Maker into the game.


  • The official Nintendo website hosts a personality quiz.
  • The word "Mii" is often thought to be a portmanteau of "Wii" and "me".
  • When Miis are raising a Baby, they are unable to be deleted.
  • While the Miis speak perfect English, there are various sound effects in the game they can still use:
    • Whenever the Miis talk to other Miis in certain cutscenes at the apartments, when overlooking the apartments or homes or other locations, you can hear a slide-whistle esque "whoop" sound.
    • Whenever the Miis laugh, you can hear a flapping noise.
    • If the Miis yawn, an upward sliding noise plays.
    • If Miis giggle at the apartments, a rattling sound can be heard.
    • When a Mii sneezes, a chipping sound can be heard.
    • Oddly, a Mii in this game will not be a vegetarian, as they will like any type of meat.


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