Mii Homes
Juutakuchi title
Europe Name Mii Homes
Japanese Name 住宅地 Jūtakuchi
Events N/A
How to Unlock
Get a couple married
"Home sweet home! Married couples settle down to live here (but still keep their apartments)."
— Building description, Tomodachi Life

Mii Homes is a location in Tomodachi Life. Married couples will move into one of the houses together. The Miis will still keep their original apartments even after obtaining their own home. If they have a child, that child will grow up there until they are ready to either move into an apartment or travel the world. If a couple gets divorced or deleted, their house will disappear from the lots.

There are a total of 50 house spaces available. The house's interior and roof color is determined by the personality types that get together, with a total of 10 possible designs. If the personality of either Mii occupying it is altered at any time, the house changes accordingly.

When the player visits either Mii at home, that Mii will look at the camera with a shocked expression. If a baby lives in the house, the child won't do this unless they're fully grown. When visiting them, their interaction will still take place in their apartment.

Mii Interaction

When Mii couples are at their homes, they will either watch TV, read a newspaper or book together or on their own, sit and talk at the table, or sit outside on the back doorstep. Sometimes they stare at each other lovingly while romantic music plays. A third Mii can also come to visit, in which case the couple won't read or be romantic.

If a couple has a baby, they can either be seen giving piggyback rides, holding it affectionately, or playing peekaboo with it. At stage 1, it only resides in a bassinet; it crawls around at stage 2, stands up often at stage 3, takes a few steps at stage 4, and runs and jumps around at stage 5. At stages 3 and 4, the parent(s) and/or visitor can sit around the baby and either sing or clap with it. Also from stages 3-5, the baby can play in a sandbox, making a sandcastle at stage 5. It can also play with blocks at stages 4-5. If a baby is crying, the parents and/or visitor will try to comfort it.

Miis can also be seen cooking meals, then eating afterwards. For breakfast and lunch, the Mii closest to the camera has a sandwich and egg, while the Mii on the other end has soup; for dinner they have chicken meals. If a child eats with them, the baby is eating nothing but lying in a bassinet at stage 1, it has a bottle at stages 2-3, some orange slices at stage 4, and a sandwich and egg for breakfast/lunch and a chicken meal for dinner at stage 5. From stages 2-4, it sits in a high chair; at stage 5, it uses a regular chair.

Miis can also use the bathroom sometime after dinner. In the Japanese version, Miis will use the bathtub together. To avoid controversy, this was replaced with one of the Miis being able to take a shower, with their foggy shadow visible through the shower door. Sometimes the Miis can be seen brushing their teeth; if they have a child, either the mother or father sits at a stool and brushes the child's teeth at stages 2-3.  The child brushes their own teeth at stages 4-5.

When the couple sleeps for the night, they will be in their bedroom wearing pajamas. Sometimes they sleep side by side; other times they're lopsided; other times, the Mii on the right side of the bed takes all the covers, leaving the left Mii to shiver in their sleep. If waking up from a dream, the right Mii rolls over upside down with the covers off, while the left Mii falls off the bed; in both cases, the Mii will look around in shock for a moment before going back to sleep. If they have a child, it sleeps next to them in a crib from stages 1-3, and it's own smaller bed at stages 4-5.

Design Chart

Personality Image Interior design Roof Color
Easygoing + Easygoing Easygoing House A vintage country-styled home with wooden walls and flooring, with yellows making up the home's primary interior palette. Yellow
Easygoing + Outgoing/Energetic Mii House 2 A vintage-styled home with a country theme, decorated in mostly floral patterns with yellows and greens. Salmon
Easygoing + Independent/Reserved Mii Home 6 A house with it's interior walls decorated in a fancy stripe pattern, consisting of yellow-oranges and white. Pale Green
Easygoing + Confident Mii house 4 A simple, plain house with a palette of yellows and greens. Lavender
Outgoing/Energetic + Outgoing/Energetic Guest A modern house consisting of a wide palette and many "wild" colors, with abstract designs. Orange
Outgoing/Energetic + Independent/Reserved Family 5 A home with patterns consisting of squares and a carpet that overlays the entire floor, using shades of green along with some blue. Pale Blue
Outgoing/Energetic + Confident Mii house 8 A home with brick walls and fancy tiles, including a rug with a diamond pattern. Teal/Cyan
Independent/Reserved + Independent/Reserved Independent House A modern house made with large stone tile walls and flooring, primarily colored grey. Grey
Independent/Reserved + Confident Independent + Confident A house with a simple interior with pale colors, including shades of blue, indigo, and violet. Navy Blue
Confident + Confident Double confident couple A modern house made with violet tiles and a rug with a tiled design. Violet


  • Sometimes, when the player is overlooking all the homes in Mii Homes on the touch screen, the houses' outside walls will suddenly change from a clear cream colour to a stone colour, and the roofs lose their stripes. This is a texture glitch/error.
  • Although the Miis are supposed to be cooking, they do not appear to actually fry or slice anything.
  • In the Japanese version, the Miis can be seen taking baths with each other, sometimes with their child. In Japan, the naked body is not seen as crude and so it is normal for loved ones to bathe together. This is replaced by one of them showering in the North American version to avoid controversy.
    • At the same time as the Miis bathe, the player can see they are wearing towels while in the tub.