Mii News
  • Tomodachi Collection.
  • Tomodachi Life.
Europe Name Mii News
Japanese Name Mii ニュース Mii News
Events Morning News
7:00 AM
Evening News
7:00 PM
How to Unlock
At least 3 male and 3 female residents, and have at least 7 islanders in total
"Your source for the latest island news with reports at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM daily!"
— Building description, Tomodachi Life

Mii News is a building in Tomodachi Collection, and Tomodachi Life, which gives humorous (and usually fake) news updates. When a new facility is opened or an event occurs, Mii News will automatically broadcast.

A random newscast will air at 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM. The player can see if a newscast is going on if the TV on the radio antenna is turned on, or if a special event has occurred, such as the opening of a new building. Upon viewing the news, a random Mii will appear as the anchorman or anchorwoman to report on the event. The event can include up to three other random Miis involved in some kind of conflict, such as a food item running away from them. After the report concludes, two other random Miis will speak their opinions on the event.

When the player has viewed more than one news story, a button will appear saying "Old News". This button gives access to news stories that have already been seen, but will delete newscasts after a certain amount have been viewed (10 in Collection). The player can keep specific stories with the "Lock" button, 9 in Collection and 49 in Life.

News Reports


  • In Collection, if the player turns the power off without saving, then Mii News will talk about how the player powered off without saving their game. If the player does it again, then the news will say the player did it again. This doesn't happen in Tomodachi Life.


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