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The player getting a phone call from a Mii while viewing the overworld screen.

A phone call is a feature exclusive to Tomodachi Life, where a Mii will call the player because of a specific, special event.


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If it is the player's birthday, then the player's Mii look-alike will call the player to come to his/her apartment. Following that, many of the residents on the island will sing "Happy Birthday to You" and give birthday cake. The only Miis who will show up are the ones the player has pampered the most.


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A mother telling the player they had a baby (UK).

If a married couple has a baby, they will call to announce it. The player will get to choose the baby's gender or randomize it. The player will then see its appearance, which can be changed or left alone. The parents will then present the name they were considering for the baby, to which the player can suggest a random name instead, create their own name, or simply go with what the parents wanted.

After that is done, the parents might call the player again to have them help take care of the baby. If the baby is young enough they will need to be rocked to sleep. If it is older, the player can play "Peekaboo" with it or rub its head, chin, or stomach. The player can also do this if they're babysitting the baby.

If the baby has grown up, the parents will call to announce this to the player. The player will then get to decide to either keep the child as a permanent resident or send them off as a traveler. If sent as a traveler the player can edit their appearance before they leave and possibly give them a message to send on. All children will have a family album that the father will then give to the player. If the apartment building is full or there are too many travelers at the port (50 total), the parents will keep the child until next day.


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A traveler in a letter, talking about where they are staying.

If the player has already sent out a traveler Mii that has been away for a while, they might get a letter back from the traveler telling the player about their adventures. Whether or not the player gets to see a picture of them with an islander depends on if the other island they went to allowed the traveler to show pictures taken.

If a traveler stops back home, they will hand the player a special food, say a message spread by the other island's owner, and talk about its level. Before it leaves, the player can have it eat a snack, take a nap, or say goodbye immediately.