Photo Shoot
Europe Name Photo Shoot
Japanese Name N/A
Events Photo Shoot: 4:00pm~ 5:00pm
How to Unlock
Have a Mii confess his/her love to a Mii of the opposite gender
"Say cheese! It's time for a photo shoot."
— Event Description, Tomodachi Life

Photoshoot is an event in the Park that happens at 4:00pm to 5:00pm. One of the Miis becomes a photographer and takes pictures of you by using the 3DS inner camera. The photographer will tell the player what to pose as he/she snaps pictures of the player. After the photo shoot is done, the Mii will show you one of the pictures they took, which you can save. It is the last event in the park for the day.

Photo poses

A little to the left...

A little to the right...

Big smile!

Bigger smile!

Can you cross your eyes?

Flare your nostrils!

Gaze into the distance.

Give me a duck face!

Give me a look from the side.

Give me a snarl.

Give me a wink!

How about an evil laugh?

Laugh a little!

Let's try an evil smile!

Look up a little higher.

Make the weirdest face you can!

Now try to show no emotion at all.

OK, give me a mean stare.

OK, now look right at me.

Open your eyes really wide.

Pretend you're really grossed out.

Point at the camera!

Show some teeth!

Smile with your eyes.

Try looking a little sad.

Try putting your hand on your chin.

Try tilting your head.

Try to look super bored.


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