Phrases are a feature in Tomodachi Life. The player can give the Mii certain phrases to use depending on what mood


A phrase as a gift, from Tomodachi Life

they're in, along with a gesture to match. When a Mii requests what they should say when they're happy, mad, worried or feeling down, the player will use a keyboard to type out their phrase, then give a gesture. The phrase doesn't have to have a gesture, and different phrases from different moods can be used as well. Each phrase has nine gestures total. It is possible to change phrases and gestures.


A catchphrase is a Mii's main phrase that they use sometimes whenever the player enters their apartment, when they are overlooking them or in other cases. Catchphrases can only be given if a Mii levels up.

Catchphrase gestures:

  • Standing to the side and pointing, with one leg crossing
  • Swings arms and puts on on hip, with one leg behind
  • Bends down and spreads out arms
  • Jumps in circles with arm up
  • Gets down on one knee as if to charge
  • Swivels arms while shaking and bending knees
  • Looks up with one arm on chin, as if thinking
  • Poses with one hand on hip and one arching upward
  • Flaps arms like a bird

Happy phrase

A happy phrase can be used if a Mii is happy, usually after making friends, gaining a sweetheart, getting married or having a baby, or succeeding to stop a huge fight.

Happy gestures:

  • Swivels from side to side with hands on cheeks
  • Dances in place with arms out
  • Swivels arms and head around
  • Jumps in place with a fist
  • Hops from one foot to another, with arms flapping
  • Poses from side to side with hand on head
  • Jumps up while kicking legs
  • Spins around with arms outstretched
  • Stands on tiptoes and raises arms, tiptoing excitedly

Sad phrase

A sad phrase is used if the Mii is sad or depressed after being rejected by their crush, breaking up, or failing to apologize, or if they get sick from a cold or stomach virus.

Sad gestures:

  • Drops head slightly with hand on face
  • Puts hands on cheeks and drops to knees
  • Hangs head and shrugs arms
  • Hangs head with hand on face, shaking as if crying
  • Puts hands under chin and drops to the ground
  • Hangs head with hands behind back, staring at the ground
  • Drops to the ground with hands on face
  • Hangs head to the side with hand on face
  • Drops to the ground on their feet

Mad phrase

A mad phrase is used if the Mii had a fight, either regular or huge fights.

Mad gestures:

  • Bends down and pounds fists while shaking
  • Points out hand while tapping foot
  • Has hands on face and bends over, before standing up with hands out to the side
  • Shakes arms while jumping slightly
  • Shakes while bringing arms up
  • Folds arms and shakes head
  • Stomps with arms out
  • Shakes around while pounding arms
  • Puts hands on hips and shakes

Worried phrase

A worried phrase is used if the Mii is in love, either with feelings for their crush, when they're ready to propose, when they're thinking of having a baby of if they miss their ex-sweetheart or spouse. It's also used in a few other places like the slide puzzle game.

Worried gestures:

  • Puts hands on head and bows a little
  • Shrugs and shakes head
  • Puts hands on hips while dipping head
  • Has arms out and shakes head, before bowing head and putting hands on heart
  • Lowers head and covers eyes
  • Has head lowered with hands on either side, and shakes
  • Shakes with one hand on chin, before shaking arms as if to beg
  • Bends down while bringing hands down face
  • Starts with hands on heart, then bends while shaking arms and slouching a little

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