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A Mii with a problem in Tomodachi Collection.

"Hmm... [Mii] may have a problem. Let's find out what it is!"
— Tutorial, Tomodachi Life

Problems are the player's main interaction with their Miis. There are five types of problems a Mii can have: normal, friendship-related, love-related, sadness, and playful. They are represented by black, orange, pink, blue, and green icons respectively.

When the player goes into an apartment with a problem there will be different music for each problem.

The player will unlock new events and locations based on how many problems they have solved.

List of problems

TC Problem Problem Normal Problems

These are the most common type of problems. These range from a Mii being hungry to wanting to take a vacation. Most of these problems can be solved by giving a Mii items they request. If the player taps the gift icon when they want something and before they say anything, the game will skip to the category of what they want.

These are represented by a black icon with a dust cloud on the Mii's window.

Type Description What the Mii says Solution
Hunger A Mii will say something such as "I'm hungry" or "I need to eat something. ANYTHING!" whenever their hunger gets low. Sometimes they will ask for something specific, like Italian food or something spicy. A high pitched tone version of the regular, non-problem music will play, which sounds like singing cats. "I'm hungry!"

"I'm thirsty!"

"I'm starving!"

"I need to eat something. ANYTHING!"

"I'd like some [Food]."

Feed the Mii.
Interior decorator A Mii will request that the style of their apartment be changed. "I'd like a new look for my apartment." Give the Mii a new interior.
Fashionista A Mii will want a new piece of clothing or hat. "I'd like some new clothes."

"I'd like a new hat."

Give the Mii what they ask for (head items/clothing item).
Sickness Sometimes a Mii will get sick. This is shown by a rain cloud above their head, and them saying that they do not feel well. The Mii can tell the player what's wrong, or the player can check their head (for a cold) or their stomach (for a stomachache). A low pitched, growly version of the non-problem song will play. "I caught a cold. I don't feel so good..."

"My tummy feels rumbly."

Give cold medicine or stomach medicine, depending on the ailment.
Lost item A Mii will state that they lost an item, and will ask the player to find it. Another Mii, who will display the black icon as well, will say they found an item with the Mii's name on it and ask the player to return it. "I lost something really important... Can you see if anyone's found it?" Agree or refuse. If agreed, locate a random islander who has found the item.
Found item The Mii will hold out an item they found with the name of the owner on the back of the item. They will ask the player to return the item. (After "lost item" is accepted) "Look what I found! Hey, it has the name [Mii] written on the back... Would you mind returning this to [Mii] for me?" Return the item to the owner.
Funny faces A Mii will ask the player to see a funny face they have been working on. "Would you like to see a funny face I've been working on?" Accept or refuse. If accepted, rate the Mii's funny face.
Voice actor A Mii will ask the player to hear their impression of another Mii (saying the catchphrase of that Mii in their voice), or saying "Hello, my name is [Mii]! Blah blah blah!" if they don't have a catchphrase. "Hey! You wanna hear my impression of [Mii]?" Listen to the impression.
Personal questions Sometimes a Mii will want to hear the player's opinion on a random subject, such as, "If the world went dark, what would be the first thing you would do?" Various Answer their question.
The sneeze Sometimes a Mii will say that he/she needs to sneeze, but wouldn't come out. "I need to sneeze, but it won't come out!" Ignore or help them sneeze by rubbing a feather on their nose
X-ray vision Sometimes a Mii will ask the player to look inside their head/stomach. "Take a look inside my head!"

"Please look inside my belly!"

Do what the Mii asks.
Catchphrase Sometimes a Mii will ask the player to tell them what they should say when they're happy, mad, sad, or worried. "What should I say when [I'm happy/I'm mad/I'm worried/I feel down]?" Write down something the Mii will say when they are in that specific mood.
Catchphrase review Sometimes a Mii will tell the player their respective mood phrase and ask how they feel about it. "Okay, I'm going to say [phrase] when I'm [feeling happy/feeling down/feeling mad/worried about something]. How does that sound?" Change the phrase or say it's great as it is.
Mysterious letter The Mii gets a mysterious letter from someone who wants to meet them at the roof. The Mii asks if they should go or not. "I got a strange letter...someone wants to meet me up on the roof. I don't know who wrote it...should I go?" Accept or decline.
Family Talk The Mii wants to talk about their sweetheart, spouse, or child. "Can I tell you something impressive about my darling?"

"Wanna hear something cool about my wonderful [husband/wife]?"

"Mind if I talk about my beautiful baby real quick?"

Listen to what the Mii says.
Money On rare occasions, they will tell the player how much they like the player and either the player receives some money or they will ask for money. It does not subtract from the player's personal wallet. Various When given money: Either accept it or turn it down.

When asked for money: Either give money or refuse.

Disposable Camera Sometimes a Mii will request to have a disposable camera. "I'd like to have a disposable camera. I need to express myself!" Give the Mii a disposable camera.
Bath Sometimes a Mii will want to take a bath. "I'd love to take a bath." Give the Mii a bath set.
Hair color Sometimes a Mii would like to dye their hair a different color. "I'd love to try a new hair color." Give the Mii some hair color spray.
Age change Sometimes Miis will wish to either find out what it's like to be grown up (if they're kids) or to experience being a kid again (if they're adults). "I wish I was all grown up..."

"I wish I could be a kid again..."

Give the Mii either an Age-o-matic or Kid-o-matic, depending on the request.

TC Problem Relationship Friendship Problems

These problems deal with the Miis interactions with one another. They will ask to try to be friends with another Mii, question the strength of their friendships, and ask for help with calming down after a fight.

These are represented by an orange icon with a smiley face. In the original Tomodachi Collection, the black icon is used instead.

Type Description What the Mii says Solution
Becoming friends A Mii will want to befriend another Mii or hear from another Mii that they want to be friends. "I want to be friends with [Mii]."

"I heard that [Mii] wants to be friends."

Help them out with making friends with other Miis.
Introducing friends A Mii will want to introduce one of their friends to another friend. "I'd like to introduce [Mii 1] to somebody... How about [Mii 2]? Help the Mii out by befriending the Miis, reject, or ask them to think of another friend.
Friend opinions The Mii will ask the player about the relationship of another Mii, either one of their friends, best friend, sweetheart or spouse. Various Reply with what the player thinks of the relationship.
Relationships not working out The Mii will tell the player that their current relationship is not working out. "Things aren't going so great with me and [sweetheart/spouse]..." (NTSC)

"I want to break up with [sweetheart/spouse]." (PAL)

The player can either tell the Mii to move on (breakup/divorce) or try to work things out.
Fight The Mii will have puffs of smoke around them and act angry/upset, stating they had a fight with another Mii. "I had a fight with [Mii]. I'm so upset!" Calm the Mii down. The Mii will attempt to resolve the fight afterward.
Hostile/huge fight The Mii will have a flaming aura around them and act furious, stating they got in a huge fight with another Mii. "[Mii] and I had a huge fight that wasn't my fault at all. I'm so mad!" Find another Mii that has the orange problem icon. That Mii may offer to help the two stop fighting.
Intervention After two Miis get in a huge fight, a mutual friend of both Miis will tell the player that said Miis got in a fight and still haven't made up. "[Mii 1] and [Mii 2] had a fight and still haven't made up." Tell him/her to intervene.
Make up The Mii expresses their desire to make up with a Mii that they have previously not forgiven for a fight. (After apologizing fails) "I'm sick of fighting, I want to get along with [Mii] again." (NTSC)

"I don't want to fight with [Mii] anymore." (PAL)

Reply with any option.
Making relationships The Mii will suggest a random male friend of theirs needs a sweetheart and decides to set them up on a date with another one of their friends. "I think [Male Mii] needs a sweetheart... How about setting him up with [Female Mii]?" Player can accept or decline. There may sometimes be the option to choose another Mii to set them up with; this only available if the Mii has another single female friend of theirs who is in the same age group as the wanted single, random male friend.
Suspected relationship The Mii will wonder why an attempt was made to set them up with another Mii. (After "making relationships" fails) "Why would [Mii 1]... want me to go out with [Mii 2]?" Reply with any option.
Date Sometimes a Mii will want to take their significant other on a date. "I'd like to take [sweetheart/spouse] on a date. Where should we go?" Choose where to send the two Miis.
Vacation Sometimes a Mii will request to go on a vacation with either their best friend, sweetheart, spouse, or their family (if they have a child). "I'd like to get to know [best friend] better. Maybe we could travel together."

"I'd love to go on a romantic vacation with [sweetheart]."

"My darling and I would like to go on a trip somewhere. Just the two of us."

"A family vacation would be the best thing ever..."

Give the Mii a travel ticket.
Worrying about relationship Sometimes Miis will state that they're worried about their relationship with their lover and ask if their lover still likes them. "I've been a little worried about me and [sweetheart/spouse]... Do you think [sweetheart/spouse] really likes me?"

"I've been really worried about me and [sweetheart/spouse]...Do you think [sweetheart/spouse] still likes me?"

Choose one of three options.

TC Love Love Love Problems

These problems are very similar to friendship problems, except they deal with the romantic side of a relationship. The Miis will be seen with hearts containing question marks (gray clouds with Japanese symbols in Life (JP) and Tomodachi Collection) floating around them, and the music will change upon entering their apartment. This does not happen if they are wondering if a Mii likes them, however. They will want to confess, propose, and have babies (if babies are enabled) with other Miis, or miss their ex-lover and want to get back together.

These are represented by a pink icon with a heart.

Type Description What the Mii says Solution
Confession to a Mii The Mii will say that they have feelings for someone. "I have feelings for [Mii]. I've got to tell him/her!" Help out or reject. If the player rejects, he/she will look shocked, and ask why not. The Mii will acknowledge whatever option the player chose and will result in instant sadness.
Likeness of a Mii The Mii will ask the player if another Mii likes them. "I think [Mii] likes me. what do you think?" Reply with any option, or choose to go out and see immediately (similar to confessing their feelings).
Proposal If the Mii is already in a good relationship for a long enough period of time, they will ask the player for help with proposing. "I want to propose to [sweetheart]. Do you think I should?" Help the Mii propose to the sweetheart.
Confession to multiple Miis The Mii will ask the player who they should confess their feeling to. "I'm interested in both [Mii 1] and [Mii 2]... Who should I confess my feelings to?" Reply with any option.
Baby When the Mii is married to another Mii, they will say that they were thinking of having a baby if they are enabled. "[Spouse] and I have been thinking about having a baby..." Reply with any option.
Divorce/break-up solving The Mii will say that they really miss their ex, and thinks they should be back together. "I can't stop thinking about how things used to be... I really miss [ex-sweetheart/spouse]. I think we should get back together..." Reply with any option.

TC Sadness Sadness Sadness Problems

These occur when a Mii's heart has broken. When this happens, their status instantly changes from 'happiness' to 'sadness'. With this new sadness bar they cannot level anymore or earn any money until the Mii has been cheered up. These happen after a love confession has been rejected, an apology after a fight has been rejected, if the player tells them not to confess their love, or if they breakup/divorce.

It is represented by a blue icon with a rain cloud. In Tomodachi Collection, it is instead represented by a purple icon with an ember shape.

Note: Giving a Mii a travel ticket or their all-time favorite food instantly removes sadness.
Type Description Solution
Make up rejected The Mii has been rejected while trying to make up with a friend. Get rid of the sadness.
Rejected confession The Mii has been rejected by their love. Get rid of the sadness.
Confession refusal The player has told the Mii to not confess their love. Get rid of the sadness.
Divorce/break-up Two Miis broke up their relationship or divorced their marriage. Get rid of the sadness for both Miis. Sometimes the second Mii doesn't get sad.
Rejected by ex-sweetheart/spouse The Mii has been rejected by their ex-sweetheart/spouse. Get rid of the sadness.

TC Playful Playful Playful Problems

Main Article: Islander Games

These are how the player can interact with the Miis through mini-games. The Mii will hop excitedly (Or move their arm in a beckoning fashion in the Japanese version and Tomodachi Collection) until the player enters their apartment, where they will immediately ask the player to play a game with them. If the player declines, they may still have the opportunity to play later as the Mii will still have their problem even after the player leaves the apartment.

These are represented by a green icon with small marks.


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