Quirky Questions
  • Tomodachi Collection (Question Hall)
  • Tomodachi Life (Quirky Questions)
Europe Name Quirky Questions
Japanese Name Unknown
Location Question Hall (Collection)
Observation Tower (Life US & EU)
Roof ('JP)
Event Time 24/7
How to Unlock
Unlock the Observation Tower, have at least 10 islanders, solve 20 problems.
"It's time for some Quirky Questions!"
~Mii, Tomodachi Life (US Version)
"Let's play Quirky Questions!"
~Mii, Tomodachi Life (EU Version)

Quirky Questions, known as "Question" in Tomodachi Collection, is a 24/7 event held in the Observation Tower or Mii Apartments that can be played an unlimited number of times per day.

How to Play

The player can pick from one of three available yes/no questions to ask a group of six randomly now chosen Miis (three in Tomodachi Collection), and a seventh Mii that calls out the questions. Each available question has blanks which the player can fill in themselves or use the Autofill function to fill in randomly. After a question is asked, Miis either raise their hands normally, excitedly, or shyly or elicit reactions from other Miis in the group. Sometimes, all Miis will close their eyes in disagreement. The process repeats itself twice and the game ends.

Question List

Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

Questions that need a noun

"Who wants a life full of ___?"

"Whose greatest weakness is ___?"

"Who is devoted to ___?"

"Who would rather be___?"

"Who often gets mistaken for ___?"

"Who hides ___ in their apt.?"

"Who can't stand ___?"

"Who can't sleep without ___?"

"Who has a giant collection of ___?"

"Who needs ___ to be happy?"

"Who thinks they're better than ____?"

"Whose mother resembles ___?"

Questions that need a verb

"Whose favorite hobby is__?"

"Who's bad at__?"

"Who likes ___in the morning?"

"Who has tried ___?"

"Who likes___every night?"

"Who's good at ___?"

Questions that need a noun or verb

"Who loves__?"

"Who can't stop thinking about ___?"

"Who has no interest in ___?"

"Who can't live without ___?"

"Who is afraid of ___?"

Autofill Answer List


  • creepy-crawlies
  • scatterbrains
  • cool cats
  • champions
  • sweaty people
  • rabbits
  • bicycles
  • family photos
  • rain forests
  • treasure
  • computers
  • pasta dinners
  • dogs
  • sunflowers
  • neighbors
  • urban legends
  • cats
  • fuzz balls
  • kind people
  • glossaries
  • disguises
  • beautiful faces
  • cute people
  • memories
  • king crabs
  • the universe
  • robots
  • superheroines
  • pizza
  • fans
  • curry
  • biceps
  • evil geniuses
  • revolving doors
  • bad words
  • flakes
  • yams
  • nose hairs
  • slippers
  • homework
  • love letters
  • babies
  • flippers
  • fistfuls of cash
  • scrapbooks
  • tulips
  • dandelions
  • sweet voices
  • superheros
  • princesses


  • picking scabs
  • getting rich
  • yogic breathing
  • watching movies
  • exercising
  • spreading rumors
  • eating alone
  • telling secrets
  • catching bugs
  • playing golf
  • being a poser
  • bragging
  • cosplaying
  • bungee jumping
  • swimming laps
  • eating pizza
  • texting
  • singing karaoke
  • meowing
  • telling jokes
  • reminiscing
  • fake laughing
  • dribbling
  • rabble-rousing
  • barking
  • making money
  • visiting family
  • frying potatoes
  • starting over
  • talent hunting
  • moonwalking
  • picking flowers
  • taking baths
  • sprinting
  • going to school
  • dreaming
  • doing yard work
  • playing games
  • reading comics
  • staying up late
  • snooping
  • keeping secrets
  • climbing trees
  • teasing
  • wrestling
  • doing push-ups
  • falling in love
  • studying


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life

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