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Rap Battle
Europe Name Rap Battle
Japanese Name Rap Battle
Location Fountain
Event Time 6:00 p.m - 7:00 p.m (American version)

7:00 p.m - 8:00 p.m (European version)

How to Unlock
Have a Mii ask about donating funds to the Island
"Boom box? Check. Funky beats? Check. The best rap game on the island? Let's find out!"
— Event description, Tomodachi Life

A Rap Battle is an event in Tomodachi Life that takes place at the fountain. In the battle, two Miis try to insult each other in rhymes until one of them cannot come up with a rhyme. When a Mii loses, they make an excuse to forfeit the battle, they mess up a rhyme, or other reasons. A rap battle's length is random, where some can go on for verses and some end after a few lines. The rapping Miis are supported by one or two other Miis, who cheer when a winning rap is heard.

The European versions of Tomodachi Life also features Word Chain, a separate event that is similar to Rap Battle.


Lines rhyming with -ACK

North America
Even your cat just gives you flak.
I eat rappers like you like a tasty snack.
I'm at the front of the line—you're at the back.
If this were a race, I'd run you off the track.
Like an angry bee, I'm on the attack.
Skills and good taste are all things you lack.
When it comes to rap, you just don't have the knack.
You're doomed to fail—may as well hit the sack.
You're not a real MC—you're just a hack.
Your rhymes are the very definition of wack.

Europe & Australia
I eat rappers like you as a midmorning snack.
I'm a rap firework so you'd better stay back.
If this were a race, I'd run you off the track.
My lyrics are fragrant, like a fancy spice rack.
When I crank it up, I raise the roof like a jack.
You want some fresh rhymes? Here, have a whole sack!

Lines rhyming with -AKE

North America
Coming to this battle was your biggest mistake.
Hearing you rap makes it hard to stay awake.
I'm super cool like a fresh milkshake.
I'm the filet mignon to your chewed-up steak.
If you're trying to be a rapper, you're a total fake.
If your bad raps were leaves, I'd need a big rake.
Of all the bad rappers, you really take the cake.
Stop while you're behind, for the crowd's sake.
The sound of your voice makes my skin flake.
Your words are so foul, they give me a bellyache.

Europe & Australia
I could rap up a storm, but I won't, for your sake.
I'm such a legend, they made me a plaque.
I'm the rap master. Make no mistake!
I'm the word chef and it's time to bake.
I've never met a beat that I can't break.
If you bragged you'd win, then you done misspake.
My diction's the cherry on a wordy cake.
My rhyming's so phat it's completely opaque.
My words are jets and you're in their wake.

Lines rhyming with -AME

North America
Face your superior. Bow down and say my name!
For the worst rap ever, you're totally to blame.
Haters of your rap are like moths to the flame.
I hear losing rap battles is your claim to fame.
I WIN, WIN, WIN—the story's always the same.
I'm the greatest rapper ever, I do exclaim.
My raps are so wild, they make lions look tame.
Myself the winner I do proclaim.
You don't have a clue, and you ain't got no game.
Your raps ain't just bad—they're lamer than lame.

Europe & Australia
Did I mention "bling" is my middle name?
First stop: this island. Next stop: Fame!
I could be a rich pop star, but that's not my aim.
I'm cool as a cucumber cos I chill in each frame.
I'm the best rapper here. You're not to blame.
There was no rhyme king till the day I came.

Lines rhyming with -AMMER

I'm a word pro—you've barely heard of grammar.
In fighting games, you're a one-button spammer.
My epic rhymes make the cool kids clamor.
My flow is fly—you're a flubbing flim-flammer.
To pass my test, you'd need an all-night crammer.
To your copy machine I'm the paper jammer!
You can't even rap—you just yammer 'n' yammer.
You're out of style—I'm the epitome of glamour.
Your raps need fixing, so I brought my hammer.
Your rhyme crimes will land you in the slammer.

Lines rhyming with -AN

North America
I finished the race you only just began.
I shine so bright, you're gonna get a tan.
I'm a monster truck—you're just a minivan.
I'm as solid as rock—you're as shaky as flan.
I've been writing rhymes my whole life span.
If this was an election, you'd wish you never ran.
You're a rap-game egg—I'm the rap-game frying pan.
You're losing the battle. Was that your plan?
You're so bad at this, not even your cat's a fan.
Your idea of chess is kick-the-can.

Europe & Australia
I beat hip hop eggs in my rap frying pan.
I knit when I rap, and so does my nan.
My lyrics are scrumptious - I'm serving rap flan.
My rapping's so tasty it sells by the can.
My talent is raw, like fish served in Japan.
Now that you've heard me, you're surely a fan.
Think I will lose? It's not part of my plan.
Yo, lend me your ears, just for a second, man.

Lines rhyming with -ATING

I warned you of my pwnage, so don't be hating!
My raps are so good, they're permeating.
Saying you're no good is simple fact stating.
The sound of your voice is rather grating.
Those ain't raps, but your attempts are elating!
You must find your lack of skill a bit alienating.
Your chances of winning are evaporating.
Your lack of rhythm no one is debating.
Your sad excuse of a rap career is humiliating.
Your so-bad-it's-good rap gets my highest rating.

Lines rhyming with -ATOR (PAL Only)

I bring so much flair that I travel by freighter.
I'm gliding so smooth, I'm a lyrical skater.
I'm no rock-odile, I'm a rap alligator.
My meaning's so pure I don't need no translator.
My rhymes are such art that they need a curator.
My style is so phat that it's got an equator.
Others speak rhymes, but I'm an orator.
You need rap nutrition, and I'm here to cater.

Lines rhyming with -AY

North America
Don't step to this, or I'll make you pay.
I came to win—you just came to play.
I hunt down rhymes like they're my prey.
I mold these rhymes like a hunk of clay.
I rhyme all night and I rap all day.
I'll bust these rhymes till I'm old and gray.
I'm more grown up than Age-o-matic spray.
My breezy flow makes branches sway.
This flow's in bloom like the month of May.
When I show up, you best get out of the way.

Europe & Australia
I hunt down rhymes like they're my prey.
I love to chat with a tea at a nice café.
I mold these rhymes like a hunk of clay.
I'd teach you to flow, but you'd have to pay.
This flow's in bloom like the month of May.
When I show up, you best get out of the way.

Lines rhyming with -EED

From the Rapper's Union you should secede.
I brought my A game, but there was no need.
I'm a rap-game flower—you're a rap-game weed.
I'm the greatest rapper ever, for sure, indeed.
I've heard that failure is your rap crew's creed.
You're a little pup, and I'm best in breed.
Your defeat is sprouting, and I planted the seed.
Your ego is starving cuz you never let it feed!
Your rapocalypse is here—you better take heed.
Your resistance is futile—you must concede.

Lines rhyming with -EEP

North America
I'm super fresh, and you're just a sheep.
My flow's so amazing, it'll make you weep.
To get up to my level, you'd have to leap.
Victory is yours to lose and mine to keep.
Y'all sound like an alarm clock—BREEP BREEP!
You set off the bad-rapper alarm. BEEP BEEP!
You're a puny anthill, and my mountain is steep.
You're why they say that talk is cheap.
Your rhymes are shallow. Mine are way deep.
Your rhymes are so boring, they put me to sleep.

Europe & Australia
2-for-1 prime rhymes, that's incredibly cheap!
I spit words like seeds. They grow, then I reap.
I'm like an abyss, I'm unfathomably deep.
My ideas aren't woolly, they're like a whole sheep.
My rapping's so pure it makes grown men weep.
My style's so bombastic it'll rubble your heap.

Lines rhyming with -EST

North America
A thesaurus is a thing in which you should invest.
I'm an exterminator, and you're just a little pest.
My rap kingdom stretches from east to west.
My victory party's started—wanna be my guest?
The ghost of bad raps has you possessed.
What you call your A game, I call a fail fest.
You win. JUST KIDDING! That was only a jest.
You're still a noob—I've finished the quest.
Your terrible rhymes my brain cannot digest.

Europe & Australia
I do my homework. I always pass the test.
I like orange juice every day, freshly-pressed.
I look real cool. I'm always well dressed.
My party's started, wanna be my guest?
My rap kingdom stretches from east to west.
My skills tend to chill, so you'd best bring a vest.
Think you're better than me? I do protest!

Lines rhyming with -IGHT

North America
Hearing me rap is like seeing the light.
I came for a battle, but you won't put up for a fight.
I can keep rhyming from morning till night.
I keep the crowd happy. I'm a total delight.
I'm an original, and your rhymes are trite.
My flow is fresh—my rhymes are tight.
You missed the boat—best catch the next flight.
You'd better wear shades because I'm so bright.
You're a li'l sparkler—I'm straight dynamite.
Your goofy clothes are quite a sight.

Europe & Australia
Hearing me rap is like seeing the light.
I must be a bird, 'cos I'm fly like a kite.
I spit words like feathers in a huge pillow fight.
I'll rap you a lullaby, so say "nighty night"!
My style's so far ahead, it's plain out of sight.
You missed the boat, best catch the next flight.
You'd better wear shades because I'm so bright.

Lines rhyming with -IKE

North America
Congrats, you won this battle! Oh, wait—PSYCH!
I'm a wise old wizard—you're just a li'l tyke.
I'm crazy talented, so we're completely unalike.
If my job was to hear you rap, I'd go on strike.
My words are a motorcycle, yours are a bike.
When this rap began, I should've dropped the mic.
When you took the stage, the crowd took a hike.
You squeak like the third wheel on a rusty trike.
You wanna be the best, but you're just a look-alike.
Your flow makes me feel quite a lot of dislike.

Europe & Australia
At rap university, I met my friend "Mic".
I'll get your mind turning like wheels on a bike.
I'm bowling you over, now here comes a strike.
I'm dropping free knowledge, take heed if you like.
I'm this pond's big fish, some say I'm a pike.
I've been rocking rhymes since I was a tyke.
If you're tracking my talent, you're in for a hike.
My rhymes have a roll like a kid on a trike.
My words may be pointed. Don't step on a spike.

Lines rhyming with -ILL

North America
All other rappers fall victim to my iron will.
I'm a rapping inferno, and you're a fire drill.
I'm in my prime while you're over the hill.
I'm the sickest rapper ever—I'm just so ill.
They should put my face on a dollar bill.
Wack rappers get burned by my lyrical grill.
When the beat drops, I just can't hold still.
You can't hold a candle to my lyrical skill.
You're in a pickle now, so I'll call you Dill.
Your flow just feels so run of the mill.

Europe & Australia
Don't try to step to my lyrical skill.
I'm a rapping inferno, this ain't no fire drill.
I'm in my prime! Who said I'm over the hill?
I'm the sickest rapper ever. I'm just so ill.
My avalanche flow will give you a chill.
My flow never feels just run of the mill.
My rap's on the menu, you're left with the bill.

Lines rhyming with -IND

North America
A better rapper than I you ain't never gonna find.
I'd teach you some rhymes, but I'm not that kind.
I'm takin' the lead while you're fallin' behind.
If you're the henchman, I'm the mastermind.
My raps are so fast, you'll wanna press rewind.
One small rap for me is a giant leap for mankind!
Rapping's my pleasure, but for you it's a grind.
Rhymes are all around, but you're just too blind.
You're blowin' smoke and I'm blowin' your mind.
You're like a windup toy that can't even wind.

Europe & Australia
A dapperer rapper you will never find.
I wear a monocle. I'm clearly refined.
I'm judge, jury and elocutioner combined.
I'm no rap henchman, I'm the rhyme mastermind.
I'm so dazzling you'd better close the blinds.
It's lonely at the top but I don't mind.
My rap's so fast you'll need to rewind.
My soothing voice makes the crowd unwind.
One small rap for me's a giant leap for mankind!

Lines rhyming with -INE

North America
Bad rhymes are illegal—you owe a double fine.
I'm a 10 out of 10, and you're a negative 9.
My flow's so cold, it sends chills down your spine.
No matter what I wear, I look mighty fine.
You came to rap but just whine whine whine.
You can't even afford to buy rhymes like mine.
You should quit rapping—you're on the decline.
You're a rotten tomato—I'm fresh off the vine.
You're so silly, you dash and then dine.
Your clothes are so goofy, they cross the line.

Europe & Australia
I pound the rhythm! Like £9.99.
I'm a lyrical architect. You can't beat my design.
I'm no rotten tomato. I'm fresh off the vine.
If flow was a crime I'd be paying a fine.
If lyrics are crumpets, then mine taste divine.
If rhymes are cash then my brain's a gold mine.
My style's so high, it's above the tree line.
Rhymes fresh as sea air: rap pickled in brine.
To go off on a tangent, I'm like sine and cosine.

Lines rhyming with -IP

From my fountain of win you should take a sip.
Good rhymes are an item you need to equip.
I can flow forever like a leaky faucet. Drip, drip!
I hear you're SO hip-hop, but where is the hip?
If you were my waiter, I wouldn't give you a tip.
It's over. Get outta here. Good-bye. Pip-pip!
What's up? What's wrong? Can't think of a quip?
You can't walk two steps without taking a trip.
You're failing too hard, bud. Get a grip!
You're standing still while I'm doing a backflip.

Lines rhyming with -IPS (PAL Only)

Getting started is tricky, but you'll soon get to grips.
I don't rhyme for free - no, I'm busking for tips.
I find the best rhymes when I rummage in skips.
I peal off the beat and spit rhymes like they're pips.
My flow's concentrated, so take little sips.
Rap without me is like fish without chips.
When I leave the stage, the quality dips.

Lines rhyming with -OCKING (PAL Only)

All rhymes improvised, this is strictly ad hoc-ing.
Here comes the rap Santa, so hang out your stocking.
I hope you don't find my confidence shocking.
I scatter my rhymes and the people come flocking.
I soar like a bird! That's for real, I'm not mocking.
I'll stir-fry some rare rhymes, prepare for a wokking.
I'm half metronome, always ticking and tocking.
Listen and learn! Opportunity's knocking.
Words dance in the air, phrases popping and locking.

Lines rhyming with -OOL

North America
Got you all wrapped up like thread on a spool.
I rap like a mummy, and you look like a ghoul.
I spit hot fire, but I'm iceberg cool.
I spit like a llama till you're covered in drool.
I'm a glorious steed, and you're a rickety mule.
If battle rap was a play, you'd be actin' the fool.
Put a crown on my head because I totally rule.
To be at my level, you gotta stand on a stool.
You missed the bus, yo. I'ma take you to school.
Your flow is a puddle—mine's deep as a pool.

Europe & Australia
Beware of my flow - it's pure rocket fuel.
Give up your job - now we're going to school.
I rap like a mummy. Were you spooked by a ghoul?
I spit hot fire, but I'm iceberg cool.
I'm a doctor of rap. So I'm nobody's fool.
My rap style's wound up like the thread on a spool.
My words are spit-polished, but I never drool.
Put a crown on my head 'cos I totally rule.
To be at my level, you gotta stand on a stool.

Lines rhyming with -OR

North America
Better up your game before I start to snore.
I'm raising the roof—how's the view from the floor?
Me winning this battle will be the stuff of lore.
My flow's so tight, it'll make your brain sore.
My sick flow is what rhymes were made for.
We're all done here—lemme show you the door.
You buy all your rhymes at the dollar store.
You're a wannabe—I'm legit to the core.
Your hair is so crazy, it's hard to ignore.
Your rhymes are OB like a bad drive. FORE!

Europe & Australia
I live in a penthouse, not on the ground floor.
I'm no counterfeit, I'm legit to the core.
I'm radioactive, like uranium ore.
If my flow were a banjo, I'd hit the barn door.
If nobody's listening, then try semaphore!
If you want a fiesta, then shout "si señor!"
My raps amaze: I'm a rhyme minotaur.
My rhymes are an ocean, so swim for the shore.
Other rappers diss, but I'm not that sort.
What's up? Never saw a rap master before?
When I get to the end, you'll be shouting "encore!"

Lines rhyming with -OT

North America
Got a dog named Kitty and a cat named Spot.
Got your straitlaced rhymes tied up in a knot.
I dance to the polka—you're just another dot.
I knock it out the park like the sultan of swat.
I rap with conviction, but I never get caught.
I'm just so elegant—you're overwrought.
School's in session—you're about to get taught.
You can't buy a bucket—I'm draining the shot.
You would go hungry if you ate food for thought.
Your dinghy flips over in the wake of my yacht.

Europe & Australia
Don't step to my style, it'll all be for naught.
I connect all my rhymes with nary a thought.
I rap with conviction, but I never get caught.
My rhymes are homemade, never shop-bought.
School is in session - prepare to be taught.
Tremble in awe of the lyrics I've wrought!
Try to battle me, and you'll be distraught.
You want me to bring it? It's already brought.

Lines rhyming with -OVER (PAL Only)

I drive this beat because I'm a rap chauffeur.
I'm cool as they come, so bring your pullover.
If I were canine, they'd call me Rhyme Rover.
My rhyme's an enigma, my rhythm's a poser.
This mic is on fire, gonna go supernova.
Words are like cattle, and I'm the word drover.
Words soaring like gulls at the white cliffs of Dover.

Lines rhyming with -UNK

North America
I'm flowing like a river, and you're in a funk.
I'm super clutch like a long putt sunk.
If you went to rap school, you'd totally flunk.
If your rap is a doughnut, it's not worth the dunk.
Is it roomy in here, or has your ego just shrunk?
Of lazier rhymes I couldn't have thunk.
The you-rap-bad theory I can't debunk.
You say you're a pro, but you're just a li'l punk.
You wanna be a lion, but you're just a chipmunk.
Your shallow mind is a cave I wouldn't spelunk.

Europe & Australia
Bombastic, monastic, I'm like a rap monk.
I put the hip in hop and the rock in punk.
Is my head getting big, or have all my hats shrunk?
My middle name's jazz and my last name is funk.
Rhymes this potent could scare off a skunk.
Yo, pass me the rock and I'll make a slam dunk.

Losing lines

Losing lines

Cats don't like you.
Er... Yeah...
My style's so chill it's like a nasty head cold.
I can eat more blueberries than you.
I can keep rhyming until the cows, um...moo?
I can rhyme forever like a...really
I can run faster than you.
I do not agree.
I flow like a river full of fish and...twigs?
I forgot to brush my teeth!
I forgot to eat breakfast!
I forgot to feed my cats!
I forgot to pay my rent!
I give up. You win.
I have more cats than you.
I have to use the bathroom.
I need to go clean my apartment. Sorry!
I shine like silver, you shine
I think I left the oven on!
I...have no retort.
I...totally had an awesome rhyme and forgot it.
I think I hear your mum calling you.
I'm hungry.
I'm late for a dentist appointment!
I'm late for work!
I'm no good and you're the best. I mean, I'm...
I'm on cloud 9—you're on cloud...10?
I'm so bad, I'm...not good at stuff?
I'm so cool, I'm frozen solid like stick?
I'm so fly, I'm an annoyance! Um...wait...
I'm so hip, I can hop like a...bunny?
I'm so hot—you're on fire. I mean, not on fire...
I'm the master of rhyming...rhymes...together.
It's past my bedtime.
My rhymes are so bad they... Um... I mean...
Oh yeah? Well, um...
Roses are blue, violets are red. Wait...
Um... Yeah...
You can't dance very well.
You don't have a 401(k) account.
You drive an old car.
You look like a really...a really cool... Wait, um...
You look like a weird lizard.
You're not a very good cook.
You're quite boastful, aren't you?
Your dog ate your homework.
Your favorite movie isn't very good.
Your shoes are weird.

(EU ONLY) I've got more rhymes than a grove has... oranges?

(EU ONLY) I'm so cool, I'm...really cool. No, thats just rubbish.


  • The BPM of the background music for this event is estimated to be around 90 bpm.
  • Sometimes, a rhyming phrase is said while it is a losing sentence.


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