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How to Unlock
Available at the start of the game.

The Appartment Roof is a location exclusive to the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life. In all other versions, it is replaced by the Observation Tower, and only appears as a Hidden Location.


  • Quirky Questions

Main Article: Quirky Questions

Mysterious Letters

"I got a strange letter...someone wants to meet me up on the roof. I don't know who wrote it...should I go?"
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

Sometimes, a Mii will receive a strange letter from someone wanting to meet them on the roof. The Mii, having no idea who wrote it, will ask the player whether or not they should go. If the player says yes, a cutscene will occur, in which the Mii will go up to the roof and find another Mii, wearing square glasses and a fake mustache, who will say something odd to them, before walking away. Sometimes, they will give the Mii a photo or piece of paper. Depending on the speed given to the disguised Mii, you can see them stop walking away before the screen fades to white.

When the cutscene ends, the Mii will return to his or her apartment, wondering who the Mii was, before dismissing the experience almost immediately. If they were given a photo or slip of paper, they will wonder what they are supposed to do with it. The Mii will earn some XP from this activity.

If the player tells the Mii not to go, they will say "You're right, it's pretty creepy. I'd better not go.", but they will not gain happiness.

Things the mysterious Mii might say

"[Mii] is awesome. Pass it on!"

"Always follow your nose, especially if it falls off and tries to run away."

"Are you good with a battle-ax? I need a fourth for my secret quest."

"Be careful. They're on to us..."

"Call this number whenever you need me."

"Did you know that in the basement... Actually, I'd better not say."

"Did you turn off the lights in your apartment? Please try to be more eco-concious."

"Do you remember my face? If not, that's understandable. We've never met."

"Don't get overconfident just because [Player]'s look-alike likes you..."

"Don't stay inside all day—go out and get some fresh air! Or just open a window and stay inside."

"Don't waste the water after boiling pasta. Use it to water your plants!"

"Don't worry—I won't tell anyone what you did..."

"Don't you know better than to talk to strangers?"

"Don't you think [Mii] should win an award for something or other?"

"Early to bed and early to rise means you miss out on a lot of fun stuff at night."

"Follow these instructions when you can't remember which things are recyclable."

"Go ahead and tell me that secret you wanted to tell me."

"Have you ever brushed your teeth with tomato paste?"

"Have you noticed someone harmonizing with you when you sing in the shower? That's me."

"Here are the answers to the final exam."

"Here are the boss's orders for this month..."

"Here are the instructions for your next assignment..."

"Here's a photo of my cousin."

"Here's a photo of my grandmother."

"Here's a photo of some cat paws."

"Here's one of my favorite photos."

"If I look suspicious, it's because I am."

"If reading in the car makes you nauseous, sell your car and buy a boat."

"If you discover who I am... you'll be in a lot of trouble."

"If you discover who I am... It will mean the end for you."

"If you look closely at this photo, you might notice something..."

"If you're scared of monsters under your bed, get rid of your bed and sleep on the couch."

"I can't believe you showed up! You're a real trooper."

"I drew this picture of you."

"I heard silk clothes are great for keeping cool. Especially if you cut holes in them."

"I heard you talking in your sleep."

"I know what you did and also what you didn't."

"I mostly come up here when I have to fart."

"I never expected you to have something like that in your apartment..."

"I read that novel you wrote. It's boring."

"I recommend not using money as bookmarks. Unless you're borrowing one of my books..."

"I started the [Mii] fan club. I expect you to join."

"I told my cat that joke you told me, and she thought it was hilarious."

"I was up all night writing this joke. Let me know what you think."

"I will wait for you. Forever..."

"I won't tell anyone about that thing that happened. This time..."

"I won't tell anyone about this photo..."

"I won't tell anyone what I saw you doing the other night..."

"I'll have a double cheeseburger and a large fries with extra ketchup. Make it snappy!"

"I'm 87 days older than you think."

"I'm always here for you. Unless I'm at the mall or a movie or something."

"I'm completely in love with [Food]. Have you ever had one? So good!"

"I'm hosting a party in your apartment tomorrow. If you don't mind DJing, that would be great."

"I'm in love! Not with you, of course."

"I'm resigning as president of your fan club."

"I'm your fourth-biggest fan!"

"It's a bit late, but here's the birthday card I forgot to send you last year."

"It's always tempting to rub a cat's belly, but you'll probably get scratched."

"It's hard to make eye contact with people if your eyes are closed."

"I've been assigned as your security detail."

"I've been watching you..."

"I've got a serious sneeze coming on."

"Keep an eye out for weirdos."

"Keep this photo in a safe place."

"Let's be pen pals."

"Life definitely has its downs."

"My feet smell like tomato soup."

"Never wear socks with sandals unless you wanna look really cool."

"OK, so... I'm going to count to 5,000. When I get to 3,478, I need you to clap."

"Once you start wearing glow-in-the-dark shoes, it's hard to go back to cowboy boots."

"Our princess is in another castle."

"Please go back to your apartment, and don't look back."

"Please put this up in your apartment somewhere."

"Please remember to compost."

"Please stop feeding so many stray cats."

"Push down on the +Control Pad to speed through messages. Pass it on!"

"Starting tomorrow, no breakfast for dinner will be tolerated."

"The fate of the world rests in your hands and also in your feet."

"The roof is leaking. Please fix it."

"The whole building can hear you crunching all those potato chips."

"There are at least 17 other people on the planet with the same haircut as you."

"There's nothing worse than being late. Unless you're late and forgot to wear pants."

"This is a secret just between you and me."

"This is my secret family recipe...I need you to keep it safe for me."

"This is the best photo I've ever taken. Please put it up on your wall."

"This year's hot fashion trend is going to be cutoff jean shorts. Jorts forever!"

"We need someone to clean out this building's gutters. I've recommended you for the job."

"We need to find a new meeting place."

"What do you think about [Mii]? What?! No! Of course I'm not him/her..."

"What goes around comes around and around and around."

"What happens to us if the save data gets erased...?"

"Would you like a bagel? I don't have any—I'm just curious."

"Would you like to meet my parents sometime?"

"Yes, I am in fact [Mii]. How did you see through my disguise?"

"You can't recognize me in this disguise, can you? Actually, don't answer that."

"You dropped your receipt."

"You had so much potential..."

"You?! Hmm... I knew I sent that letter to the wrong person..."

"You were late for work again this morning."

"You'd look great in a disguise."

"You're fired!"

"You're the only one who doesn't know what's going on."

"Your destiny is written on this..."


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