Europe Name N/A
Japanese Name Unknown
Events Quirky Questions


How to Unlock
Available at the start of the game.

The Appartment Roof is a location exclusive to the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life. In all other versions, it is replaced by the Observation Tower, and only appears as a Hidden Location.


  • Quirky Questions

Main Article: Quirky Questions


Tomodachi Collection

The Roof is first featured in Tomodachi Collection, although only as a possiable location for where a Mii wants to Confess to another Mii. It is not accessable at any other time.

Tomodachi Life

The Roof reappears once again in Tomodachi Life, having a much more accessable role in this game. The Roof featured a new and refined Quirky Questions that can be played any time. However, this is only in the Japanese version, as all other regional variants replace the roof with the Observation Tower. Thus, it only appears as a hidden location in all other regions.

Sometimes, a Mii will receive a strange letter from someone wanting to meet them on the roof. The Mii, having no idea who wrote it, will ask the player whether or not they should go. If the player says yes, a cutscene will occur, in which the Mii will go up to the roof and find another Mii, wearing square glasses and a fake mustache, who will say something odd to them, before walking away. Sometimes, they will give the Mii a photo or piece of paper. Depending on the speed given to the disguised Mii, you can see them stop walking away before the screen fades to white.

When the cutscene ends, the Mii will return to his or her apartment, wondering who the Mii was, before dismissing the experience almost immediately. If they were given a photo or slip of paper, they will wonder what they are supposed to do with it. The Mii will earn some XP from this activity.

If the player tells the Mii not to go, they will say that it is creepy and are better off not going, but they will not gain happiness.


The Roof of Mii Appartments is, as the name implies, a typical apartment rooftop, featuring a tiled ground and a chain-link fence around the border. At the northeast corner is a doorway leading back to the apartment building, which is also where the player can access the roof. If a Mii has a tennis racket, they will hit the tennis ball against the doorway. Beside the door are a pair of radiators, presumably for the building's ventilation. Around the chain fence, there are several benches that the miis will typically use to sit on.

Mii Interactions

As it is the Japanese equivalent of the Observation Tower, Miis using the roof are able to look at the view below while standing on stools, sleep on the benches or stare into space. A plane will sometimes fly over the top of the roof (only the shadow is visible, however) and the Miis atop the tower will try and wave at it. Miis can also use certain gifts obtained after leveling up, including the Baseball Bat, Gold Clubs, and the Tennis Racket. The top of the roof is also an area where a Mii can confess his/her love.


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