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"Life is unexpectedly tough right now."
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

Artwork of a Depressed Mii in Tomodachi Life (Japanese)

Sadness, also known as Depression in Tomodachi Collection, happens when a Mii has a broken heart. This happens when he/she is rejected by a friend after a fight, breaks up/has a divorce with his/her sweetheart/spouse, when he/she is rejected by the Mii he/she tried to confess their feelings to or another Mii has stolen their sweetheart.

The player will know when a Mii is sad when a cloud is seen over their head (Or Purple Embers in the Japanese version and Tomodachi Collection) and when it has points known as sadness points. When the player goes to the sad Mii's apartment, sad music will play accordingly, and the Mii will say that he/she is feeling down. The player will find another Mii's face on his/her thought bubble (the Mii that he/she fought with, broke up with, or has rejected him/her.)


Tomodachi Collection

"Life sure is hard..."
— Mii, Tomodachi Collection
Depressed Mii

Artwork of a Depressed Mii in Tomodachi Collection.

Saddness, referred to as depression, is first used in Tomodachi Collection, occurring when an apology is rejected, a confession is rejected, or a breakup occurs. when entering the apartment of a depressed Mii, they will have their head down as purple embers appear around them. Their happiness will deplete entirely, and will be replaced with saddness points. There are ways to cure sadness/depression:

  1. Feed him/her food or give him/her new clothes.
  2. Instantly cure him/her with a travel ticket or a food that is his/her all-time favorite food, or super-all time favorite food.
  3. Give him/her a new interior
  4. If the sad Mii was rejected, sometimes he/she might want to try to confess to the Mii that rejected them again, and if the Mii gets accepted, his/her sadness will be instantly cured.
  5. Have another Mii find the sad Mii a sweetheart.
  6. If the Mii's apology was rejected, the Mii who rejected that Mii's apology will say that they're sick of fighting and will apologize to the other Mii. If he/she accepts the apology, the Mii who is now forgiven will lose all sadness.
  7. Have another Mii become friends with the sad Mii, and he/she will be instantly cured.
  8. Delete the Mii who rejected the other Mii or his/her apology. However, no reward will be given.

An alternate (though not very effective) way to remove a Mii's sadness is to completely ignore him/her; after 2-3 days (or rarely only 1 day), all sadness will be removed.

Tomodachi Life


A depressed Mii in Tomodachi Life (NA/EU).

Depression, now reffered to as sadness, returns in Tomodachi Life, functioning exactly the same as its predecessor.


Sadness Miitopia

A depressed Mii in Miitopia.

Sadness also appears as a status ailment in Miitopia. In this game, when a Mii is depressed, they will have tears streaming out of their eyes as they have a troubled expression, usually triggered by a Banshee's tears or the Crying Hammer of the Hammer Ghost. Additonally, it can be caused from a Kind, Cautious, or Airheaded Mii Avenging a fallen friend.

While sad, the accuracy of any Mii's attack is dropped dramatically, and can only be cured through either a certain amount of turns, or by moving the Mii to the Safety Circle.


  • If a sad Mii was rejected, tries again, and still gets rejected, they will sometimes say they're "finally able to let go," and they will stop being sad. Otherwise, the sadness bar will go up even more.
  • When a sad Mii's apology is rejected or has been broken up (if he/she had a sweetheart), they both have flash backs when you click their thought bubble. The rejected Mii's flash back is him/her and the Mii who rejected his/her apology after fighting. The broken up Mii's flash back is his/her ex-sweetheart having happy times. There is also another version for the flashback for breakup when a Mii's ex-sweetheart ditched him/her for someone else. This will not happen with spouses, and the Mii that ditched the sad Mii will be just fine.
  • If a couple breaks up, there's a chance only the asking Mii will gain sadness, though rare.
  • The Mii Sadness and Depression music themes bare a striking resemblance to Super Mario 64's Piranha Plant's Lullaby song.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life


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