"You'll definitely make something really stylish with this. Or "sew" it "seams.""
— Gift description, Tomodachi Life
Sewing machine

Description in Tomodachi Life.

A sewing machine is one of the Gifts/Goods you can give a Mii in Tomodachi Life. A Mii can use it to make a random article of clothing, excluding Streetpass and Spotpass clothes.

When a Mii receives the sewing machine, it says, "I'm going to make something stylish, just you wait.", then a cutscene plays. The Mii sits at the sewing machine, wearing a cooking apron and bandana, and sews. While sewing, it says two things that may hint at what they're making. When finished, they stop and look towards the camera, and they show a mannequin of the clothes they made. They finish afterward by saying, "I think I made some nice clothes."


While sewing
  • "Buy! Sell! I'm making the ultimate power outfit."
  • "Everyone's going to want one of these!"
  • "How about something casual...?"
  • "I can make all my own clothes now!"
  • "I figured out the secret to making workout clothes that keep your body cool."
  • "I think this is the coolest piece I've ever made!"
  • "I'll be done in no time."
  • "I'm making the ultimate cold-weather, keep-you-warm garment."
  • "I'm making the ultimate attention getter!"
  • "I'm putting a ton of insulation into this. There's nothing worse than being cold!"
  • "I'm taking fashion where it's never been before!"
  • "I'm way ahead of the fashion curve with this piece!"
  • "If closing business deals is your thing, this outfit will be your secret weapon."
  • "If cute's what you're looking for, I'm making the fashion equivalent of a baby sloth."
  • "If looking eccentric is your thing, this outfit will be your new best friend."
  • "If you make something ugly enough, it can actually become beautiful...maybe."
  • "Making flashy clothes is fun, but sometimes simple is best."
  • "Making flowing garments is easy! Making them the perfect length is the tricky part."
  • "Simplicity can actually be quite alluring!"
  • "Sometimes it's best to keep it simple."
  • "Sometimes looking boring isn't a bad thing."
  • "The line between flashy and disaster is a fine one, but I'm not afraid to walk it!"
  • "This is as formal as it gets."
  • "This fabric is cooler than a cucumber!"
  • "This is going to be great for working out in."
  • "This is going to be so cozy and snug, you might not be able to move your arms!"
  • "This is going to be the new ultimate hotness!"
  • "This is going to be the ultimate in lightweight activewear."
  • "This is going to be the ultimate stay-cool-in-the-summer outfit!"
  • "This is going to be SO CUTE!"
  • "This is going to turn out terrible, but totally on purpose."
  • "This fabric would probably have been better used for curtains..."
  • "This look is beyond cool. It's supercool!"
  • "This look is going to be as cute as it gets."
  • "This look is going to really spice things up."
  • "This look is going to set the latest trend."
  • "This look is safe enough for just about anyone to wear."
  • "This might look simple, which is exactly what I'm going for!"
  • "This outfit is going to be so hot, I might need to add a warning label."
  • "This outfit is the epitome of nowness."
  • "This outfit's gonna be a surefire head turner."
  • "This outfit will make anyone feel like the president of a huge corporation!"
  • "When it comes to making flowing garments, the cut is the key."
  • "You're not gonna believe your eyes when you see this."
After sewing
  • "And... done!"
  • "Done!"
  • "Finished!"
  • "Ta-da!"
  • "Voilà!"
Potential clothing titles
  • 2% Silk [clothing]
  • 99% Organic [clothing]
  • 100% Cotton [clothing]
  • 100% Polyester [clothing]
  • 100% Handmade [clothing]
  • [Mii] Avenue [clothing]
  • [Mii] Signature [clothing]
  • [Island] Style [clothing]
  • [Mii] Style [clothing]
  • All-Weather [clothing]
  • Amazingly textured [clothing]
  • Award-Winning [clothing]
  • Beefy Workman's [clothing]
  • Bohemian [clothing]
  • Catwalk Ready [clothing]
  • Color of the Year [clothing]
  • Confidence-Boosting [clothing]
  • Cute Cute [clothing]
  • Designer Label [clothing]
  • Everybody Loves It [clothing]
  • Fairy Signature [clothing]
  • Fashion Mag Ready [clothing]
  • Flowery [clothing]
  • Haute-Couture [clothing]
  • Mind-Blowing [clothing]
  • Musty Smelling [clothing]
  • Next Big Thing [clothing]
  • Non-GMO [clothing]
  • Not-to-Be-Layered [clothing]
  • Recycled [clothing]
  • Retro Cool [clothing]
  • Slimming [clothing]
  • Speech Worthy [clothing]
  • Super Faded [clothing]
  • Super Fluffy [clothing]
  • Super Scandalous [clothing]
  • Super Stylish [clothing]
  • Sweat-B-Gone [clothing]
  • Tough & Rugged [clothing]
  • Trendsetting [clothing]
  • Ultradelicate [clothing]
  • Ultrathermal [clothing]
  • Ultimate Boring [clothing]
  • Uniform Quality [clothing]
  • Windproof [clothing]
  • World's Greatest [clothing]


  • Most of the time with smaller Miis, their feet won't touch the pedal in the sewing animation.