Shop Checkout


Mr. Tomo is the shopkeeper featured in the shops of Tomodachi CollectionTomodachi Life, and Miitomo. He will sometimes be temporarily replaced by a Mii who is working part-time. Although unnamed in the main series, Miitomo gives the character an official name.

Mr. Tomo's appearance greatly differs across the entries of the Tomodachi Series, along with each of their regional varieties. The American version features him with wooden block heads with facial features embedded onto their fronts, while the European versions feature him with robot heads and green LED eyes, and the Korean version features him with a yellow racing helmet with Korean text printed onto them. Tomodachi Collection and the Japanese version of Tomodachi Life features him with Kuroko stagehand masks. Each version is restricted to one design- they cannot be changed into another. In Miitomo, however, the face of the default male Mii is used, marking the first time Mr. Tomo uses an official face.