Dreaming Mii

Artwork of a dreaming Mii in Tomodachi Life.

"Phew. I'm so glad it was just a dream."
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

Sleep occurs when a Mii is either taking a nap or sleeping for the night. When in the Mii's apartment when sleeping, a lullaby version of the apartment music will play. In addition, they may also talk in their sleep. See the dialogue page for more details.

At night, most Miis will be in a deep sleep in their apartments or possibly their home if they're married (though they can still sleep in their own apartments). When a Mii is asleep the player will be unable to wake them up. During the day, Miis may take naps and can be woken up by the player visiting them, unless they are dreaming.

If the Mii is sleeping, they player can draw on their face and then press the clear button to erase their face, leaving it blank (excluding the nose). The drawing applies only to the interference itself, and is not permanent on the Mii.

In Tomodachi Collection, Miis sleep in a futon on the floor. In Tomodachi Life, Miis sleep on a daffodil colour mattress fitted into a floor-level frame. They are covered by a yellow and white check duvet and a pillow of the same nature.



Tomodachi Collection.

Dreams can be seen and experienced when the Mii the player is viewing is dreaming while they are taking a nap or sleeping for the night. The dreams are randomly generated. When the Miis are dreaming, either a "bubble" with a moon symbol or kanji 夢 (yume) will appear above their head. By tapping on it, the player may enter the dream, which are often very surreal sequences, ranging from very short in time to being endless, in which case the dream may be exited at any time.

After finishing or exiting the dream, the Mii will wake up, and the player will get an item that is relevant to the dream. The Mii's reaction to waking up will be different depending on "how" they are sleeping. If the Mii is sleeping for the night, they will go back to sleep. If they are napping, they will get up for the day again. In addition, Miis may talk in their sleep. See the dialogue page for more details.

Life Dream Bubble

Tomodachi Life.

Additionally, Hypnotism (催眠術 saiminjutsu?) can be done with Miis that live in the apartments as a faster way to view the Mii's dreams again. The player would need to swing the hypnotizer until the Mii gets sleepy, or swing it in a circle to make them dizzy. Once the Mii is hypnotized, the Mii will fall asleep, and the player can view any dream they have already seen. Dreams caused by hypnotism will not yield any items and will only give happiness in Tomodachi Life.

Collection and Life both feature their own unique dreams and there is no dream that appears in both titles.


  • The Rokurokubi dream from Collection is inspired from Rokurokubi, a Japanese Yokai spirit that has an elongated neck.
  • In Life, the dreams are slightly different between the EU, JP, and US versions when it comes to names, what the Miis are saying, what's obtained from certain dreams and what's featured in the dreams.
  • If the system camera is broken the game will freeze and crash if the player tries to see the Giant and Solar Powered dreams.
  • When married couples sleep at home the husband will wear blue pajamas, while the wife will wear pink pajamas.

List of Dreams

Tomodachi Collection Dreams

The names are unofficial, as the dreams are unnamed in-game.

Name Reward Description Image
Mountain Energy drink The dreaming Mii will call out a phrase to a mountain in the far distance, and have it echo back. Sometimes the mountain will say something different than what the Mii initially said, surprising the Mii.
  • The Mii yells out a word in the mountains.
  • The word echoes back to the Mii.
  • A case of the mountain shouting back, shocking the Mii.
Kaiju ("Strange beast" in Japanese) Dinosaur suit The dreaming Mii, standing outside a building in the city, suddenly begins to grow several stories tall and changes into a blue-green baby suit (salmon if the dreamer is female). The view then cuts to the dreaming Mii standing beside two buildings the player must destroy by either punching the buildings, firing a laser, or simply running through them. A random Mii appears beside the second building watching the dreaming Mii, dressed in a dinosaur suit.
Ranger 1 The superhero costume in the color the dreaming Mii was depicted in. The Mii dreams of themself and four other random islanders in superhero costumes. One by one they will be introducing themselves, followed by the leader (the one depicted in red) calling out the title of the team: the Mii Rangers. Once they're done an explosion suddenly goes off, launching all five Mii Rangers into the background.
  • Mii Green!
  • Mii Yellow!
  • Mii Red!
  • Mii Blue!
  • Mii Pink!
  • We are,
  • The Mii Rangers!
Ranger 2 The superhero costume in the color the dreaming Mii was depicted in. A group of five Miis will be standing in a valley, all of them wearing superhero costumes. They will be in either a horizontal or a diagonal line and will change their pose whenever the Mii in the red costumes shouts "Ready!~" The dream continues until the player ends it manually.
Freefall Wine The dreaming Mii is on top of a suspended platform overlooking a large city with a random islander behind them telling them to jump. The Mii will not jump unless they are poked by the player's stylus, knocking the Mii off the platform.
Concentration The food depicted in the dream. Inside an ancient Japan-styled room, the dreaming Mii is found meditating with another Mii behind them equipped with a wooden rod. After a few seconds, a random food will appear in a thought bubble beside the dreaming Mii. The background Mii notices the thought bubble, and reprimands them as they whack the dreaming Mii.
Come Back The food depicted in the dream. The screen shows the Mii staring at a large piece of food. Tapping the Mii with the stylus will cause it to shout the food's name, then run towards it. One of four things can happen:

Version 1: Every time the Mii gets close to the food, the item teleports farther and farther away. This can be repeated until the food goes as far as it can.

Version 2: As the Mii runs towards the food, the food begins to evaporate away, then reform as the Mii runs past it. The Mii continues running forwards into the distance.

Version 3: Same as above, but once the food begins to evaporate away, it will not reform, and the Mii will look towards the player in disappointment.

Version 4: Once the Mii gets close to the food, a cage will come roaring down from above, trapping both the Mii and the food inside. The Mii looks back towards the player in disappointment.

  • Warp Ending
  • Transparency Ending
  • Cage Ending
The Birds Bird's Nest The head of the dreaming Mii along with two other Miis are seen tweeting with poking their heads out of a large bird's nest. Using the stylus, the player must guide the spoonful of bird feed into the Miis' mouths, which will cause them to stop tweeting for a few seconds as they eat the feed and smile.
Hey, Hey, Listen! Megaphone The dreaming Mii, says "Hey, Hey, Listen!", and says something to an animal or an object. There is a version of this dream where the Mii speaks with their (before break-up) sweetheart. This version occurs when either Mii is depressed and dreams this particular dream.
Pepper Ramen The dreaming Mii stands alone on a blank screen, with nothing but a large bottle of pepper standing beside them. By picking up the pepper with the stylus, it will open up, allowing pepper to be shaken onto the Mii which will cause them to sneeze.
Restroom Toilet paper The dreaming Mii, desperate to use the toilet, rushes into a nearby public restroom, only to be faced by an endless row of occupied toilets. Knocking on each door will play the voice of a random Mii.
  • *knock* *knock* *knock*
  • "I'm inside!"
Rokurokubi Kitsuneudon The dreaming Mii is shown in a kimono, with a forest behind them. By dragging the Mii's face with the stylus, their neck will suddenly detach and grow longer.
Rolling Head Soccer ball The dreamer is shown fleeing from a giant rolling Mii head of a random islander.
Levitation Clock The Mii suddenly dreams of themself sleeping, but their bed is floating above the ground.
Unravel Color plain kimono The Mii is shown wearing a pink color plain kimono with their hands up in the air with a long band of fabric wrapped around them. Using the stylus, the player can pull on the fabric, pulling it off the Mii and causing them to spin in place. Spinning quickly will cause the Mii's eyes to bulge out.
Space Moonstone The dreaming Mii appears in an astronaut suit floating in space. If the player taps the Mii, they will be pushed away into the distance until they can't be seen anymore.
Finger Ride Balance toy There are two T's on the left and right of the screen. The player must control a realistic hand to help the dreaming Mii from the left T to the right by balancing the Mii on their finger. The finger must be close enough for the Mii to get on and the player must slowly move or else they will fall off. Once the Mii is at the top of the right T, they will dismount the hand and smile.
  • The Mii asking the player to help.
  • The Mii balancing on the finger.
  • The Mii successfully reaches the other T.
Edamame Pods Edamame An edamame is shown and if the player touches any of its pods a random Mii will roll out. Once all three are popped, the dream ends.
Prolonged Farewell A trench coat in the color the dreaming Mii was depicted in. The dreaming Mii will appear on a white background, dressed and ready for work while another Mii looks upon them. The dreaming Mii will say farewell to the onlooking Mii, who will promptly respond to them. After a while, the dreaming Mii will turn back and say something else to the other Mii, to which the other Mii also responds. This continues until the player ends the dream manually.
  • The dreaming Mii says their farewells.
  • The friend waves back.
  • The Mii tries to leave...
  • ...but has second thoughts.
Staring Totem Pole The dreaming Mii will appear in their room, reading out of a newspaper, while another stares at them from behind. After a short while, the dreaming Mii will turn around, and the other Mii will turn their head away. Upon asking the other Mii, the Mii will say nothing is going on, and both return to their original positions. This continues until the player ends the dream manually.
  • The dreaming Mii reading.
  • The dreaming Mii notices the other Mii.
  • The other Mii denies they were staring.

Tomodachi Life Dreams

See the transcript for all the dreams here.

Name Reward Description Image
The Future (US)
20XX (EU)
Cane (US)
Walking stick (UK)
The dreaming Mii will envision themselves as an old man/woman, and state to the player that it has been 50 years since they last saw the player. They will then say a random statement about their age or what has happened over that time.
Solar Powered (US)
Solar (EU)
Solar panel The dreaming Mii will be doing an exercise only if the solar panel hanging on top of them has enough light. Depending on how much light there is depicts the speed of the Mii's exercise. Blocking the 3DS/2DS camera will shield the sunlight, causing the Mii to stop. Getting the solar meter to the far right will make the Mii work out at a very fast speed.
  • The Mii working out under a solar panel
Unbelievable Whoopee cushion Version 1: A friend of the dreaming Mii tells a secret that seems ridiculous and unbelievable. The Mii is then shocked, bringing their face out of the world and back, only to find out that the friend was just pulling their leg.

Version 2: The same thing happens, except the dreaming Mii is not surprised. Instead, they tell their friend that everybody already knows this secret leaving the friend shocked. This time around the dreaming Mii gets to tell their friend that it was a joke.

  • The friend before telling the Mii the secret.
  • The friend telling the Mii the unbelievable part of the secret.
  • The Mii being surprised about the secret.
  • The Mii's face flying out of the apartment.
  • The Mii's face flying out of the world before returning back.
  • The friend telling the Mii that they were just pulling their leg.
  • The Mii telling the friend that everyone knows about the secret.
  • The friend having the same reaction as the Mii after realizing that everyone is aware of the secret.
  • The friend's face flying out of the world.
  • The Mii telling the friend that they were just pulling their leg.
Trap Manhole cover Version 1: The dreaming Mii will fall down the hole, flip in mid-air, and land safely.

Version 2: The same thing happens, except the Mii's body bounces out, leaving their shocked expression floating in mid-air.

Version 3: The dreamer will walk towards an unnoticed hole in the ground on the top screen. When reached, they will fall into a pit on the bottom screen, with the body falling separately from the face. The body lands safely, and the face lands on the Mii's face. The Mii is left with a shocked expression.

Version 4: The same as version 3, except the dreaming Mii's body lands on it's rear and bounces a bit. The dreaming Mii's body lands sitting down, and the face lands on the body. The Mii is left with a shocked expression.

  • The Mii walking towards the hole.
  • The Mii just before falling down the hole.
  • The Mii falling down the hole.
  • Sometimes. the face is the only thing in the hole.
  • The top screen shows the hole after the Mii fell in it.
Hunger (US)
Table (EU)
The food depicted in the dream. The dreaming Mii will chase after a random food item around a table in their apartment. The food item will be attached to a string that is attached to the Mii's back. The Mii will say various things while chasing the food item. They may even get tired and stop, run, or even try to jump at the food and catch it.
Hiding A hamster outfit of a random color. The Mii will be dreaming of themself with four other Miis attempting to hide underneath three different objects that are tied with ropes. The player may pull the ropes to reveal Miis and they run and hide under another object or attach behind the object that was lifted, only to fall off. The Miis will say various things while running with high-pitched voices.
Door Door handle The dreaming Mii will appear hanging onto a door handle with other Miis attaching to them. The player can pull onto the last-hanging Mii and release them to have them bounce. The Miis may occasionally say random lines.
Stick Figure Box of matches The dreaming Mii will appear with their normal head attached to a boxy body made out of black lines. The player is allowed to move the Mii around the touch screen.

In the Japanese version, there is an extra wire coming out of the Mii's head from the top for the player to drag the Mii with. Due to references to suicide, the Mii is instead dragged by its head.

Drive Hula Girl Two Miis drive along a dirt road in the middle of a forest until the Mii who is driving randomly stops. The passenger Mii asks "Why are we stopping?" then the Mii driving says a comment, phrase, or question to the friend Mii. The passenger Mii will then respond, and then the driving Mii will respond to the passenger Mii. Once they finished talking, they continue driving down the road, only to be stopped again for two more times, with the passenger Mii saying "What now?" instead of "Why are we stopping?" After that, the entire dream ends. The Mii who is dreaming is depicted as a bobble head on the car's dashboard (hanging charm in JP).

See here for the conversations.

  • The Miis driving down the road.
  • The passenger Mii asking the driver why they are stopping.
  • The driver giving a comment after stopping.
  • The passenger gets agitated by the driver's constant stopping.
  • The drive dream (JP).
Backpack (US)
Rucksack (EU)
Skeleton keychain The dreaming Mii will be a keychain hanging from a random islander's backpack. Their arms and legs bounce as the character with the backpack roams through a forest. The Mii's facial expressions change depending on the backpack wearer's movement: neutral when walking, standing, or looking around, happy when skipping, shocked when running, and sad when shivering.
Reflection (US)
Mirror (EU)
Marionette Version 1: The dreaming Mii will be looking in the mirror when suddenly a random islander rises from the floor in the mirror. The dreaming Mii then will look behind themself while shivering. The dreaming Mii will then look back, only to see the Mii in the reflection outside the mirror and waving at them, leaving the dreaming Mii shocked.

Version 2: The dreaming Mii will walk past a mirror, where their reflection will be walking backwards instead of forwards. The Mii will then do a double-take and run back to the mirror, only for the reflection to fall. In some occasions, the reflection is a random Mii and not the dreamer.

Version 3: The dreaming Mii will play rock-paper-scissors with their reflection. If they lose, they will fall to the floor in disappointment while the reflection celebrates. If they win, they're the ones celebrating while the reflection is on the floor. It's possible to play the game several times.

Version 4: The dreaming Mii stares at a mirror and occasionally change their outfit. By the third time they change, they see a random Mii on the reflection. The reflection jumps happily while the Mii turns around in shock.

  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 2.1
  • Version 2.2
  • Version 2.3
  • Version 2.4
  • Version 3.1
  • Version 3.2
  • Version 3.3
  • Version 3.4
  • Version 3.5
  • Version 3.6
  • Version 3.7
  • Version 4.1
  • Version 4.2
  • Version 4.3
  • Version 4.4
  • Version 4.5
  • Version 4.6
  • Version 4.7
Superhero (US)
Transform (EU)
Males get a robo-hero suit and females get superheroine costume in whatever color that was depicted in the dream. (US/EU)

Both genders get the superheroine costume. (JP)

A friend of the dreaming Mii first appears as a fairy, sending a distress call to the Mii "hero" to save the day. The dreaming Mii appears with a food item, saying "By the power of [food]!", and then using its "power" to transform themself to a hero, with a different hair color, and either a robo-hero suit or a superheroine costume (depending on the gender), giving off a unique name for the so-called hero. Afterwards the hero reminds children a valuable lesson that seems too far-fetched to even make sense. The dialogue and the name of the hero Mii is determined by the color of the Mii's hair after transforming.
  • The Mii's friend as a fairy
  • The friend sending a distress call
  • The Mii about to use a food item to transform
  • The Mii transforming
  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 2.1
  • Version 2.2
  • Version 3.1
  • Version 3.2
  • Version 4.1
  • Version 4.2
  • Version 5.1
  • Version 5.2
  • Version 6.1
  • Version 6.2
  • Version 7.1
  • Version 7.2
  • Version 8.1 *female exclusive in US and EU*
  • Version 8.2
  • JP version has guys in the heroine dress
  • A female Mii about to transform
Crazy Hair (US)
Rustly Hair (EU)
Comb The dreaming Mii will be on a stick (movable by the player) while their hair is stringy and wiggles around. If the player blows into the mic, the hair will be blown behind the Mii's head. The player can also say "Don't just stand there!" (US) or "Do something!" (EU), which will prompt the Mii to do something random. The Mii will say something when they do something random.
  • The bottom screen with the button saying Don't just stand there!
Factory Tour (US)
Factory Visit (EU)
Paint bucket (US)
Tin of paint (EU)
Four of the dreaming Mii will be on a conveyor-belt, able to be either placed in paint of a random color or moved to the right for the next set of four.
  • The Miis before being dunked in paint.
  • The Miis after being dunked in paint.
  • The buttons to control the machine.
Giant Security camera The dreaming Mii will appear to be sitting in a kitchen, next to a window. Suddenly the window will open and, using the 3DS Camera, the player is allowed to look through the window, leaving the Mii scared. Sometimes the Mii is not scared.
  • A Mii freaks out.
  • The Mii then turns around and shivers in fear.
Ritual Random item, food, or gift depending on what was in the dream The dreaming Mii and nine other Miis walk around either a treasure, a food, or a gift exclaiming "All hail the [treasure/food/gift]!" (US) or "My [treasure/food/gift]!" (EU) as they walk in around of the object. In the Korean version, there is a chance they might worship another Mii, and the Miis are floating on blossoms.
  • Hailing a marble.
  • Hailing a Kid-o-matic.
  • Hailing a gingerbread cake.
  • Korean version of "Ritual"
  • (EU).
Red thread (US)
Red string (EU)
Red string Version 1: The dreaming Mii will notice a red string that will tug at them. They will then follow the string to the end, where a random Mii appears. The random Mii will always be the opposite gender of the dreaming Mii.[citation needed]

Version 2: The dreaming Mii will find an item at the end of the string, instead of a Mii holding on to it.

Version 3: There will be no item or Mii attached to the string. In that case, the dreaming Mii will continue walking with the pulling movement until they are off screen.

  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 1.3
  • Version 1.4
  • Version 1.5
  • Version 2
  • Version 3.1
  • Version 3.2
  • Version 3.3
Sneeze Cold medicine Version 1: The dreaming Mii continuously sneezes, pushing the Mii backwards across the screen until the Mii cannot to be seen. The Mii then asks, "I wonder if I'm catching a cold..."

Version 2: The dreaming Mii will do a big sneeze, making the Mii disappear off to the distance.

  • Version 2.1
  • Version 2.2
  • Version 2.3
  • Version 2.4
  • Version 2.5
  • Version 2.6
  • Version 2.7
  • Version 2.8
  • Version 2.9
Royalty Curly-locks wig in whatever color that was depicted in the dream The dreaming Mii will be seated between three random islanders on either side, the rest of whom are seen wearing curly-locks wigs. They will then turn to a Mii at random and ask about their country/king/economy, and that Mii will respond with something positive or neutral about it. Miis will say "darling!" after their answer. After answering, all of the Miis (except the dreamer) will laugh and say "Ha ha ha! Wonderful!"
Hide-and-Seek Dowsing rods Version 1: The dreaming Mii will appear to be playing hide-and-seek with around five other Miis. The dreamer has their head against a tree, while the five hiding Miis are in a different tree. The dreaming Mii will ask "Are you ready?", in which the other Miis will go into the tree, and all will respond with "Now we're ready!" The dreaming Mii will then turn around and jump, knocking the hiding Miis out of the tree, leaving them surprised.

Version 2: Another version can also occur where there is only one hiding Mii. The dreaming Mii will ask "Are you ready?", in which the hiding Mii will disappear and say "Not yet!", "Hold on!", or "Wait a minute!" The hiding Mii will then re-appear somewhere else, only for the cycle to repeat.

  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 1.3
  • Version 1.4
  • Version 1.5
  • Version 2.1
  • Version 2.2
  • Version 2.3
  • Version 2.4
  • Version 2.5
Sea Monster Inner tube Version 1: The dreaming Mii will appear at the port, standing with their back facing the ocean. Another Mii's giant head will then pop out of the water, and the dreamer will turn around and be scared.

Version 2: The same thing happens, except that there are several sea monsters.

Version 3: There is the dreaming Mii with two other normal Miis, with one or multiple sea monsters. The normal Miis will hang at the side of the port and duck down when any sea monster pops out of the water.

  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 2.1
  • Version 2.2
  • Version 2.3
  • Version 3.1
  • Version 3.2
Workout (US)
Muscles (EU)
Red chili pepper (US)
Spinach (EU)
Energy drink (JP)
The dreaming Mii is doing push-ups when suddenly they notice a nearby red chili pepper, spinach, or energy drink (depending on the region). The Mii then picks up the food and consumes it, by saying "Munch munch!" or "Gulp, gulp!" After that, the Mii feels more energized and goes back to doing push-ups, this time as an incredibly fast speed.
  • The Mii doing a push up at a slow rate.
  • The Mii noticing a chili pepper next to them.
  • The Mii thinking about using the chili pepper.
  • The Mii eating the chili pepper.
  • The Mii feeling energized after eating the chili pepper.
  • The Mii doing multiple push ups at a considerably faster rate.
  • Spinach (EU).
Seaweed Fish sticks (US)
Fried seafood (EU)
There is a fish swimming in the ocean. As it comes up towards some seaweed, it is revealed that the dreaming Mii is third in line, being flat and moving like the other two seaweeds.
  • The fish swimming through the ocean.
  • The Mii appearing as seaweed.
Falling Balloon Version 1: The dreaming Mii is pictured falling through the sky, past many hamburgers (bananas in JP). The dreamer eventually either lands on a hamburger (which is falling significantly slower than the dreamer)

Version 2: The same thing happens, except dreaming Mii falls off-screen at the ending.

Version 3: Instead of passing hamburgers, the falling Mii will simply just fall onto a giant hamburger.

  • Version 1.1
  • Version 1.2
  • Version 1.3
  • Version 1.4
  • Version 1.5
  • Version 1.6
  • Version 2.1
  • Version 2.2
  • Version 2.3
  • Version 3.1
  • Version 3.2
  • Version 3.3
True Love Will get a random food item, depending on what was depicted on the right in the dream The two food items tell the player that they plan on getting married (in the voices of the dreaming Mii and another Mii), but the player takes away the food item on the right.
Hat Trap (US)
Hat (EU)
A straw hat of a random color. Version 1: The dreaming Mii will appear to be walking towards a giant straw hat that's being held up by a stick, for a food item that is underneath it. Once they are under the hat, the stick will fall, trapping the Mii.

Version 2: The dreaming Mii will notice the trap, and step out of the way to avoid being caught.

Hermit Crab Escargot Version 1: The dreaming Mii will appear as a snail, crawling along a line that's etched like a ruler, which will be either small or jumbo-sized.

Version 2: There will be two other Miis as snails that will race each other.

  • The Mii as a snail, by itself
  • Three Miis as snails, racing
  • One of the Miis attempting to speed up to get ahead
  • Two Miis speeding up
Ninja The color of the ninja outfit that was shown in the dream. Version 1: The dreaming Mii appears to be sitting in a room when a random Mii in a ninja outfit appears behind a turn-around wall. The Mii will look, but the ninja will have disappeared before they turn around. This happens several times until the Mii simply stares at the wall until the ninja appears, and they give each other a nod.

Version 2: The same thing will happen, but instead of the dreaming Mii and the ninja nodding, the Mii will attempt to stand to catch the ninja, but the ninja will quickly disappear in shock.

Version 3: The same happens, except when the ninja gets spotted, they don't turn around. The ninja just stays there, and the dreaming Mii and the ninja give each other a nod.

  • The Mii sitting as the ninja is turning around.
  • The ninja, fully turned around, looks at the Mii.
  • The Mii looking over, only for the ninja to quickly turn back around.
  • The Mii seeing the ninja looking at the Mii.
Familiar (JP Only) DS Card A still image of the island from Tomodachi Collection is shown with the original background music playing. After a few seconds, the image becomes wavy as the music is distorted, while both the image and music fade away.


Tomodachi Collection

Tomodachi Life