In Tomodachi Collection, there are six types of songs that Miis are able to perform. They are given as level up gifts but unlike Tomodachi Life, the singing is done in the Mii's room and Miis cannot be into a group. There are six genres ranging from J-POP to enka, rock, idol, ballad and rap.


Idol - Exciting Days
Tomodachi Collection All Songs-149529314704:48

Tomodachi Collection All Songs-1495293147

No way am I living a boring life

How good is it

If a girl dosen't have her drama

I really want a dose of excitement

Enka - The Fiftieth
Tomodachi Collection All Songs04:48

Tomodachi Collection All Songs

When you're at fifty years old

There's happiness left and right

Well, just don't risk elopement

Please hear me out and be smart

Tomodachi Collection All Songs-004:48

Tomodachi Collection All Songs-0

Love and fight. That's all to it


C'mon, Good Rock!

Hey, you, check it out!

Life Rocks!

Hip Hop. Everybody Yeah!

Ballad - How the rain gathers
Tomodachi Collection All Songs-204:48

Tomodachi Collection All Songs-2

Saying goodbye at that time hurt

Now I've moved on

Everything was foggy but I'm fine now

Oh how the sound of rain is noisy as it gathers

Rock - Desire
Tomodachi Collection All Songs-104:48

Tomodachi Collection All Songs-1

Life starts and ends

Don't live life with doubt, ignorance, and sins

You have the right to forgive or not

Have the desire to ignite your crimson soul

J-POP - Your new sky
Tomodachi Collection All Songs-304:48

Tomodachi Collection All Songs-3

Make sure you have a good time

Lighten up your heart

Also, look at the sky that's nearby

Run into your new future

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