Message that comes up when trying to log in after changing the system's time.

Time traveling is a popular term used to describe changing the time in-game at the Town Hall. It is commonly used to get limited edition items and skip to certain holidays. Time traveling in Tomodachi Collection and Tomodachi Life can affect gameplay. It occurs in Tomodachi Collection when playing on a different DS. 

After 5 days after the time has been changed everything will return to normal.

Change date

Alternatively, a safer way of changing the time is from within the game itself. 

It acts the same as if the system time was changed, but things will come back to normal after 24 hours to the next morning,


  • The player might be unable to collect donations from the fountain.
  • Daily specials in stores may have the same item daily.
  • Seasonal items may disappear.


  • Time traveling can be considered cheating, so the cooldown time for items and such to work is probably so the feature of changing the time isn't abused by the player.
  • The term time traveling is also very common in the Animal Crossing community.