"I'm really just a sage that traveled the world, helping the needy and such."
— Great Sage, Miitopia
Great Sage

Official Artwork of the great sage, from Miitopia

The Great Sage is a character that appears in Miitopia, and the second NPC to directly assist the Player, after the Guardian Spirit earlier in the game. The Great Sage is, as the name implies, a traveling sage that goes around helping people, making their first appearance when they stop the Dark Lord from attacking the protagonist.

Later in the game, the Great Sage acts as a temporary party member durring the player's exploration of Karkaton, having powers and abilities likened to those of a Cleric or a Mage. It is this event, however, that leads them to get possessed by the Dark Curse.

Although the game considers this character a Female, the Great Sage can easily fit into any gender, allowing them to be male or female.


*Notice: Because the Great Sage is female by default, they are referred to through female pronouns.

A Dark Lord and a lone Traveler

Great Sage

The Great Sage makes their appearance.

While walking through Easin Hills on their task to help the needy, she spots a traveler under attack from a Dark Lord. With their magical abilities, she confronts the Dark Lord, saying he won't have his way much longer with her around. Annoyed and infuriated, the Dark Lord leaves, leaving the Sage to greet the traveler they had saved. The traveler explains that they are on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord, intriguing the Sage. She then leaves, hoping they will meet the traveler again.

Neksdor vs a Bothersome Genie

Sometime after leaving Greenhorne, the Sage decides to move their assistance to the area of Neksdoor, having heard of a Genie causing no end of trouble to its residents. Upon confronting the genie, she decides to seal the Genie in a magical lamp, hoping that it could never trouble anyone again. However, she later misplaces the lamp while traveling the rest of Neksdoor, and desperately tries to search for it before the Genie can be freed. Unfortionately, the Genie is eventually freed, and raids Neksdoor Village of their gold.

In hearing of the protagonist setting off to reclaim the stolen gold, the Great Sage tells them of the Lamp they used to seal them in, and can chant the Genie's own name to activate its effects. After assuring they will get the job done, she leaves.

Physical Description


The Great Sage is a Mii that wears a robe simmilar to those of a Cleric, although with a hood and green lining along the sleeves and coat. She also wields a silver cane with a turquoise jewel in its center. Because the Sage is a Mii, her facial appearance is decided by the player.


The Great Sage is a wise, powerful woman (by default) that goes out of her way to help others, even if it puts herself in danger. This is shown most clearly when the Dark Lord's soul, the Dark Curse, attempts to posses the player, only for the Great Sage to stand in front of the player, causing it to possess her instead.

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