Tomodachi Quest
  • Tomodachi Life (Western)
  • Tomodachi Life (Japan)
Europe Name Tomodachi Quest
Japanese Name トモダチクエスト "Tomodachi Kuesuto"
Location Amusement Park
Event Time 02:30 p.m. - 04:30 p.m.
9:00 p.m - 11:00 p.m.

How to Unlock
Have a Mii confess his/her love to a Mii of the opposite gender
"Tomodachi Quest time! Enjoy this cutting-edge role-playing game once a day!"
— Event Description, Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Quest is an 8-bit style RPG game available at the amusement park in which four Miis will participate in an 8-bit adventure game, fighting food and treasures. Miis will play as one of four classes: Fighter, Swordsman, Mage, and Healer. In order to win, the player must guide their four Miis up to the boss battle and win without all of the Miis dying in the process. This game is played in a traditional RPG style.

Tomodachi Quest can only be played once a day, for $0.25 or £1.

Playing the Game

When starting the game, four Miis will be randomly selected, and given one of the classes based on their Personality group.

  • Confident: Fighters have the ability to punch and kick.
  • Outgoing: Swordsmen have the ability to attack and use their special.
  • Independent: Mages have the ability to attack and use magic.
  • Easygoing: Healers have the ability to attack and heal.

Mages and Healers have a limited amount of MP for using their special abilities, while Fighters and Swordsmen do not.

Healers have the option to heal any party member by 100 HP. The party member with the lowest HP is the one that gets healed when a Healer chooses to heal someone.

The Swordsman's special attack is stronger than their regular attacks, although it is less accurate.

The Fighter's kick is more likely to be a critical hit, but it is slightly less powerful than the punch and also has low accuracy.

The Mage's spell is the most powerful attack in the game.

  • Overworld
  • Cave
  • Boss Room with the Left Path
  • Boss Room with the Right Path
  • The attack and heal buttons on the bottom screen.
  • The GAME OVER screen.

Tomodachi Quest lasts a minimum of 3 battles, and a maximum of 4.

The first battle occurs in the fields between the starting castle and the dungeon. The second is in the dungeon upon entering it.

After the second battle, there is a split in the path. One path will lead directly to a boss battle, while the other leads to a wall. If the path leading to a wall is chosen, the Miis will turn around and head for the other path, and be intercepted into battle halfway.

Once the boss has been defeated, the player will earn whatever the boss was as a prize. Bosses can vary from assorted treasures to expensive food items.

When a character's HP reaches zero, they pretend to die, and cannot attack nor be revived for the rest of the game. If all the Miis pretend to die, the game is over.

The HP of the opposing food or item is either their worth in money without a decimal (Europe and North America) or the amount of yen it is worth (Japan).