Trash food, also known as negative food are a sub-category of food that are unobtainable in the Food Mart. If any of these are fed to a Mii (which is the only way to rid them from the player's stock), they will almost always have a negative reaction.

Many, though not all Miis, will not have trash food as their worst or worst ever foods. As such, feeding a Mii trash food will not drop the Mii's happiness as much as their worst food, unless a trash food is a Mii's worst ever food. Very rarely will there be a Mii that will actually like trash food, but they can never be all-time favorite food or the super all-time favorite food, with the most positive gesture possible being the "loved it" reaction.

List of trash food

  • Ruined meal
  • Mouldy Bread (EU)/Moldy bread (US)
  • Banana Skin (EU)/Banana peel (US)
  • Spoilt Milk (EU)/Spoiled milk (US) 

Despite not being labeled in-game as trash food, there are some foods that have a high possibility of being disliked by Miis, and could be considered pseudo-trash food, as the concept can come off as disturbing for a standard food, or for other reasons. However, these can end up as super-all time, and all time favorites.

These foods include:

  • Red chili pepper
  • Blue cheese
  • Caviar (sometimes)
  • Escargot
  • Chamomile tea
  • Green juice

Getting trash food

Trash food can only be obtained through the following:


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